Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 608

A dozen minutes passed quickly.

The huge treasure boat slowly docked in the port, and everyone on the deck also boarded the port one after another, and formally set foot on the Alliance’s Chaos Sea No. 1 Resource Island.

"Everyone keep up, don't fall behind!"

The alliance deacon leading the team began to gather everyone. After the personnel arrived, they looked towards the mine and set off soon.

The island is very rudimentary and there is no city.

The road is rugged and uneven, with rocks on both sides of the road.

Not only on both sides of the road, but looking at it, there are stones everywhere, and there is no land in sight. The whole island is like a stone island.

The mine is located near the middle of the island.

There are surrounding walls, which are built of large stones, and the Formation is also depicted, which is quite strong.

If Sea Beast invades, this wall is the position they need to hold on.

Of course.

If you really can’t keep it, you can retreat to the mine.

The mine was dug with seven turns and eight turns. The terrain is very complicated. It can completely avoid the sea beasts in groups, and the large sea beasts can't get in.

It’s just that it’s not safe inside the mine.

From time to time there will be underground ominous beasts.

The biggest danger for miners is not from the Sea Beast, but from some underground ominous beasts in the depths of the mine.

Ominous beast sneak attack underground when mining, it will be quite dangerous.


Everyone entered the camp.

The residence is very simple. They are all caves, all dug out of the rock. They are reinforced by the pattern and are quite strong, so there is no need to worry about safety.

But as a cultivator, almost no rest.

After coming here, everyone either digs or eats. Basically, they stay in the mine and rarely come out of the mine.

These caves are mainly inhabited by the guards of the alliance. They have the responsibility of guarding. They need to be guarded outside and will not conduct mining operations, so they need to live.

"Everyone, this is the mine. You can just choose the mine to enter, there is no mandatory requirement!"

There is not too much nonsense about the alliance deacon, after all, many things are taking over tasks. When it was time, it was already clear.

As required.

The task is not difficult. You must register when you come in, and you must register when you leave. According to the amount of time you turn in, you will turn in one ton of Chaos Ore a month.

The longer you stay, the more you turn in.

After you hand in enough tasks, the extra part belongs to you.

"Everyone, come with me!"

Ou Shaotian took Yun Duo'er's hand, greeted Immemorial Evergreen and the others, and then started to act.

There are hundreds of mine entrances in the entire mine.

If some people have difficulty in choosing, I am afraid they will not know which entrance to enter, and they may hesitate for a long time.

But Ou Shaotian has radar.

After scanning the radar, he knew which mine had Innate Chaos Ore, so he didn't have to worry about choosing the wrong one, so he took the team and set off directly.

Basically everyone else is still choosing.

However, several teams chose to follow Ou Shaotian and the others.

"Master Ou, we are with you, please take care of me!"

Someone said aloud.

"It's easy to talk and talk, meeting is destiny, just take care of each other!"

Ou Shaotian is also polite.

Although he didn't want anyone to follow, he couldn't refuse.

After all, you can't hit the smiley people!

According to radar scans, the resources in Mine No. 98 are the best. If you continue to dig deeper, you can dig Innate chaotic ore, which is necessary for upgrading Fishing Boat Avatar.

Ou Shaotian led everyone directly into the mine.

The mines are well-connected in all directions. Many people have dug out a lot of forks, and some have even opened up with other mines.

After entering the depths, everyone also dispersed.

Each team chooses a channel with no one to excavate.

The whole mine is a huge stone mountain, basically there is no danger of collapse, so the excavation is very random.

As for whether the falling stones will hit people, there is no need to worry.

After all, they are not ordinary persons.

"Here, let's dig!"

Ou Shaotian took Immemorial Evergreen and the others to the depths, and quickly chose a location. Let everyone start digging.


Immemorial Changqing and the others called out, then took out the mining tools, and went straight to work!

Of course.

Not everyone uses mining tools, and some use swords to dig directly.

The reason is very simple. They feel that their swords are easier to handle, they are more propelled, and the speed of digging is faster.

When Ou Shaotian was digging, he used a divine blood knife.

Although the divine blood knife is sealed, its sharpness is not reduced at all. With a few strokes, you can cut off a large piece of rock, and the speed of digging is very fast.

The most important thing is that he doesn't need to break the digging rock because he can determine whether there is ore in it.


More than an hour has passed.

Ou Shaotian and the others dug forward in a line. They have dug a long distance. The dug space is three meters high, 15 meters long, and more than ten meters deep.

There are a lot of ore dug, but the distance from where the Innate ore is dug is still more than 30 meters.

Still continue to work hard.

Innate Chaos Ore is too precious. It is the material that can be used to create the acquired Spirit Treasure. It is difficult to buy a large amount of such ores.

That's why Ou Shaotian chose to come and dig.

Fortunately, he has a Fishing Boat Avatar and a radar scan. Otherwise, I really don’t know how to dig up to the year of the monkey.

"Come on, everyone, what I want is Innate Chaos Ore. If nothing happens, I can dig tens of meters and I should be able to dig it!"

Ou Shaotian digs while digging. Said aloud.

"My lord, how do you deal with these ordinary chaotic ores!"

Immemorial Changqing asked aloud.

There are many common associated ores around the Innate ore, and they have dug a lot.

"Except for the tasks handed in, collect the extras first, and then bring them back to Fire Peak, so that the people of Refiner Palace can practice their hands. I believe they will like them."

Ou Shaotian said aloud.


Immemorial is evergreen and the others nodded.

After that, everyone also accelerated the speed of digging, and digging into it.

Soon, more than two hours passed.


When Yun Duo'er next to him cut in with a sword, suddenly there was a crisp sound, which was the sound of cutting a hard object.

Dig in!

If it is ordinary ore, it would not make such a sound for a sword that cuts iron like mud.

Soon, a huge Innate chaotic ore was dug out by Yun Duo'er.

"Brother Shaotian, I found it!"

Yun Duo'er said happily.

"Yes, this is Innate Chaos Ore, and it has reached a high grade level!"

Ou Shaotian looked at it and smiled.

The diameter of this ore is close to one meter, which can be said to be quite huge.

If it is ordinary chaotic ore, it is nothing, but Innate chaotic ore is different and can be said to be extremely precious.

Even if it is the size of a basketball, it can be sold at sky-high prices!

Not to mention, the diameter is close to one meter.

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