Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 594

After the strange fish was sealed by Ou Shaotian, the Spirit Attack also stopped, and the surrounding Tsing Yi guards and the patrolling squad also came back to his senses quickly.

The squad's Captain collapsed instantly. He just killed his teammate.

Kill two teammates who followed him from birth to death!


At that moment, he couldn't help howling and crying.

"Okay, don't cry, this matter is not good for you, everyone understands, you don't have to blame yourself!"

The Tsing Yiwei next to him couldn't help but say comforted.

"wu wu wu..."

But Captain still couldn't control his emotions.

The other side.

Captain Tsing Yiwei also came to Ou Shaotian and looked at the strange fish, "Is this the strange fish that is good at spirit strength attacks?"


Ou Shaotian nodded.

"There have been many casualties here recently, is it because of it!"

Captain Tsing Yiwei said again.

"It should be correct, but the previous few times, it controlled other chaotic ominous beasts in the sea to attack, but this time it controlled them to kill each other!"

Ou Shaotian Said aloud.

This is why everyone at first will be defenseless.

Because the previous attacks were all chaotic ominous beast landing attacks, but the number was a bit large, and the number of attacks was also large, which led to casualties.

This time it was completely different.

This time directly attacked the patrol on the shore, and then let the patrol kill each other!

Fortunately, the abilities of this monster fish are still limited, unable to control finely, nor can it control too many people at once, plus they are already vigilant when they approach.

So they can help.

"It's just Rank 2, and it hasn't been long since the breakthrough. No wonder it will be the first person to control the patrol team. If it is the third rank, it is really finished."

After Tsing Yi Captain observed it, he was a little grateful.

If this monster fish has the strength of the third rank, I am afraid they can't even get close, they can only watch them kill each other from a distance!

Facing the ominous beast of the third-rank spirit, unless Paradise Realm of Rank 11 takes a shot, these tenth-rank little shrimps are really not enough to see, they will only die if they are close.

"Yes, if it is the third rank, I am afraid I will hide too!"

Ou Shaotian nodded.

"Anyway, you have solved a big problem. I will report to you after the mission and increase your mission reward!"

Captain Tsing Yi said happily.

It is important to know that this section of the road is the responsibility of their team of Tsing Yi guards. There was an accident several nights before, and their pressure was not small.

Unexpectedly, it was solved directly at the source this time!

"many thanks!"

Ou Shaotian nodded.

Then he also put away the sealed big head fish.

This strange fish is a treasure. He is going to take it back to the spiritual spring of the world and keep it in captivity, but he needs to be tamed before that.

If it doesn't work, you can only kill the meat.

"Well, go back to the section of road you are responsible for first!"

Captain nodded, Tsing Yi.

Although he is very enthusiastic about this big-headed monster fish, he can't do it to snatch other people's spoils of war.


Ou Shaotian nodded, and then left.

After he left, the other Tsing Yi guards were also busy treating the injured patrol team.

The squad person can be said to be in bad luck. Except for the strongest Captain, everyone else has suffered serious injuries. They are all fighting with their own people.

Although the Captain was not injured, he killed two of his own players, and he also looked sluggish.

The trauma is more serious.

"Okay, don't blame yourself, you are not your own people hitting your own people, you are controlled by the ominous beast of your spirit, you are not hitting people yourself!"

After Tsing Yi Captain came to them, she shouted in a deep voice.

"I didn't kill it, it was the ominous beast of the spirit?"

Then Captain lifts the head, whispered in his mouth.

"Yes, it's not you, it's the ominous beast of spirit, it has nothing to do with you!"

Captain said solemnly in Tsing Yi.

"It has nothing to do with me?"

The eyes of Captain finally gave birth to a look, unlike just before they were full of ashes!


Ou Shaotian came back with the harvested big head fish, and Yun Duo'er and the others also immediately greeted him and asked around him.

"Brother Shaotian, how is it?"

Yun Duo'er asked immediately.

"It's done, it's a Rank 2 chaotic baby fish, belonging to the ominous beast of the spirit system. Through the illusion, control the squad to kill each other and kill two people!"

Ou Shaotian Some regrets.

If he could catch the Chaos Babyfish earlier, maybe the other party would not die.

But it's a pity, although he tried his best, it still took a lot of time to get the Chaos Baby Fish hooked, and eventually two people died.

"Then what baby fish is still alive?"

Yun Duo'er showed a curious look.

"I’m still alive, I’m temporarily sealed off, as long as I keep it with the Chaos Spirit Crystal, it won’t die. Take it back and see if I can take it back!"

Ou Shaotian said about his plan.

He attaches great importance to the divine ability of Chaos Wawayu.

If it can be subdued and used to train Sect's Disciples, it would be best. Not only can the dísciple of Star Fire Peak remove weaknesses, but also strengthen their hearts!

"very good!"

Yun Duo'er and the others are also happy.

Then everyone continued to patrol.

Sure enough, after losing the control of the Chaos Wawayu, this section of the road has become calm and tranquil, only the chaotic ominous beast that occasionally goes ashore.

They are all three or five!

Unlike the ones that are manipulated, they are a large group at first.


In the city.

Huang Tianbao and Huang Yiqing are eating supper.

I saw Huang Tianbao holding the skewers, while eating, he said: "Brother, do you think Ou Shaotian will be recruited?"

"Not good said, that location Although it is dangerous, the probability of getting hit in one night is still a bit low, but don’t worry, if you don’t hit tonight, you will be hit tomorrow night too!"

Huang Yiqing eats and calms down. Tao.

When they bought the man, they agreed that as long as Ou Shaotian and the others participated in patrol missions, they would always be arranged to dangerous locations.

In other words.

Unless Ou Shaotian and the others don’t take part in the mission, if they are lucky enough to escape once, there will be a second time, a third time, and the Nth time.

Sooner or later something will happen.

"That's good, that guy is really hateful. He actually dared to snatch our third rank Chaos Lobster Shrimp. It was obviously we caught it, so I was embarrassed to snatch it!"

Huang Tianbao is still very angry.

If they can get the lobster, maybe the cultivation base will be able to break through.

This is also the reason why they are so unwilling in their hearts.

"It’s okay. Next, we will continue to fish. We will always catch good things. Be careful next time. Make sure you are hooked. Just pull it up again!"

Said clearly.

Although he is also very unhappy, but there is no way, only to blame their own strength!

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