Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 592

It's early evening.

The setting sun is setting, the afterglow is falling, and the sunset on the horizon is particularly beautiful!

Ou Shaotian drags Yun Duo'er along the streets of East Street, the shadow is constantly stretched.

People are in pairs, and shadows are in pairs!

After eating and drinking, taking a walk on the street is undoubtedly a very pleasant life. This is the case with Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er at this moment.

All of them are Divine Ability Realm Experts of Tier 10, but at the moment they are almost the same as an ordinary person.

Shopping, bargaining and more!

"Brother Shaotian, do you have anything you need to buy?"

Yun Duo'er embraced Ou Shaotian's arm with both hands and asked aloud.

"No need to buy anything, I don't need anything!"

Ou Shaotian shook his head.

Walking, they came to a jewelry store, and Ou Shaotian pulled Yun Duo'er into it directly.


The waiter said warmly.

"How do you sell these accessories?"

Ou Shaotian asked aloud.

"The jewelry in this shop are all of the Eighth-Ninth Rank treasure level, which has a pretty good auxiliary effect, and the price is slightly higher. The eighth rank is more than 10,000 crystals, and the ninth rank is more than 30,000 crystals! "

The waiter was enthusiastic and introduced.

Ou Shaotian took a closer look. This is a good one. If you say it so low, I might scare them away!

Look at the expression above, the most expensive ninth rank jewelry costs more than three million crystals, which is a hundred times the waiter said, which is not too scary.

"Are there any Spirit Treasure Level accessories?"

Ou Shaotian asked aloud.

"This is really not. The accessories are dainty and delicate. Forging is very difficult. Spirit Treasure Level accessories generally only appear on auctions."

The waiter shook his head and said. .

"Well, get me this necklace!"

Ou Shaotian picked it up, and soon chose a crystal necklace that looked quite beautiful.

"This necklace, 59,999 crystals, is a jewelry made by Master Long himself. It is very famous and definitely worth the money!"

On the side of the waiter Introduce it while taking out the necklace.

After Ou Shaotian took it, he directly put on Yun Duo'er and said: "How about it, do you like it?"

"Well, I like it!"

Yun Duo'er said happily.

This is the first time Ou Shaotian has given her a necklace. Of course I like it.

"Here you are!"

Ou Shaotian turned around and paid the waiter.

After buying the necklace, Ou Shaotian left the jewelry store with a smiling Yun Duo'er, and continued to wander the street, buying some snacks by the way.

After walking around for about an hour and a half, Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er returned to the small courtyard.

I found out that Battle Clan's hero was already waiting for him in the yard, but the other party had just arrived and came to him to help seal a young chaotic ominous beast.

"Brother Shaotian, we have brought back the chaotic ominous beast cub, and it is locked in the yard where we live. I would like to ask you to help seal it."

Seeing Ou Shaotian returning, Zhan Mingsheng hurried forward.

"Okay, let's go!"

Ou Shaotian nodded.

Then, under the leadership of Zhan Mingsheng, the two followed him all the way to a large courtyard.

There is a large metal cage in the front yard, and inside it is a big bird half a meter high, a very rare chaotic bird. Not long after it was born, the imposing manner is extremely ferocious.

I was standing in the cage at this time, not struggling, just staring fiercely at the people around me.

There are a few people guarding the cage, and they dare not look directly into the eyes of the bird.

"Golden Winged Eagle Cub, how did you catch it?"

Ou Shaotian took a look and said in surprise.

Among the ominous beasts, the golden wing eagle can be said to be famous. It is said that it can grow to the eighth rank and good luck can grow to the ninth rank.

It is a rare top grade battle companion.

"This time it was good luck. I found the golden wing eagle's lair. There was a cub on it. We took the opportunity to catch it!" Zhan Mingsheng said aloud. .

What he said is simple. In fact, Battle Clan paid a lot for this cub. There are more than three elite clansman who have fallen!

"Can your people not be sealed?"

Ou Shaotian asked.

"No, our people have tried it. The best at sealing shots. After sealing for most of the day, they didn’t succeed. The bloodline of this golden winged eagle is too strong!"

"Then let me try, I can't say if I can succeed!"

"That is, if we don't succeed, we will find another way!"

Zhan Mingsheng said Said.

Ou Shaotian's no longer nonsense, he went directly to the metal cage and used the divine ability to seal the golden winged eagle cub!

This time, he is also doing his best to shoot.

I saw him squeeze Yinjue.

One after another seal Dao Mark was born in his hands, outlining an incomparable gigantic seal gossip, and wrapping it toward the golden wing eagle in the metal cage.

It's like a golden gossip big net bag in the past.

The golden wing eagle began to struggle fiercely, and the wings kept propping out, and the top seal light net suddenly shrank and suddenly expanded!

Attract everyone's attention.

Ou Shaotian's movements didn't stop, and he continued to seal the seal. After three consecutive seals, he stopped!

"Qua, quack, quack..."

The golden winged eagle kept calling, and the voice was stern and frightened, and the struggle became more and more severe.

However, as Ou Shaotian's three strength of Seals were struck down, the golden light net shrank and became smaller, and it quickly merged into the body of the golden wing sculpture to complete the seal.


Zhan Mingsheng exclaimed in surprise.

Afterwards, without saying anything, I paid the final amount of 90,000 to Ou Shaotian, "Shaotian brother, many thanks, if you have anything you need in the future, just speak up!"

"You are welcome, I also like this kind of profitable business!"

Ou Shaotian also said with a smile.

"Well, next time if there is a need, I still find you!"

Zhan Mingsheng said happily.

Then Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er left.

Easily earned one hundred thousand Chaos Spirit Crystal, and also made friends with the wild Battle Clan people, it could not be better!

When I returned to the small courtyard, it was already past eight o'clock in the evening!

Nine o'clock in the evening!

Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er left the small courtyard again, Immemorial Changqing and the others followed, the entire group once again walked to the mission hall of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance.

Prepare to take the patrol mission again.

Like last night, Ou Shaotian quickly took over the task, and then waited for the patrol section to be assigned.

After completing the task registration, they waited on the side of the hall.

"I don't know which section to patrol today. I hope to allocate some more dangerous sections. The section last night didn't pick up battle strength. The ominous beasts that went ashore were very weak!"

Immemorial Evergreen said in a low voice.

"Don't worry, the patrol section tonight is definitely the most dangerous!"

Ou Shaotian smiled slightly.

Because he has discovered that Huang Tianbao and Huang Yiqing are secretly engaging in ghosts, quietly bribing the deacon who assigns tasks and assigning them to dangerous locations.

So Immemorial's evergreen idea will soon be realized!

Ou Shaotian's actions were in the hands of Ou Shaotian, so Ou Shaotian didn't stop it either.

Otherwise, newcomers will not be assigned to dangerous roads.

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