Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 588

Ou Shaotian and the others participated in patrol missions for the first time, but some teams participated many times and encountered various dangers.

Those who like boasting proudly talk about the mission experience.

But after listening, the risk of this task is indeed not small. No wonder the reward will be that many. One night's patrol will give you a panacea.

One plant per person!

Although they are all cultivated in the spirit farm, they are not very precious and rare medicines, but they can be used for recovery!

Take medicine for injuries!

To restore the source power of the gods, you must also take medicine. Every potion is very useful to them!

At critical moments, taking medicine can save lives!

Just like playing a game.


Unconsciously, it was 9:30. The registration for the mission was over. The location of Ou Shaotian and the others patrol was also confirmed. We arrived on the 136th. Fishing platform number one hundred and fifty.

The distance of fifteen fishing platforms does not seem to be very long, but there are some sandy beaches between them, and the total length is close to ten kilometers!

Not short.

In addition to the patrols of their task-receiving teams, Tsing Yiwei’s patrols are the most important thing, and they are also supervising the squads of their task-receiving squads.

Cheating is prohibited!

"Gathered, gathered, the teams responsible for the section from No. 136 to No. 150 Diaotai are gathered!"

A team of Tsing Yi guards.


Ou Shaotian took Yun Duo'er's hand, greeted Immemorial Evergreen and the others, and soon came to the meeting place.

"Who is Ou Shaotian?"

Captain Tsing Yi asked aloud.

"I am!"

Ou Shaotian raised his hand.

"Who is Shi Guangqing?"

"I am!"

"Who is Zhong Wen?"

"I am! "

"The three of you listen carefully, take your own squad. During the patrol, you must not leave the mission section. When you encounter an ominous beast that cannot be beaten, you immediately call for help, do you understand?"


"Very well, let's go now!"

Captain Tsing Yi said loudly.

Then Ou Shaotian, Shi Guangqing and Zhong Wen, with their respective squads, followed the team of Tsing Yi guards and rushed towards the mission location.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at the mission location!

"Shi Guangqing, your team is responsible for the section from 136 to 140 Diaotai, Ou Shaotian, your team is responsible for 141 to 145, Zhong Wen, Your team is responsible for the rest!"

Tsing Yi Captain subdivided the task, and it happened that a team was patrolling the link of five fishing platforms.


The three people nodded and said in unison.

Then the three of them took their own teams and came to the section of the road that needed to be stationed on patrol, and started the task!

Ou Shaotian led the team directly to fishing platform No. 143.

"Brother Shaotian, there is no one here!"

Yun Duo'er looked at the empty fishing platform and said aloud.


Ou Shaotian nodded.

At this time, these fishing platforms are empty, and there are not many people who really dare to fish at night. After all, it is too dangerous.

Even if someone patrols, not many people dare to take risks.

The reason is very simple. At night, there are not a few chaotic ominous beasts who are good at sneak attacks. Not to mention those who concentrate on fishing, even those who concentrate on patrolling are dead and injured.

Otherwise, how could the reward be so generous.

The sky is completely dark!

The lights shining from the city can only make the shore dim. Everyone dare not care about it. It is the concentration one's mind looking at the beach with a treasure in his hand.

Everyone has similar equipment, all ninth rank treasure soldiers.

"Attention, three ghost shadow crabs have landed ashore, all of them are First Rank. Whoever finds out who is on it!"

Ou Shaotian said.

"I found it!"

Yun Duo'er complied happily, and then launched an attack.

Expand the yin and yang domain directly, summon the yin and yang Spirit Sword fish, the yin and yang double swords shot out, turning into a huge Yin-Yang Primal Chaos picture, and suppressed the three ghost shadow crabs.

“bang! ”

With a loud noise, a big pit appeared on the beach, and three invisible ghost shadow crabs also appeared, and the Yin and Yang Spirit Sword became fish. The Yin-Yang Symbol made is pressing on them.

Yun Duo'er finger Yin-Yang Symbol, is delivering God's source power from far away.


The three ghost shadow crabs soon couldn't support them. Yin-Yang Symbol suppressed them and passed out one after another.

"Brother Shaotian, it's done!"

Yun Duo'er thoughts move, take back Soul Spirit, said happily.

"Yeah, good job!"

Ou Shaotian slightly smiled, and then sealed the three ghost shadow crabs to keep Immemorial away.

"Madam, you are too powerful, all three ghost shadow crabs were killed all at once, so we can be divided into one!"

Immemorial said with evergreen depression.

Now not only Ou Shaotian is better than them, but even Yun Duo'er has surpassed them. Their guards are really reduced to attackers.

"gē gē gē, next time, next time I find out, I will definitely let you take it!"

Yun Duo'er couldn't help saying with a smile.

"That can be said, wait for the chaotic ominous beast to appear, let us take it!"

Immemorial Changqing excitedly said.


Yun Duo'er said with a smile.

But in the following time, they were fine here, but next door Shi Guangqing and the others appeared ominous beasts, and at the same time they were attacked by seven misty snakes.

At this time, the seven misty snakes have quietly landed on their left side and were immediately discovered by Ou Shaotian.

"Would you like to shoot?"

Ou Shaotian murmured, hesitated for a moment, or took out the dragon roar bow.

Even if you can't help out, I still have to remind you.

Then he draws a bow and shoots an arrow directly.

"whiz whiz whiz!"

In a flash, seven sharp arrows shot out.

Arrow splitting the air sound made no secret, Shi Guangqing and the others who were patrolling were immediately alarmed and could not help turning their heads to look over.


Dragon's roar sounded, and the arrow strikes directly on the invisible mist snake.

"peng~ peng~ peng~ ……"

A crisp collision sounded.

The arrow shot accurately on the Mist Hidden Snake, knocking out the invisible Mist Hidden Snake, without breaking the defense, but let the Mist Hidden Snake dizzy!

"It's a misty snake!"

Shi Guangqing exclaimed, and at the same time launched an attack.

The dizziness at that moment has helped them a lot, making their attack accurately hit the seven inches of the misty snake.

Contribute in an instant!

The seven misty snakes were all hit hard and fell on the beach.

"many thanks!"

Shi Guangqing sound transmission thanks.

"You're welcome!"

Ou Shaotian sound transmission replied.

Shi Guangqing didn't say any more, and ordered his subordinates to put away the body of the misty snake. While grateful, he was also surprised.

They are so close, they haven't found the misty snake, Ou Shaotian is so far away, how did they find it?

If it weren't for being reminded, they would probably suffer a lot of casualties!

"It's a pity, it's not on our side!"

Immemorial Changqing looked at the battle over there, but looked depressed.

"Don't worry, the patrol mission has just begun, there will definitely be chaotic ominous beasts coming ashore!"

Ou Shaotian smiled slightly.

After that, they stopped talking and focused on patrolling again.

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