Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 602

After visiting the Spirit Beast egg booth, Nalan Yiqun also left with Ou Shaotian and the others. He also had things to deal with, so he didn't have time to follow along.

Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er continued shopping.

After the Nalan Yiqun left, Yun Duo'er said: "That Nalan Yiqun is a little proud, but he is pretty good!"

" It’s okay to be friends!"

Ou Shaotian is also nodded.

After that, the two of them stopped talking, but went to the Immemorial Evergreen and the others in the square to see what they bought.

"My lord, madam!"

Immemorial Changqing saw Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er and said respectfully.

"How about, did you buy any good things?"

"I didn't buy anything, just go shopping!"

"Come out, definitely I want to buy it. Tell me what you are missing, and I will help you refer to it!"

"hehe, I want to buy a better long sword!"

"long sword Yes, let me pay attention to it for you!"

"Many thanks, my lord!"

The three continued to stroll around.

It's a pity that although some of these stalls sell equipment, it is best to be ninth rank treasure soldiers, and there is no acquired Spirit Treasure Level.

It seems to have to wait until the auction at night.


Time quietly pass, unconsciously, it was night.

After dinner, Ou Shaotian took the invitation letter from auction, brought Yun Duo'er and Immemorial Changqing, and left the small courtyard and walked towards the square.

At this time, the square has been cleared and surrounded by Tsing Yi guards.

Set up a high platform.

There is no suitable large-scale building as the auction site, so we can only temporarily set up the auction site. All around is a warning belt that occupies a small square.

If you have an invitation letter, you can enter the venue. If you don’t have an invitation letter, you need to show your financial resources, and those with money can enter.

And first come first.

You can't enter again after it is full.

There are rows of chairs neatly arranged in the venue, and it seems that sitting on thousands of people is not a problem.

Although it is missing, it is already quite good as a temporary venue.

"Hello, this is my invitation letter!"

Ou Shaotian took the invitation letter and handed it to the Tsing Yi guard at the entrance.

"It's an adult, you can enter without an invitation letter. Please go inside, and you can sit anywhere!"

At the entrance, Tsing Yi Wei saw Ou Shaotian and said with joy.

"many thanks!"

Ou Shaotian nodded, after putting away the invitation letter, he took Yun Duo'er and Immemorial Changqing into it, and then found a few to connect Sat down in his seat.

It didn't take long.

Thousands of seats are filled one after another.

At eight o'clock exactly, the auction began.

The Auctioneer of the Shang clan appeared on the high platform. She was a pretty mature beauty, very beautiful.

"Hello everyone, welcome to participate in the auction of the merchants."

"I am Auctioneer Meijia!"

"Now I announce that the auction has officially started. Please auction the first item, this is a pretty good start, definitely top grade!"


Another beauty came onto the stage, holding a tray covered by red cloth in her hand, and inside it was the first auction item that was ready.

Auctioneer Meijia turned around and lifted the red cloth and picked up the item on the tray.

She faced everyone and said: "This is a fishing rod, a fishing rod made by a top master, which can withstand a maximum of 10,000 tons of pulling force, which is perfect."

" This fishing rod comes from Lu Fuzi, a master of the Tiangong clan. Although it is not the highest, it is considered top grade."

"The starting price of this fishing rod is 100,000 Chaos Spirit Crystal, and every increase cannot be made. It’s less than 1,000 Spirit Crystals, please make your bids below!"

Her voice has just fallen off, and many people are now ready to bid.

Such a fishing rod is indeed quite good. It can catch 10,000 tons of heavy objects, and basically can fish most of the chaotic beasts.

"I give out 120,000!"




The price of shua shua has risen upward, and it slowed down after more than one million.

In the end, the price of this fishing rod was 1.36 million, and it was bought by a young man from the void race.

auction to continue.

All kinds of babies keep appearing.

There are not many babies, but there are not many that Ou Shaotian can see.

As for Immemorial evergreen, what he wants is long sword.

There is a long sword in the auction item, and it is from the acquired Spirit Treasure Level, but unfortunately, the style is not what he likes. The difference is far, so I can only give up.

But the more you get to the back, the more good things there will be.

The ranking items prepared for the whole auction are 120. Unconsciously, nearly 100 have been auctioned. Only the last twenty pieces are left.


A big sword was presented.

This is a great sword of the acquired Spirit Treasure Level.

Although it is only a third-rate acquired Spirit Treasure, it feels quite good. The workmanship is very sophisticated, obviously from the hands of a master.

Immemorial Changqing can be spotted at a glance.

"My lord, I want this sword!"

Ou Shaotian is also nodded and said: "If you want, buy it!"

Spirit Treasure the day after tomorrow, The starting price was one million Chaos Spirit Crystal, and soon many people bid, and the price quickly rose to the height of 3 million Chaos Spirit Crystal.

The most important thing is that everyone from Great Influence has taken action.

The previous auctions can only be regarded as small scenes, but the current auctions are really big scenes.

After another moment, the price rose to 4.5 million!

At this time, Ou Shaotian finally made a bid, and saw him shouting: "I pay five million!"

"It’s Master Ou, don’t bid anymore, give it to Ou Master!"

"Yes, let Master Ou!"

"I won't be out!"

The result was unexpected, after Ou Shaotian bid , The Great Influence who had been competing fiercely have died down one after another.

"Five million at one time!"

"Five million twice!"

"Five million three times, deal!"

Soon, this sword was sold, and it was photographed by Ou Shaotian for 5 million.

Everyone's face-saving made him a little unexpected.

If he does not bid, the price of this sword will at least rise to around 8 million, or even 10 million.

"Brother Shaotian, you think everyone gives you face!"

Yun Duo'er is also happy.


Ou Shaotian is also satisfied.

During this period of time, they helped many people while participating in patrol missions.

In addition to the animal tide battle that day, many wounded were also healed, so everyone is willing to give him face, unless it is absolutely necessary, otherwise they will not fight with him.

"Many thanks, my lord!"

Immemorial, who got the big sword, said in excitement.

"This sword cost five million, and the family property has been emptied, so let's deduct it from your bonus!"

"No problem!"

Immemorial is evergreen and happy.

Looking at how happy he was, Ou Shaotian also shook his head and said nothing more.

They haven't been to Chaos Sea for a long time, and the chaotic ominous beasts they catch are mainly for their own consumption, so they don't really have much money.

Ou Shaotian was able to come up with these millions, and it was earned during the day.

During the day, he bought a lot of treasures from the stalls, except for a few left, most of them were sold.

Otherwise, they would not have so much money.

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