Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 611

When Tsing Yiwei rushed in, the battle of the others had ended.

More than 100 miner-eating mice have all been killed, only Ou Shaotian and Mouse King are still fighting fiercely, and Yun Duo'er and the others are already watching the battle.

"It's amazing, I killed so many miner-eaters!"

The Tsing Yiwei who came in were all surprised, and they walked to the side to take a look.

They were even more surprised soon!

Every time Ou Shaotian and Mouse King collide, the Mouse King is injured, which makes the state of the Mouse King continue to decline, but Ou Shaotian is unscathed.

His extremely powerful defensive power makes Tsing Yi guard stared wide-eyed!

Too exaggerated!

Who is the ominous beast in the end!

Mouse King: I also want to know why this two-legged monster in front of me has stronger defenses than me. Did he also grow up eating ore?

In the memory of Mouse King, its defense has always been the strongest.

Because it eats ore every day, and it eats top grade ore, including Innate chaotic ore, making the fleshy body extremely powerful, far surpassing the ominous beast of the same order.

But today, I came across something harder than it.

Obviously the strength is weaker than it, but the defensive power surpasses it by some unknown amount.


I saw Ou Shaotian loudly shouted, but seized the opportunity.

divine ability Streamer escape is activated.

Appeared silently in the sky above the miner-eating mouse, and cut it down with a knife.

The Blood Moon Lore of the Nine Slashes of the Blood Moon!

The bright red blade light swept across, the miner-eater's head was cut off, and the calf-sized body fell to the ground, with blood all over the floor.

"It's amazing. The third rank Mouse King is in your hands, and there's no resistance!"

Tsing Yi Captain came with the team members.

"It's okay, just relying on the benefit of Divine Weapon!"

Ou Shaotian slightly smiled, and then the big seal technique was used to seal the corpse of the Mouse King. Avoid energy flow, and then put it away.

"Master Ou was joking, even if there is no Divine Weapon, you can easily crush the Mouse King with your fleshy body. It can only be said that encountering you is its doomed catastrophe!"

Captain Tsing Yi said with a smile on his face.

Apparently he also knows the origin of Ou Shaotian, so he is so respectful.

"hahaha, let’s not say much, I have to search the miner-eater’s lair first!"

"That way, I’ll take people out first, By the way, inform the people outside to widen the passage and open a large cave here too!"

Tsing Yi Captain finished speaking and left with the team.

Ou Shaotian took Yun Duo'er and the others to search for the lair of the mine-eating rats.

Good luck.

They quickly found a lot of top ore, of which there were three of them that reached the Innate level.

It can be said to be a big gain.

"Brother Shaotian, how many Innate mines are still missing?"

Yun Duo'er asked Ou Shaotian after putting away the Innate mines.

"It's almost done!"

Ou Shaotian faintly smiled and said.

Spirit Treasure Level flying boat does not mean that all materials are Innate spirit mines, as long as a part is enough!

The Innate spirit mine collected by Ou Shaotian is almost enough.

Innate is an ore that appeared when the Chaos Sea was born. It has extraordinary characteristics. When creating Divine Weapon, you just need to add some.

Building a flying boat is naturally the same.

"Well, let's continue digging, and try to dig enough as soon as possible!"

Yun Duo'er nodded.

Then Ou Shaotian led the crowd to dig directly in the mine-eater's lair.

As a chaotic ominous beast that is good at finding ores, the miner-eating mice naturally have a large amount of ores around their lairs, and there are also Innate spirit mines.


The entry channel has also been expanded. Many teams have entered the mine-chewing rat lair and started digging.


time quietly pass.

Unconsciously, more than half a month passed, and Ou Shaotian finally made up the Innate Spirit Mine needed to upgrade the Fishing Boat Avatar.

It's just that he didn't rush to upgrade.

Instead, I’ll wait until I go back!

As for whether to dig more.

It is completely unnecessary.

The place where there are really more Innate spirit mines is the seabed. As long as the Fishing Boat Avatar rises to Spirit Treasure Level, you can enter the seabed of the Chaos Sea, and you can dig at that time.

So there is no need to waste time here.

After collecting enough ore, Ou Shaotian led the team out of the mine and appeared in the camp.

"Let's go, first turn in the ore needed for the task, and then you can leave!"

Ou Shaotian said aloud.

Then led the team to the registration office.

It will be handed in soon, and it is also a departure registration. As long as there are enough people, the flying boat will set sail and send everyone back to the Chaos Island of the Alliance.

"Very good, finally no need to mine!"

Immemorial is evergreen and the others have sighed in relief.

I want to talk about mining!

at first is also very interesting, but after a long time, it seems a bit boring.

Now it is finally over.

"Brother Shaotian, what shall we do next?"

Yun Duo'er asked aloud.

"Wait here for a while. It is estimated that it will take about a week before the flying boat will set sail. We can find a place to fish by the beach!"

Ou Shaotian said Said.

The treasure boat of the alliance needs a certain number of people to set sail, and will not run empty.

So wait.

Of course.

They can also drive the Fishing Boat Avatar back, but they are not in a hurry, so they decided to wait.

After entering the Chaos Sea, I have been staying in Chaos Island. It is difficult to make a trip.

After arriving at Resource Island No. 1, I have been staying in the mine again. Now that I have time, I have to take a good stroll!

Don’t rush back.

"There is no fishing platform around, I am afraid it will not be good for fishing!"

Yun Duo'er said aloud.

If the fishing platform is not built, the water depth is not enough and it is difficult to fish.

"Then it's okay, we can walk by the sea, and directly hunt the chaotic ominous beasts that go ashore, the same!"

Ou Shaotian faintly smiled and said.

Several people have come to the beach while talking and chatting.

This resource island is a stone mountain. Naturally, there are a lot of reefs on the seashore, hiding a lot of marine products, most of which are the chaotic beast of First Rank.

There are many people who have the same idea.

Thousands of people must be gathered in the Alliance’s Baozhou every time it returns, so there are not a few people who are also waiting.

Everyone is digging and vomiting.

Naturally, I will not choose to dig and wait, but hunt and kill the Chaos Sea Beast on the seashore.

"Everyone, be careful, there are quite a few rank 2 chaotic ominous beasts in this area, don’t fall in the sewer!"

Ou Shaotian brought everyone there After the place, he reminded him aloud.

The place he chose was naturally scanned by radar, and there were many chaotic and ominous beasts.

Everyone needs to grow.

He will not point out the position of the chaotic ominous beast one after another. It is up to everyone to find and find it.

Otherwise how to improve!


Immemorial Evergreen and the others responded in unison.

After that, they also dispersed and began to hunt for the chaotic ominous beast.

Ou Shaotian took Yun Duo'er into action.

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