Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 609

The chaotic ore released to the outside world is also the top grade ore. It is the ore that has absorbed the chaotic spiritual power. This ore can easily create the treasure of the Eighth-Ninth Rank.

Innate Chaos Ore is different.

That is the ore formed by absorbing the Innate Spiritual Qi when the Chaos Sea was born, and it is more pure and of better quality.

"Everyone, stop for a while, ready to change place. There is no Innate ore in this place. Follow me to another place!"

Ou Shaotian put away the Innate ore and said Said.

There is only one Innate ore in this place. After Yun Duo'er dug it out, it disappeared.


Immemorial evergreen and the others nodded.

They didn't ask how Ou Shaotian knew, anyway, just follow the command line.

The depths of the mine.

There is an incomparable gigantic cave, which was dug out.

There are many squads mining in the cave, and some alliance Tsing Yi guards are patrolling back and forth to avoid snatching and fighting incidents.

Many of the squad that followed Ou Shaotian and the others in before were in the cave.

The entire cave is quite large, at least one thousand square meters.

"Let's dig here first!"

Ou Shaotian led everyone to an area with no one and started digging.

More troublesome.

The chaotic ore of Innate, which was scanned by the radar, is not far away, but someone is already digging in that location, and now they can only wait for the opponent to leave.

But if the opponent keeps digging, he will find that Innate chaotic ore.

However, at this moment, an accident appeared.

Someone dug a crack.

I saw a crack, suddenly several black shadows rushed out, and launched an attack on the cultivator in the mine, which instantly caused chaos in the mine.

A closer look, these dark shadows are actually brown mice the size of little piglets.

"Be careful, it's a miner-eater!"

Someone exclaimed.

Miner-eating rat is a very brutal chaotic ominous beast.

Not only is it fierce and combative, but also very vengeful. When you encounter an enemy, it is basically an irreconcilable battle. It is the most disgusting creature in the mine.

The most important thing is that the defensive power is even more terrifying when this chaotic miner-eating rat devours ore.

Even the First Rank miner-eater, the treasure of the ninth rank is hard to hurt. Only the weapon of Spirit Treasure Level can break through its defense.

Without the Spirit Treasure weapon, you can only shake it to death.

"Get out of the way!"

The patrolling Tsing Yi Guard Captain loudly shouted, and rushed up first.

Among the entire Tsing Yi Guard squad, only his hand is equipped with the long sword of the acquired Spirit Treasure Level, which can effectively kill the miner-eating rat.

The others are equipped with long sticks.

"bang bang bang!"

The sound of fierce fighting sounded.

"chi chi chi!"

The violent cry of the miner-eating rat also kept coming.

A total of four miner-eaters rushed out, and they were quickly killed, but the surrounding cultivators were still lingering fears.

Ou Shaotian and the others are far away, and Tsing Yiwei has the upper hand, so they did not make a move.

"Go, let's dig over there!"

Ou Shaotian said aloud.

After this farce, he found an opportunity.

The area with the Innate Chaos Ore has been vacated. No one is digging there anymore. As long as you occupy a place, dig in slowly.

No one dared to dig the area where the miner-eating mice appeared.

Each team has re-found a no one's position, started digging, and at the same time is more careful.

Beware of the miner-eating rats that may appear at any time.

"Everyone, be careful and take precautions!"

After getting the miner-eating rat, Captain Tsing Yi also shouted.

The Miner-eating Rat that just rushed out bit two of them. Fortunately, the injuries were not serious, so it was OK to treat them.

Ou Shaotian and the others move quickly.

In less than half an hour, he dug out the Innate chaotic ore inside. This ore is larger, with a diameter of 1.5 meters, and its value is amazing.

As soon as it was dug out, it was seen by the people next to it.

An instant sensation.

"Fuck, someone dug Innate Chaos Ore!"

"Where is it!"

"My deed, what a big Innate Chaos Ore , This is getting rich!"


Just when everyone was discussing spiritedly, a group of people rushed to Ou Shaotian and the others, which was before this The squad where mining is located.

I saw the humanity headed: "Several people, this place seems to have been excavated by us before. Just now you took advantage of the turmoil and grabbed it. Is this Innate ore going to divide us half?"

"Sorry, there is no such reason. Many people have changed their digging positions, not just you!"

Ou Shaotian said lightly.

Seeing that Ou Shaotian did not agree, the leader moved, body flashed, and he appeared next to the Innate chaotic ore, reaching out to grab the ore.

Prepare to put away the ore first.

Those who dare to do mining tasks are not simple characters, they are very powerful and quick to shoot.

Even if prepared, Immemorial Evergreen and the others could not respond.

But Ou Shaotian can.

At the moment when the opponent stretched out his hand, he thoughts move and directly collected the Innate Chaos Ore, and the opponent immediately grabbed an empty space.


When I saw the opponent loudly shouted, he changed his trick and grabbed Ou Shaotian.

"get lost!"

Ou Shaotian directly leg raised.

I saw that his attack came first and kicked on the opponent's stomach. The paw that grabbed Ou Shaotian was ten centimeters away, and he was kicked flying.


With a loud noise, the whole person hit the side wall of the cave.

"Stop, what's the matter?"

At this moment, Tsing Yiwei finally rushed over.

The rest of the team had just prepared to take a shot, but they had to brake suddenly and stopped.

"Hello Captain, we came here half an hour ago. Seeing that no one was digging at this location, we digged it here. They just dig out something good, they came over to grab it and said This position was theirs before."

Ou Shaotian made the matter clear in a few words.

"Is that so?"

Captain Tsing Yi looked towards the team with a gloomy face.

Mining in the mine, it is normal to change the location.

If you have dug this location before, and someone dug up something, you want to share it, that would be a bit too much.

"cough cough cough..."

The guy kicked by Ou Shaotian pretended to be coughing. Several team members also ran up to him, all without answering.

Be silent.

"Listen, this mine is guarded by me. I don't welcome people who come here. If there is another time, don't blame me for expelling you."

When Wei Captain saw that the other party was silent, he already had an answer.

Just put down the ruthless words.

Then he took the team and left. He was also busy dealing with the miner-eating things, to make sure whether there were any miner-eating rats in the depths of the crack.

No time to talk to these people.

"Let's go!"

The squad person also left dingy.

It's just that the hatred has ended.

I can only say that some things are inevitable, after all, treasures are touching.

Since ancient times!

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