Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 607

After returning to Chaos Island, Ou Shaotian did not take the night patrol mission again, but led the team to take over the mining mission on Resource Island No.1.

The No. 1 resource island of the Wanzu Alliance belongs to the mine island.

And it is a large mine island.

"Everyone, our task this time is ore. After handing in enough tasks, we must dig as many Innate quality ore as possible!"

Receive After finishing the mission, Ou Shaotian led everyone out of the mission hall.

"Yes, my lord!"

Immemorial is evergreen and the others nodded.

They don't know why Ou Shaotian needs a large amount of Innate ore, but as long as it is Ou Shaotian's request, they will resolutely complete it.

"Be prepared first, we will gather tomorrow morning!"

Ou Shaotian said aloud.

Then everyone went to East Street and started big purchases.

According to the information learned, the No. 1 Resource Island was injured as a stone island. There was nothing but the mine, and it was bare.

The soil is special and cannot be planted.


Nine o'clock in the morning on 2nd day.

Ou Shaotian brought Yun Duo'er and Immemorial Changqing and the others to the port to gather.

The big ships of the alliance are already waiting there.

It is a top treasure boat.

Although it is not as good as Fishing Boat Avatar, it is also quite good.

"Assemble, those who have accepted the mission of the mine island hurry up to assemble, register, and get ready to board the ship!"

Soon, someone shouted.

"Go, go over!"

Ou Shaotian waved his hand and led the team over.

After completing the registration, I boarded the deck of the Alliance Boat, and waited to sail.

Many teams accept mining tasks.

Ou Shaotian took a look. There were almost a thousand people, all of them boarding one after another.

"Master Ou, you also go mining. It is very good. With you, we don’t have to worry about getting hurt!"

"Hello, Master Ou."

"I have seen Master Ou, please take care of me next!"


On the deck, many people in the team ran over after seeing Ou Shaotian Say hello warmly.

You can’t be enthusiastic!

The resource island is not a safe place.

The degree of danger of mining missions is much higher than that of patrol missions. Although there are alliance guards, they also have to participate in defensive warfare.

Cope with ominous beast groups that come ashore from time to time.

With Ou Shaotian there, they don’t need to worry about getting hurt. What a good thing, it’s natural to hurry up and get familiar.

"Hello everyone!"

Ou Shaotian also nodded.

Fortunately, everyone just greeted him, and didn't keep around him, and soon dispersed.

It didn't take long.

This top-level treasure boat, which is almost fully loaded, set sail, heading for the No. 1 Resource Island in the Chaos Sea.

The gravitational index of the Chaos Sea is very high, and Baozhou can't fly in suspension here, and can only sail on the sea or snorkel in the sea.

But diving in the water is very dangerous. The lower you go, the more dangerous it is.

So in the Chaos Sea, few people would drive a treasure boat on the seabed to snorkel, basically driving on the sea.

"Everyone, be quiet, No.1 Resource Island is not too far away from here, it will take about three hours to arrive, and everyone can move around freely during this time."

At this time.

An Alliance guard on the deck said aloud.

Ou Shaotian took Yun Duo'er's hand, took Immemorial Evergreen and the others, and sat down on the bench near the edge of the ship's gunwale.

Looking at the sea in the distance.

Others are chatting on the sea, and some are still inquiring about the situation of No.1 Resource Island.

time quietly pass.

About halfway through the journey, a battle suddenly appeared on the sea in the distance. Two huge chaotic beasts were fighting fiercely, attracting everyone's attention.

"My God, look over there. It’s a big chaotic beast. It should be thousands of meters long, even bigger than this treasure ship!"

"My boy, too terrifying!"

"Don't talk about approaching, this imposing manner alone is enough to make us uncomfortable!"

"Don't worry, Baozhou will Avoid it!"


The battle of ominous beasts in the distance, set off a monstrous wave, has no effect on the top treasure boats.


I am not afraid of the waves, but I am afraid of Sea Beast.

The two huge chaotic ominous beasts are at least sixth rank or higher. The imposing manner alone is enough to scare people to death, so the coalition cultivator that controls the flying boat immediately chose a detour.

Choose to avoid the two Sea Beast fighting.

As for picking up cheap, don’t dream.

"Brother Shaotian, what kind of ominous beast is this, so big?"

Yun Duo'er holds Ou Shaotian’s arm and looks at the chaotic ominous beast of the war in the distance, Asked aloud.

"The biggest one is the Chaos Giant Whale, which belongs to the marine whale fish creatures. It has a relatively mild personality and generally does not take the initiative to attack people. The other is the Chaos Walrus!"

"At this moment It is this chaotic walrus preying on this chaotic giant whale. Seeing that the long ivory is absent, its attack power is quite terrifying. It is estimated that the chaotic giant whale will be over!"

Ou Shaotian took a look and said Said the voice.

Sweep the eyes of the radar, he can know the origin of these two sea beasts.

What he didn't say is that these two Sea Beasts are both seventh rank chaotic ominous beasts, comparable to the terrifying existence of the 12th Rank cultivator.

If they get close, I am afraid that many people will not even be able to resist the imposing manner.


The coalition cultivator who controlled Baozhou chose a detour, and did not have the idea of ​​picking up the bargain. After a few minutes, he left the battlefield.

But everyone's discussion has never stopped.

It is the first time for many people to leave Chaos Island. It is the first time to see such a large-scale chaotic ominous beast. Some fear is inevitable in their hearts.

After all, too terrifying!

"Brother Shaotian, have you ever beaten this chaotic ominous beast?"

Yun Duo'er asked with a smile on Ou Shaotian's arm.

After confirming her safety, she also relaxed.

When I just saw the two chaotic ominous beasts, I was still a little bit worried.

"Can't beat it, it should be the chaotic ominous beast of the seventh rank. If you encounter it, you can only escape, otherwise, you can only be killed by a spike."

Ou Shaotian shakes Shook his head.

"Cultivation hard, don't think about that many!"

Immemorial Changqing next to it also said aloud.

The chaotic ominous beast just now gave them a great shock, and it was really too strong.

In the face of such an ominous beast, they have an extremely small feeling.

"Yes, just work hard to cultivation!"

Ou Shaotian said with a smile.

After relaxing, everyone started chatting.


More than an hour passed.

The huge resource island No. 1 appeared in the sight of everyone, and the crowd of to-and-fro walking on it could be vaguely seen.

It's finally here.

"Look, there is a stone island ahead, and it's finally here!"

When I saw the island, many people on the deck cheered.

For Chaos Sea, they are too small, especially in the vast ocean.

Only by being down to earth can they truly feel at ease.

So when I saw the island, I couldn't help but cheered.

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