Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 587

The alien that discovered Ou Shaotian’s sealing technique very difficult to deal with is the wild Battle Clan, which is also a very powerful race. They are all from Battle Clan.

"Go back and confirm, if it is really that great, then you will make an appointment with him, and I will visit him!"

Squad's Captain Sage said solemnly.

"Yes, Captain!

The foreign youth eating the broth happily said.


Still fishing Ou Shaotian didn’t know, because of the formidable power of the seal technique, he has been spotted by a team of people. Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing depends on the next development.

Fishing is also a kind of cultivation. The method, controlling the fishing rod, consumes this god’s source power every moment!

Just like the oil seller said, only hands are familiar!

Use a lot, Naturally, it will become more and more proficient. Under the constant control of consumption, Angler Cultivator's control of God's source power will become more and more precise.

The use of God's source power will also be higher and higher.

When stimulating the divine ability, the efficiency of transforming into the divine ability will be higher, which can enable the divine ability to exert greater formidable power.

So Ou at this moment Shaotian is fishing intently.

Controlling the fishing rod intently.

Until the evening, Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er and the others are resting and preparing for dinner. The youth of Battle Clan came to contact him.

"Hello brother, I am Battle Clan’s Xiaohu Zhan, can we talk? "

Zhan Xiaohu came to Ou Shaotian and asked aloud.

At this time, he changed a pot of broth and took the opportunity to talk to Ou Shaotian.

"Hello, what's the matter? "

Ou Shaotian, who was eating dinner, couldn’t help asking.

"We Captain would like to meet you. I don’t know if it’s inconvenient. If it’s convenient, I’ll call He comes here! "

"Yes, you can let him come! "

Ou Shaotian didn't think much and agreed directly.

"Well, I'll call him! "

Zhan Xiaohu left in a hurry after speaking.

It didn't take long for Zhan Xiaohu, who was eating and walking, to bring Captain Zhan Mingsheng over.

"Hello, Battle Clan, Battle Clan! "

"Human Race, Ou Shaotian! "

The two shook hands briefly.

Zhan Mingsheng was also quietly observing Ou Shaotian, but on the surface he was calm.

"I heard that you're looking for me, please speak up! "

Ou Shaotian bluntly said.

"There is something we want to ask you for help. We are going to catch a chaotic ominous beast cub, and we want to ask you to help seal it. As long as we succeed, we can give you one hundred thousand crystals as a reward! "

"This is a lot of money, but where is it sealed?" "

"Don't worry, on this Chaos Island, we will first catch the Chaos Cub back. You only need to seal it. As long as it succeeds, we will give the money! "

"So simple? "

"It looks very simple, but most people really can't do it. The cub we are looking at is not simple. It was caught back to train the Soul Spirit for the back of the upper level! "

"Is that so, then I promised!" "

"Okay, this is a ten thousand deposit, no matter if you succeed or fail, you don't have to refund it, just try your best! "

Zhan Mingsheng said here, he threw a storage equipment, which contained ten thousand Chaos Spirit Crystals. This style is really rich and imposing.

Not bad for money!

"When we catch the cubs, we will send someone to find you! "

Zhan Mingsheng left directly after speaking.

"As expected, it is a big family, it is really magnificent! "

Ou Shaotian murmured, also put away Spirit Crystal, continue to eat!

One hundred thousand Spirit Crystal is not a lot, and a first Rank chaotic ominous beast is worth it. It’s only three to five hundred yuan. It takes one hundred thousand yuan, but it takes a lot of time.

As long as you use the seal technique to help, you can earn it, or on the island, there is no risk, it can be said that the best But that's it!

And first give a deposit of 10,000 yuan, even if you fail, you don’t have to refund.

It's worth his all-out effort.

"Brother Shaotian, Battle Is Clan also a big clan? Looks pretty good! "

Yun Duo'er next to Zhan Mingsheng walked away and said aloud.

"Yes, it looks okay! "

Ou Shaotian also nodded while eating.

After eating and drinking, he pulled Yun Duo'er to continue fishing.


After the sky gradually darkened, the number of people on each fishing platform began to slowly decrease!

The dark night of danger lurks on every side descended again, the patrolling Tsing Yiwei I also got more up again, and began to clean up the chaotic ominous beast that kept going ashore.

Immemorial's evergreen business was also closed down.

At the end of the day, only the broth was exchanged for First Rank. Chaos ominous beast, they replaced more than 300 sealed chaotic ominous beasts.

This is because they have a limited amount of stewed broth.

Otherwise, there will be more.

"My lord, shall we continue fishing tonight? "

After idle, Immemorial Changqing came to Ou Shaotian's side and asked aloud.

"I won’t fish tonight. I’ll go back to the city later to pick up the patrol. Mission, hunt directly on the beach, train your fighting skills! "

Ou Shaotian said aloud.

None of them have ever fought an ominous beast. Most of the ominous beasts caught were fish, and they were controlled by fishing rods. Most of the battle strength is lost.

Those chaotic ominous beasts that go ashore are all amphibious waterways, and there are also powerful battle strengths on the shore.

"Okay! "

Immemorial Changqing said with some excitement.

After a moment.

Ou Shaotian and the others packed up and returned to the city.


They did not return to the yard, but first went to the commercial street, found the Union Recycle Bin, and dealt with the ominous beast on their bodies.

In exchange for a large amount of Chaos Spirit Crystal , I went back to the yard and rested.


At nine o’clock in the evening, Ou Shaotian led everyone to the mission hall of the alliance. There were many squads in, and basically all came. Receive the squad for the patrol mission.

The mission starts at ten o’clock, so everyone is still waiting for the arrangement.

"Hello, we want to receive the patrol mission! "

Ou Shaotian came to the counter and said aloud.

"Hello, please register here! "

The waiter at the counter directly handed a form to fill in information such as the number of squad.

Ou Shaotian returned it after filling it out.

"Wait a minute over there, you will be notified after the patrol area is allocated! "

After the waiter took the form, he said.

"Okay, thank you! "

Ou Shaotian nodded, and then left the counter with the team, went to the rest area next to him, and sat down in a place where there was no one.

After sitting down, listen People around you are talking about it.

"Brother, you don’t know, last night we squad encountered a third-rank chaotic crab, good guy, not big, but defensive power is outrageous! "

"Quickly talk about it, don't ink! "

"Then you can listen, the third rank Chaos Crab looks similar to Rank 2, but the defensive power, strength and speed have been enhanced several times, terrifying! "

"Is there such an exaggeration?" "

"It's not an exaggeration at all, our Captain held the acquired Spirit Treasure and slashed on the fierce crab, only to cut a faint mark, completely immovable! "

"Have you killed it in the end?" "

"No, I just knocked it back in the end. The defensive power is too strong to kill! ”


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