Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 601

After Nalan Yiqun finished speaking, he handed the stone bowl to Ou Shaotian.

"That's all I have to say, and then it's your turn. As long as you have a reasonable disagreement or a reasonable supplement, even if you win."

Ou Shaotian slightly smiled, took the stone bowl, and pretended to observe.

Yun Duo'er next to him is not worried at all. For Ou Shaotian, she is confident, she didn't see Ou Shaotian's fault!

Ou Shaotian pretended to observe and began to explain.

"Your previous statement is basically correct, but there is still a lot that hasn't been mentioned. This stone bowl should be a Holy Artifact of a certain ethnic tribe. It is a sacred item that is worshipped!"

He added the most critical part.

Although the entire stone bowl is an acquired thing, it is extraordinary.

It should be the first stone bowl of an ancient tribe. The material is very ordinary, but it is a container for storing water, so it can be worshipped as a sacred relic.

Under the rules of Heavenly Dao, the strength of Faith is absorbed and finally transformed!

The pattern above is not artificially carved, but was born after absorbing the strength of Faith. Although it is acquired, it is comparable to Innate.

Although it is only the worst Innate Spirit Treasure, it is also Innate.

It's just that the time has passed, the tribe disappeared, no one worshipped, and the stone bowl gradually fell silent.

"That's right. I found this stone bowl on an altar. I found it strange at the time. Later I thought it should be not simple, so I put it away."

After hearing Ou Shaotian's words, the stall owner said with excitement.

Obviously, Ou Shaotian's statement is completely correct.


The Nalan Yi group, who thought they had a chance to win, was stunned.

Fortunately, after all, it is not an ordinary person, so he calmed down again and reanalyzed it, but he had to accept it.

"It seems that I lost this game."

Nalan Yiqun said somewhat discouraged.

He actually lost!

"Does it compare?"

Ou Shaotian said lightly.

"No more, I admit defeat!"

Nalan Yiqun said very simply.

He lost everything he specified.

Now let Ou Shaotian appoint him, he certainly won’t be able to win, why bother inviting humiliation to oneself!

"Is this to admit defeat?"

Ou Shaotian was a little surprised.

He thought that the other party would die, he wanted to fight for a tie!

"Well, I surrendered. It seems that you are indeed very difficult to deal with. If you practice business, you should be very powerful, and your achievements will exceed us!"

Nalan Yiqun nodded Road.

To lose is to lose, and to win is to win. He still has this reputation.

"No, I have my own way!"

Ou Shaotian smiled slightly.

With the Fishing Boat Avatar, he is best at no matter what kind of cultivation he is.

As long as he works hard, no one can beat him.

Because he opened up!

"It's a pity!"

Nalan Yiqun showed regret.

At the beginning, it was a coincidence that he took the path of business and cultivation. It was a pity that he saw Ou Shaotian with such an innate talent, but he was unwilling to follow this path.

"It's nothing to be a pity, I'm very good at Angler Cultivator!"

Ou Shaotian doesn't care about business practice at all.

Although this path should be easy to cultivation, he doesn't like it if every day all has to go north and south, wandering around all corners of the world.

This kind of Dao of Cultivation is probably only enjoyed by those who like to travel.

He doesn't like it anyway.

"out of blows friendship grows, get to know me officially, my name is Nalan Yiqun!"

When Nalan Yiqun spoke, she also stretched out her hand.

"Ou Shaotian!"

Ou Shaotian also extended the hand and shook the opponent.

"I am more familiar with the people in the caravan. If you have any needs, you can tell me!"

Nalan Yiqun said enthusiastically.

It can be seen that others are pretty good, just a little proud.

"I wonder if your caravan sells Spirit Beast eggs, the ones that are better, and the ones that are worse!"

Ou Shaotian faintly smiled and said.

"Spirit Beast eggs, they are sold in the stalls in front, but buying this is a test of your eyesight. Before Spirit Beast hatches, no one knows whether it is good or bad!"

Nalan Yi The group said aloud.

In the caravan, there are all kinds of goods, and Spirit Beast eggs are no exception.

But Spirit Beast eggs, nine out of ten are average.

As for the eggs obtained from the powerful Spirit Beast, they will basically go up for auction. You can't see them in the stalls.

"Okay, let's take a look!"

"You'd better not hope too much. The Spirit Beast eggs on the booth are mostly ordinary. Here is an invitation letter. Well, you can go and see the auction tonight."

"Thank you!"

Ou Shaotian is also welcome, and accepted the invitation from Nalan Yiqun. .


They came to a few stalls selling Spirit Beast eggs.

There are a total of four stalls that buy Spirit Beast eggs. Large and small Spirit Beast eggs are placed in the stalls for everyone to choose from.

Each Spirit Beast egg is also marked with a race.

The more expensive the race, the more expensive the price.

In addition to these, there are also some Spirit Beast eggs of unknown origin. Those are unmarked, just like the unknowns in other stalls.

"Look at those Spirit Beast eggs of unknown origin. You may be able to find good ones. As for the ones marked out, you don't have to look at them. It's better to wait for the auction!"

Nalan Yiqun suggested.

The Spirit Beast eggs marked are all aware of their race, clearly marked with a price, at most precious, as for the rare and above, they are all auctioned.


Ou Shaotian nodded, while watching, he asked: "You are also in a caravan, don't you have a stall to sell things?"

"My things are relatively rare, they are all sent to the auction, and you can see them at night!" Nalan Yiqun said with some pride.

"It seems that you are really amazing!"

While Ou Shaotian spoke, he squatted down and picked up an unknown Spirit Beast egg.

On the surface, it looks like a fossil egg.

This Spirit Beast egg should have been stored for a long time. If it weren't for the weak Life Aura inside, it might make people think it was a dead egg.

"How can I sell this egg?"

Ou Shaotian asked aloud.

"This egg is ten thousand Spirit Crystal, but I want to explain first that its breath is already very weak. If you can't find a way to hatch in time, you may die!"

The stall owner is very frank.

"Well, I know!"

Ou Shaotian said aloud.

With the eyes of the radar, as soon as he came over, he went straight to the destination and easily found the egg.

What he can see, this egg is naturally not simple, at least it meets the requirements.

If there is no better one, then this one is the choice.

After that, Ou Shaotian directly paid for it. This egg, which looked only the size of a basketball and was like a fossil, was put away by him.

"Is this egg good?"

Nalan Yiqun next to him was a little puzzled.

I found a good egg so soon, is it true or false?

Don’t you need to observe?

You won’t choose it randomly!

"Of course!"

Ou Shaotian nodded.

After buying the Spirit Beast eggs, he couldn't look at the rest.

There are indeed not many good eggs on the stall. It is luck to be able to find one.

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