Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 603

The auction is still going on, and heavy treasures are constantly appearing. Many of them are good things, and they are hard to see. It's a pity that everyone is shy in their pockets.

After taking the big sword, Ou Shaotian and the others have run out of money.

So the following auctions are just for watching.

Although there are good things, but they didn't make any more moves.

At the end of the auction, it was exactly nine o'clock, and the time was just right, just in time to go to the mission hall to pick up the patrol mission.

No delay.

At the same time, Tsing Yiwei evacuated first.

Ou Shaotian took Yun Duo'er and Immemorial Changqing towards the mission hall. As for the other nine team members, they were already waiting in the mission hall.

After receiving the patrol mission, Ou Shaotian and the others followed Tsing Yiwei to the patrol area.

The section from Diaotai No.321 to No.325 that they patrolled.

Because of the auction, the fishing platform tonight is basically empty.

"Go to the fishing platform 323!"

Ou Shaotian greeted him and brought everyone to the fishing platform 323.

"My lord, is it the same as usual?"

After arriving at the destination, Immemorial Changqing asked.

"Well, everyone, be careful!"

Ou Shaotian nodded said.

Then Immemorial Changqing led the team to patrol, and Ou Shaotian sat down on the fishing platform with Yun Duo'er.

This fishing platform belongs to the middle position of the patrol.

If there is danger, they can support as soon as possible.

After sitting down, Ou Shaotian also took out the patina metal ring he bought at the booth during the day, and began to study how to unblock it.

[Name]: Magnet ring

[Order]: Top Innate Spirit Treasure

[Remarks]: This is Innate Supreme Treasure, formidable power too Strong and suffered by Heaven's Jealousy, hit hard in the heavenly punishment, self-seal does not let the original source be lost, unblocking requires a lot of energy

Researched, Ou Shaotian easily input a lot of god source power, but it’s still far away Far from enough.

It can only be put away temporarily.

Too much energy is needed to unblock it. The best way is to put it on top of the tree of good fortune in the door world and let it absorb the pure energy by itself.

After putting away the magnet ring, Ou Shaotian took out the pet egg.

[Name]: Chaos Youfeng Egg

[Rank]: ninth rank

[Remarks]: The top chaotic ominous beast egg on the verge of death, belonging to The heterogeneous Phoenix, born in control of the chaos and ghost fire, can hurt the Divine Soul......

The origin of this egg can be said to be very not simple.

The top fierce bird in the Chaos Sea is just on the verge of death, with a very weak breath. It should have been severely injured when it was in the mother's womb.

If someone else has such a Spirit Beast egg, they can only be anxious and watch it slowly die.

But for Ou Shaotian, there is still a way.

That is All Living Things to Recover divine ability.

Holding this Spirit Beast egg, Ou Shaotian directly activated the All Living Things to Recover divine ability. Continuously Life Power gathered in his hand and was absorbed by the Spirit Beast egg.

When I first started, it was very slow to absorb, a little bit.

Finally, the more you suck the faster.

At the same time, Ou Shaotian also felt that there was a joyous emotion in the Spirit Beast egg.


On the other side.

Immemorial Evergreen and the others are focusing on patrolling.

Except at first, some people rely on Ou Shaotian's reminders, and now they have been able to spot the ominous beasts such as the misty snake by themselves.

I saw an invisible misty snake just came ashore and was discovered by them.

And it is also a third rank misty snake.

"Don't move, let me come, just to try the newly bought big sword, this is the adult bought me for five million!"

Immemorial Changqing Excited.

Directly prevent others from taking action, I want to try it alone.

"Captain, you have to relax, the third rank mist snake is not so easy to deal with, don't fall in the sewer!"

The team next to him laughed hehe Tao.


Immemorial said in an unhappy way.

As soon as the voice fell, his figure exploded.

They have no divine ability to see through the invisible chaotic ominous beast, but they can perceive it through subtle environmental changes.

Where the misty snake appears, there will be a faint long strip of water mist.

Very light, very light.

Especially at night, when the light is dim, it is difficult to find if you don't observe the concentration one's mind.

Judging the strength of the misty snake based on the faint mist of water.

Can it be the enemy?

This is also a very critical step.

In case the Misty Snake is too powerful, after discovering it, all you have to do is to escape.

However, although this misty snake that appeared alone is the third rank, Immemorial Changqing, holding the Great Sword of the acquired Spirit Treasure, is not afraid. He is confident to solve this misty snake.


sword light flashed.


The big sword is swung, and the attack divine ability taught by Ou Shaotian is launched.

In an instant.

The sword intent gathered, turned into a half-moon-shaped light blade and shot out, cutting towards the invisible mist snake.

In order to ensure that it hits the target, Immemorial's evergreen attack does not stop.

Instead, he shot with all his strength, instantly swung dozens of swords, and the surging sword intent formed dozens of yellow, half-moon-shaped blades, which shot at the invisible misty snake.


After discovering that he was exposed, this third rank misty snake suddenly screamed angrily.

Open his mouth and shoot an ice arrow.


Ice Arrow is incomparable gigantic, a dozen or so half-moon blades hit the ice arrow before it smashed it.

Immemorial Changqing is still wielding a big sword, like a machine gun, one after another Half Moonlight Blade is constantly shooting out, after destroying the Frostbolt, it shoots at the Mist Hidden Snake.


After appearing, the misty snake is more than ten meters long, and the body is as thick as the thigh of an adult, so it pulled its tail directly.


The light blade that blasted from was directly shattered by its tail.

It is indeed an ominous beast, and the fleshy body is extremely powerful.

It is only a third-rank misty snake. The hardness of this fleshy body is at least comparable to that of the Eighth-Ninth Rank treasure soldier, which shows how terrifying it is!

"Be careful!"

Behind, other people exclaimed.

It was the misty snake after a tail knocked out the half-moon-shaped light blade that came from a swift shot, and the figure directly ejected and charged towards Immemorial Changqing.

In the midair, the Frostbolt attack was launched again.

The Mist Hidden Snake only turns into mist and flies when it casts its invisibility divine ability, and it is not fast.

To be more precise, it is floating.

The misty snake after appearing only has the third rank, which is not able to reach the level of flying, but the speed of the ejection, the whole body is flying, it is also quite terrifying.

"Good come!"

Immemorial Changqing, holding a big sword, was not afraid at all, and directly greeted him.

The two sides quickly fought fiercely.

On the fishing platform not far away, Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er are also watching their battle.

Ou Shaotian holds the Chaos Youfeng Egg, runs the divine ability All Living Things to Recover, continuously injects Life Power into the egg, and the breath of the Youfeng Egg becomes stronger and stronger.

Yun Duo'er is leaning against Ou Shaotian, ready to take action at any time.

But Immemorial Changqing's performance is not bad, holding the Spirit Treasure Level sword, steadily gaining the upper hand, and quickly pressing the third rank misty snake and hit it.

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