Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 590

After the two parties chatted for a while, Ou Shaotian also knew the name of Captain Tsing Yi, called Liu Yunpeng, who was born in the Star Mix Blood Race and was also a strong clan.

"Brother Liu, when the mission is over, I will take the time to visit your Tsing Yiwei station and teach you personally!"

Ou Shaotian said aloud.

After this conversation, the two are also familiar with each other!

"don't, don't, don't, I can't bear to let you call my brother, your position is higher than mine, adults, don't joke with me, I will be in the resident I look forward to your coming!"

Liu Yunpeng said hurriedly.

He didn't dare to let Ou Shaotian call brother, otherwise, it passed back, and he had to let other people beat him up.

After all, many people are very grateful for Ou Shaotian.

The Wannianbao medicine is not only used to distribute rewards, but also their main recovery medicine. Whether it is to restore the source power of the gods or to heal the wounds after the war, they are often used.

They use the panacea for their wages.

As for chaotic spiritual medicine, it is too precious. It will only be used when cultivation breaks through.

"Haha, you are older, you should call Brother Liu!"

Ou Shaotian laughed.

While they were chatting, Immemorial Evergreen and the others also ended the battle, successfully damaging the Chaos Panthers, and Ou Shaotian also stepped forward to seal the Panthers.

"Master Ou, the task is now, let's talk later!"

After seeing the battle over, Liu Yunpeng said aloud.

Don’t say more, I am going to take the team to patrol other places, after all, it’s the mission time, so you can’t mess around!


Ou Shaotian nodded, watch them leave.



Suddenly, a fierce shout came.

Ou Shaotian turned his head and looked at it, but it was on fishing platform No. 138. There were still people fishing at night, and as a result, he caught a third rank chaotic ominous beast.

The famous Chaos Lobster!

Moreover, these two hapless guys are Ou Shaotian and their old acquaintance. They met Huang Tianbao and Huang Yiqing on the first day after entering the Chaos Sea.

The two guys didn't know whether to say he was lucky or unlucky, and they pulled up a third-rank Chaos Lobster Shrimp.

Why do you say pull!

The reason is very simple. Chaos Lobster Shrimp did not take the bait. Instead, it caught the hook with pliers and was then pulled up.

After coming up, he threw off the hook and attacked the two of them.

The attack methods of the lobster shrimp are mainly two large tongs and the long shrimp whiskers. At this time, the shrimp whiskers are constantly beating on Huang Tianbao and Huang Yiqing.

"It hurts me, help me!"

Huang Tianbao shouted for help in embarrassment.

It is really the third-rank lobsters are too strong, they even attack the shrimps, let alone attack the shells.

In just a moment, their combat uniforms were drawn into beggar costumes.

It's miserable!

It's really miserable!

Their strength is actually not weak. If it is a general tenth-rank chaos lobster that encounters a third-rank, they will probably be killed instantly.

It's just a pity that they still can't beat it.

I can barely save my life and call for help.

In that section, the squad led by Zhong Wen also rushed over immediately.

"Be careful, don't come close, everyone attack from a distance!"

Zhong Wen exclaimed nervously.

Because their strength is not as good as Huang Tianbao and Huang Yiqing, they are even more afraid to approach, so they can only use long-range attacks to attract the attention of lobsters.

Tsing Yi Captain Liu Yunpeng also rushed over with Tsing Yi Wei.

But they also did not dare to approach, they could only choose to repel the Chaos Lobster Shrimp and let it return to the sea.

"Please pay attention, I will deal with this lobster!"

Ou Shaotian said aloud.

For him, such a large lobster is simply delivered to his door. If he can catch it, he will be able to enjoy a delicious meal tomorrow.

"Be careful!"

Yun Duo'er and the others also reminded.

"Got it!"

Ou Shaotian nodded, and then he flew out.

After approaching the battlefield, Ou Shaotian directly summoned the Soul Spirit starry sky mysterious tortoise and rolled down towards the chaotic lobster shrimp.

"You guys get out!"

I saw Ou Shaotian loudly shouted, and with a wave of the divine blood knife in his hand, a scarlet half-moon-shaped knife shot out. It was Great Perfection. The level of divine ability is Blood Moon Nine Slash.

Although the divine blood knife is sealed, its quality is solid, and the knife intent that it urges can be said to be extremely sharp!


The waving shrimp must be cut by the blood moon, and it should be cut off!


Liu Yunpeng, Captain of Tsing Yiwei, saw this scene and couldn't help but shouted.


At the same time, the Soul Spirit starry sky mysterious tortoise also collided with the lobster tongs. To be precise, the lobster was holding the top of the tongs. Lived in the starry sky Xuangui.

While Soul Spirit was fighting with the lobster, Ou Shaotian cut all the dancing shrimp whiskers with one knife after another.

The knife must be broken!


Then Ou Shaotian casts the seal divine ability, hits the big seal technique, and hits the Chaos Lobster Shrimp with several seal divine abilities in a row.

The lobster trembling with the starry sky mysterious turtle can't avoid it at all.

Soon struggling violently.

After successively lowering the Six Paths Seal, Ou Shaotian finally sealed this third-rank Chaos Lobster Shrimp.

"It's done!"

Ou Shaotian put away Soul Spirit and clapped his hands.

"This brother, many thanks, we caught this lobster, many thanks you help seal it, we will put it away!"

Huang Tianbao ran over, Cheeky, I want to put away the lobster.

"Wait, this is my spoils of war, and we also saved you, don't charge you thank you fee, even if you want to take the spoils of war, I don't agree!"

Ou Shaotian said that with a wave of his hand, he collected the sealed Chaos Lobster Shrimp, not even cutting off the shrimp whiskers that fell on the ground.

These shrimp whiskers are also rare good things and can be used as materials for refining equipment.

"Well, are you a bit too much like this?"

Xuan Yiqing also said aloud.

"It’s not too much at all. Let’s come to rescue you. Spoils of war are naturally ours. The night is dangerous. You should stop fishing. Go back!"

Liu Yunpeng is also out Said the voice.

Needless to say, he is naturally on Ou Shaotian's side.


Huang Tianbao and Huang Yiqing were short of breath.

"Many thanks, you guys are ignoring the blame, I will go back first, and there is such a good thing, remember to shout, I will definitely come to save people, and you will not be charged for help!"

Ou Shaotian turned and left while talking.

"Let's go too!"

Liu Yunpeng waved his hand and left with his men!

The Huang Tianbao and Huang Yi Qing who stayed in the same place looked at each other, full of unwillingness, but there was nothing to do, they could only admit that they were unlucky!

"Let's go, go back and talk about it!"

After taking a deep breath and suppressing the anger on his body, Huang Yi said clearly.

The third rank chaotic ominous beast, and it is also the chaotic lobster that tastes very beautiful. If you sell it, you can at least buy hundreds of thousands of crystals, but it is so gone!

Then the two went back dingy.

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