Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 599

The merchants are a special race. They like to wander around all corners of the world. As long as there is a smart race, there will be their silhouette.

This is a race focused on doing business.

It is said that their cultivation is Shang Dao, a seemingly ordinary but mysterious Shang Dao.

Chaos Island Square.

It was originally a relatively lively place. Usually, many people like to set up stalls in the square, and there are many people who come to visit the stalls.

Not to mention today.

Because the merchants set up the stall today, there are various treasures in their stalls.

As long as you have good eyesight, you can buy treasures.

"Brother Shaotian, there are so many people!"

As soon as he arrived in the square, Yun Duo'er said happily.

At this time, the Chaos Island Square is just like the holidays, a few rows of neat and tidy booths are placed there, people coming, people going, cries, bargaining sounds, intertwined into one!

"It's really lively!"

Ou Shaotian took Yun Duo'er's hand and walked in.

Immemorial and the others are like a group of good babies, behind them, glanced around, it looks a little funny.

"Don't follow us anymore. Let's go shopping separately. If you see something you like, you can buy it. If you think the price is too high, you can call me over."

Ou Shaotian turned his head and looked towards Immemorial Evergreen and the others, and said.


Immemorial is evergreen and the others happy.

After that, the ten of them were also scattered, and they were integrated into the lively crowd in small groups.

"Let's go too!"

Ou Shaotian pulled Yun Duo'er to continue his action.

The caravan of the Shang clan is not only a group, but also a caravan of independent individuals.

Let's put it this way!

There are caravan members in the entire caravan. Everyone collects different things. Everywhere they go, they will set up stalls and sell their own things.

How you get it depends on their own abilities.

When it is said that it is a group, it is mainly aimed at foreign enemies, and they will unite again and will not let their members be bullied.

It is also famous for unity.

In addition to setting up a stall, an auction will also be jointly held. Each member will gather their best things and hold an auction.

So the stall at the moment is just an appetizer.

Of course.

The booth is not without good things, not only there are, but also many.

Each merchant family will also have some treasures of the town stall.

Furthermore, all kinds of strange things of the merchants, some of which cannot even be identified by themselves, nor can they determine the specific value.

"Brother Shaotian, I heard that the business people most want to do is to determine the value of everything, help them analyze unknown objects, and get treasures for free!"

Yun Duo 'er said aloud.

"That is their path of cultivation!"

Ou Shaotian is also faintly smiled and said.

The Dao of Cultivation of the merchant family must not only know how to do business, but also determine the value of the product.

If you want to truly determine its value, you must fully understand the object, and you must not be sloppy. The more you understand and the broader the knowledge, the higher their cultivation base.

So for business people, if they can increase their knowledge and increase their cultivation base, they are willing to pay.

But there are not many who can do this step.

Almost every Shang clan is experienced and knowledgeable. It is really difficult to compare the cognition with the Shang clan who traveled north and south.

However, Ou Shaotian is an exception. The radar eye recognizes everything. Anything can be seen in his eyes. It is not too simple to explain.

"Brother Shaotian, you have such a strong vision, maybe you can make a lot of money!"

Yun Duo'er said with excitement.

"That's a must, let's go over there and have a look!"

Ou Shaotian slightly smiled, pointing to a booth not far away, and said aloud.


Yun Duo'er suddenly nodded and said.

Ou Shaotian wanted to go, naturally he saw good things, otherwise, he would not choose randomly.


The two even came to the booth.

The stall owner is a youngster. On the surface, he is only in his twenties and thirties. There are not many items on the stall. There are only a dozen items, all of which are of high value.

"Do you need anything for the two of you?"

The stall owner asked aloud.

For merchants, selling their items at high prices will also increase their cultivation base.

On the contrary.

If you sell the item at a low price and lose money, their cultivation base will be lowered.

Let them sell at a loss, they would rather give it away directly, because that would not affect the cultivation base.

Of course, their pricing will not be too dark.

Business people are most concerned about the long-term flow, and they will not set prices randomly for the sake of the cultivation base, and will not do a hammer sale.

"How do I sell this thing?"

Ou Shaotian pointed to a metal circle covered with patina on the booth and asked aloud.

"This is an unknown object on my booth. I don't know the specific function. The price is one million Chaos Spirit Crystal. If you can tell the details, you can discount it!"


The stall owner said aloud.

"How much discount?"

"It depends on how detailed you say, the more you say, the greater the discount, and you want to convince me, not Hu Make it up, you can give it away for free!"

"Well, then I will give you a good talk!"

Ou Shaotian nodded said.

After that, he picked up the things and observed it pretentiously.

The stall owner was not in a hurry, let him observe, and at the same time said: "I got this thing from a Mysterious Land. I only know that it is not simple, but no one recognizes it."

Ou Shaotian nodded, said: "This is indeed a good thing, this is an Innate Spirit Treasure, born in the mother of magnetism, the material is actually the essence of the mother of magnetism!"

The explanation started slowly.

This baby has been severely injured and is in a self-sealed state, slowly recovering by absorbing the chaotic Spiritual Qi from the outside world.

Before regaining awakening, it looked like a metal circle covered with patina, only twenty centimeters in diameter, palm-size, and looked unremarkable.

If you want it to recover, you must continuously input massive amounts of chaotic Spiritual Qi.

The effect of this thing is actually similar to the Vajra Cutter of Supreme Taoist in Journey to the West. It can vary in size, neither water nor fire can approach, it can hit everything and collect all kinds of magic weapons with metal.

The magic is endless.

Following Ou Shaotian’s explanation, the stall owner also showed a surprised look, and his look kept changing. Obviously, the treasure was too precious to sell.

"No wonder no matter how much God's source power I input, I always throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea, so that's how it is!"

Live said aloud.

When he got this metal circle, he did various researches and tried various methods of identifying magic weapons.

What a bloody recognizing Master!

What Divine Soul recognizing Master!


I tried everything, but it didn't work at all.

Now that I know the role of this metal circle, after knowing that it is an Innate Spirit Treasure, I can't help it.

But he quickly stabilized his mind again.

The most important thing for a businessman is credibility.

If he violated his credibility, the consequences would be too serious. The cultivation base will fall lightly, and he may stagnate from then on.

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