Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 596

The battle was very fierce. The squads formed a group, fighting fiercely against the ghost shadow crabs rushing from all directions.

Look from a distance.

One squad is surrounded by ghost shadow crabs!

The Tsing Yiwei who rushed over continued to join the battlefield, finally suppressing the charge of the ghost shadow crab, and the two sides launched a fierce battle on the beach.

At this moment.

blood flowing into a river!

More and more people were injured in the team participating in the battle, and there was a sacrifice from time to time.

"Auxiliary, are there any assistants who are good at healing!"

Someone screamed frantically, their companion was injured, and they were lying among them at this time, and they were struggling 'S resisting all around the ghost shadow crabs that are constantly pouring in.

"Damn, kill!"

The situation is getting more and more critical, and there are too many crabs.

Although most ghost shadow crabs are of First Rank strength, they are not strong, but sometimes this is the case, and the number can overwhelm everything.

"I will heal!"

Ou Shaotian who was just close to the team shouted.

Then the divine ability All Living Things to Recover was launched, and a green beam of energy fell on the wounded person. The concentrated life energy gathered, and he recovered most of it in an instant.

"I'm fine!"

"Thank you!"

The wounded who recovered from his injuries soon joined the battle again, and the people from the squad also thanked them.

"You're welcome!"

While Ou Shaotian spoke, he also constantly launched attacks, carrying Yun Duo'er, followed by Immemorial Evergreen and the others, all the way towards Kill the crabs in densely populated areas.

While killing, put away the ghost shadow crab's body.

At the same time, Ou Shaotian is also constantly performing All Living Things to Recover divine ability to treat the injured.

Thanks for the continuous harvest.


Just then, a loud roar came.

Just like the roar of the soul, shocking the mind, the entire battlefield also stopped.

As if the pause button was pressed.

Everyone turned their heads and looked towards the beach, only to see an incomparable gigantic ghost shadow crab appeared.

[Name]: Chaos ghost shadow crab

[Level]: Level 5

[Quality]: Rare

[divine ability]: stealth, speed, ghost shadow claws...

[Note]: boss-level chaos ominous beast, shell defensive power is super strong, fast movement speed, the weak point is the foot, just break one It will cause imbalance...

BOSS comes on stage with great momentum!

Ou Shaotian also immediately scanned the information of the ghost shadow crab leader, but the result was not optimistic.

This ghost shadow crab leader is too powerful!

"Be careful!"

Suddenly, there was an exclamation.

I saw that incomparable gigantic, ghost shadow like a large tank, the crab lord suddenly disappeared in place, and instantly appeared in front of a squad.

"shua~ shua~ shua~ ……"

The speed to the pinnacle of the two giant crab claws waving at all makes people unable to react completely.

That squad is full of ten people.

They were all killed in a flash in an instant, and their sharp crab feet slashed across their bodies, and they were directly cut open. Blood spurted wildly. Soul Spirit had just escaped and was also torn apart.

"quickly retreat!"

Other people saw this scene and were scared to back away.


The ghost shadow crab leader uttered a weird cry again, and the entire crab group suddenly rioted and started attacking fierce and unafraid of death.

"Beast, courting death!"

At this moment, the Rank 11 power of the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races finally shot.

I saw a burly man appeared above the ghost shadow crab leader, and a huge lightsaber like a supporting heaven giant pillar with unparalleled power strikes down.


divine ability giant sword strikes on the ghost shadow crab leader, directly blasted it into the ground.


The ghost shadow crab leader made a strange cry again.

this time.

The voice is full of anger, and the voice is even worse.

Following the body flashed of the ghost shadow crab leader, he disappeared into the big pit, and instantly appeared in front of the big man, activating the claws of the crab clan's divine ability ghost shadow.

The densely packed ghost claws grabbed to the big man.


The big man, coldly snorted, directly fought against the ghost shadow crab leader.

"bang bang bang!"

The battle between the two sides was very fierce. The splashing energy swept all over. The people around and the ghost shadow crabs were all affected, and they were blown away by the aftermath of the battle. No longer a minority.


Other people also avoided them one after another, far away from their battlefield.


After the ghost shadow crab leader was dragged by the big man, the others also broke out again and fought fiercely with the ghost shadow crab again.

Ou Shaotian thoughts move, which also brought out the small vine summon.

"Little vine, kill!"

Ou Shaotian burst out loudly.


The small vines danced happily with the vines, and each vine swept away the ghost shadow crabs in all directions. ghost shadow crab entangled.

The devouring divine ability was activated, and ghost shadow crabs were strangulated.

"Wow, this Spirit Pet is awesome!"

Many squads exclaimed.

Subconsciously, they also moved closer to the small vines, and used the small vines to resist the attack of the ghost shadow crab.


Little Manteng screamed happily, and he also refused to come.

Ou Shaotian holds a divine blood knife that is not bad at all. Although the knife is sealed, its sharpness is undiminished. One knife is cut through the crab shell.

divine ability Bloody Moon Nine Slash uses, bloody moon-like sword-intent attack, and its lethality is amazing.

The blade cuts the crab shell, and the blade intrudes into the body.

Complete the kill instantly.


Along with him loudly shouted, another Rank 2 ghost shadow crab was killed by him.

The Yun Duo'er next to him is not bad either. The Yin-Yang Primal Chaos sword intent broke out, the two swords danced, one by one Tai Chi seal was suppressed, and each ghost shadow crab was suppressed.

Follow closely from behind Immemorial Evergreen and the others, Soul Spirit unified Formation used, ten Soul Spirit fusion into a huge Soul Spirit, the lethality is equally amazing.

The entire combination has become the most dazzling presence in the battlefield.

There are more and more people gathering around Ou Shaotian and the others, especially those who have been treated by Ou Shaotian, who are very clever to follow him.

Injuries will be treated.


This big melee lasted for more than an hour. After that, the chaotic ominous beast that appeared was not only ghost shadow crabs, but also many sea snakes. Up here.

More and more people participated in the war. Not only Tsing Yiwei kept coming, but also the experts in the city.

Finally, the ominous beast that kept coming ashore was completely wiped out.

Finally, the leaders of the Rank 11 expert and ghost shadow crabs are still fighting.

After the wounded were sent away for treatment, while everyone cleaned up the spoils of war, they were also paying attention to the battle between the big man and the ghost shadow crab leader, but they did not dare to approach.

The scope of the battle is too great.

The divine ability of the two sides collided fiercely, and the splashing energy swept all directions, terrifying matchless!


The big man used a trick. Summon took out three Celestial Grotto and rolled over to the ghost shadow crab leader, like a black hole hitting, locking the ghost shadow crab leader.

Make it impossible to dodge.


The ghost shadow crab leader screamed, and frantically activated his divine ability to hit the three Celestial Grotto.

But it's useless!

The three Celestial Grotto were so solid that they quickly smashed on it.


With the loud noise, the ghost shadow crab leader was smashed into the ground.


Double click.

Three times.

The power of three Celestial Grotto hits it one after another, and directly shook it to death.

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