Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 606

The backyard of the villa, under the natural tree.

The little fellow sits on the Youfeng Egg, stretches out his hand to touch the egg, and talks with a chirp chirp twitter twitter. Seeing her like that, she is actually talking to the egg.

Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er couldn't help but look surprised when they came in and saw them.

"Pigeon, elder sister, you are back, and I have to incubate the eggs. I have no time to accompany you. Let's cook, and call me when you are done!"

little fellow said when they saw the two come back.

"Are you still incubating?"

Yun Duo'er was a little surprised.

"Yeah, I'm still chatting with it, and it said it will come out soon!"

Little fellow said gruffly.

The serious look made both of them didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

"Well, then you slowly hatch. Let's cook first, and when we are done, we will call you!"

Ou Shaotian smiled slightly.

Then he took Yun Duo'er to the kitchen to cook.

When it's almost done, I will notify my parents and let them come in for dinner together.

"You take the food out first, I'll call Xiaoxiao!"

Ou Shaotian said after cooking the dishes.


Yun Duo'er nodded.

Then Ou Shaotian came to the backyard, picked up the little baby who was hatching eggs, smiled and said: "Go, let's go to dinner with the big brother first."

"Okay, it's dinner!"

The little fellow was happy, but soon thought of her baby egg again, "Pigeon, where is my egg, should it eat? Me? Would you like to take it to dinner?"

The eyes were really a little silly but adorable.

Extremely cute!

"No, the egg doesn't need to be eaten. Just put it here and let it absorb Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi by itself!"

Ou Shaotian said with a smile .


little fellow nodded, then turned to the Youfeng Egg and said: "Xiao Youfeng, you have to be obedient by yourself, and try to absorb Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, hatch early!"

After the instruction, I looked towards Ou Shaotian, "Pigeons, it’s okay, let’s go!"

"Well, then Let's go!"

Ou Shaotian nodded, holding a little fellow into the house.

At this time, the parents also came in, and the family quickly sat together and ate happily.

Talk while eating.

"Son, what's the situation in Chaos Sea now, are you safe there?"

mother Yunxue said with some worry.

"Mom, don't worry, although the lowest level is Divine Ability Realm, Rank 11 and above are rare. I am almost invincible in Rank 10."

Ou Shaotian smiled while eating.

Although it's a bit exaggerated, it's almost the same. He is not afraid of anyone in the same rank.

"That's good, but you still try to be careful not to argue with people, sometimes it's not a bad thing to bear with them, you know?"

"Got it!"

"It's good to know, go out, more is worse than less, safety is the most important."

Yun Xue muttered.

As a mother, no matter how powerful your children are, as long as you go out for a long time, you will always be worried.

During the nagging of his parents, Ou Shaotian ate this meal for more than an hour. He smiled throughout the whole process, without a trace of impatience, but rather happy.

Some things can only be cherished if they have been lost.

Before entering the endless Sea Territory, he thought he was an orphan, thinking that besides Yun Duo'er, no one would care about him, and he would always feel lonely.

After finding his parents, he was very happy.

Especially with a little baby among them, they quickly get rid of the strangeness of each other.

Say less gossip.

After eating and drinking, the father and mother did not leave in a hurry. Instead, they sat down and had tea together and continued chatting.


time quietly pass, a few days passed in the blink of an eye.

Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er are not in a hurry to head to the Chaos Sea, but stay in the door world, with their families, and plan to play for a few more days before going back.

And on this day, the little baby hatching task is finally about to be completed.

The Youfeng Egg is about to hatch.

In the backyard, Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er, father and mother, all four are here, looking at the little baby not far away.

The little baby is lying on the basket, looking at the Youfeng Egg inside.


A clear sound came.

A crack appeared.

Then a gleam of light shot out from the crack.


The creaking sound continued to sound, the cracks became more and more, and the gloomy light was also one after another.

"It's open, the egg is coming!"

The little fellow cried out excitedly, staring at You Fengdan closely.


a light sound, Xiao Youfeng's head stretched out.


I saw Xiao Youfeng yell at the little baby, looking very happy.

Then the wings propped up, and the eggshell was completely broken.

The dark-skinned and wet little Youfeng appeared in front of the little baby, and the light gradually dissipated.

Then Xiao Youfeng began to devour the eggshell, and quickly swallowed the eggshell, and a layer of black fluff grew on her body, like a black chicken.

It looks like there is a palm-size.

"Little Youfeng!"

The little baby looked at it and said excitedly.

"ga ga!"

Xiao Youfeng yelled, flapping her wings, and flew directly onto her shoulder.

When I leap, there is no sound.

It's more like floating!

"Let's go, let's go!"

Ou Shaotian took the lead when he finished speaking.

The little baby has already held Xiao Youfeng in his arms and is stroking happily. Seeing them coming, he smiled and said: "Hurry up and see, my little Youfeng is hatched. That's it!"

"Well, yes, it will be your Soul Spirit in the future, and you will grow and progress together!"

Ou Shaotian is also happy.

"ga ga!"

Xiao Youfeng also yelled twice happily.


After Xiaoyoufeng hatches, the little baby will start to be formally cultivated.

Ou Shaotian deliberately stayed for three more days, teaching little baby cultivation Extreme Path Body Refinement Art, and after teaching her all the previous ten movements, he left with Yun Duo'er.

Ten actions are enough for little fellow cultivation to reach the third rank.

When they were parting, the little fellow reluctantly pulled Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er, coaxing them for a long time before letting go.

Then the two also teleported out.

Back to the Fishing Boat Avatar.

"Let's go!"

On the deck, Ou Shaotian thoughts move, and the Fishing Boat Avatar began to accelerate and rushed towards the entrance of the Chaos Sea.

More than half an hour later, Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er successfully arrived at the Chaos Sea entrance. After registering, they passed the Transmission Formation again and entered the Chaos Island.

Out of the task hall, they quickly rushed to the small courtyard.

I have been away for so many days, I don’t know how Immemorial is evergreen and the others!

Are there any accidents?

Both both speeded up subconsciously, and within a few minutes, they returned to the small courtyard.

"My lord, madam, you are back!"

Immemorial and the others are all happy to see them appear.

"Well, everyone is okay!"

Ou Shaotian was also happy to see everyone.

"We are all very good. We have been staying in the yard for cultivation, and our strength has improved a lot!"

Immemorial said with joy.

"That's good!"

After making sure that it was all right, the two of them also relaxed.

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