Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 612

It was broad daylight at this time, more than ten o'clock in the morning.

On the seaside, there are battles from time to time. They are all battles between the teams that hunt the chaotic ominous beast. Finding the chaotic ominous beast is a big battle.

Of course, snatching happens sometimes.

When encountering some unreasonable people, fights will inevitably occur between different teams.

And when Ou Shaotian and the others came to the beach, they were spotted by the wild people, and they were ready to avenge them.

Or more accurately.

They are ready to snatch the Innate spirit mine from them.

On a reef in the distance, a dozen wild people gathered together, quietly observing Ou Shaotian and the others who hunted the chaotic ominous beast by the sea.

"Everyone, it was those people who robbed us of our Innate spirit mine last time, but this team is a bit strange. They are headed by two Human Races."

I saw only one of them. The young madman said aloud.

"What the hell that many are doing, anyway, just kill them directly and just grab the things from them!"

Another middle-aged madman said aloud.

"Yes, just kill them all. As long as we move fast enough, even if Tsing Yiwei comes over, we won't be able to save them!"

Another person said aloud.

Although there are Tsing Yi Guards patrolling on Resource Island, as long as they are not in the camp, Tsing Yi Guards cannot intervene in their private affairs. At most, they will stop them.

So as long as they move fast enough to kill people before Tsing Yi Guards appears, Tsing Yi Guards can do nothing.

I have to say that they think beautifully.

"It's done!"

Soon, after making a decision, they walked directly to Ou Shaotian and the others.

Ou Shaotian found out as soon as they approached.


Without hesitation, Ou Shaotian immediately assembled the team.

The seaside is extremely empty. Although there are stones, it is not high. The wild madmen and the others did not want to approach quietly, but rushed in grandiosely.

"Ou Shaotian, go to hell!"

The headed wild madman Kuang Zhengtai rushed towards Ou Shaotian with his two-handed sword.

As soon as he approached, he directly activated the violent bloodline, and the whole body was suddenly raised by half, and the imposing manner became terrifying matchless.

Under the rush, one step more than ten meters.


I saw Kuang Zhengtai jump up, appearing above Ou Shaotian and the others, the big sword slashed straight down at Ou Shaotian.

"get lost!"

Ou Shaotian suddenly catapulted up, the second shot came first, and he kicked Kuang Zhengtai's stomach.

Kuang Zhengtai, who held the big sword high before it had time to cut it down, was kicked into a bow by this foot, flew high into the sky, and disappeared from the sight of everyone.

Coming fast, flying faster.

"Damn, your lord's kick is so strong, this strength is too terrifying!"

Immemorial Evergreen lifts the head, squinting, vaguely sees a silhouette moving quickly !


The silhouette broke out with a terrifying scream.

Those charging wild mads also stopped involuntarily, looked up to the sky, watching the silhouette flying up to the sky, and then descending from the sky.



A big hole was directly smashed out of the ground.

In the Chaos Sea, it is impossible to fly before Paradise Realm, so Kuang Zhengtai is so embarrassed.

"Captain, are you okay?"

The group rushed to him and asked worriedly.

"pei pei pei, you fools, why didn't you catch me just now?"

Kuang Zhengtai climbed out of the humanoid pit and said angrily.

"Captain, none of us reacted!"

Someone is weak.

Obviously, they were all too surprised.

I never thought that their incomparable Captain would be kicked to the sky. Everyone was surprised. How could I even think of picking them up?

"hmph, a bunch of trash, keep up!"

Kuang Zhengtai said in an angry way.

Then he turned his head and looked towards Ou Shaotian and the others, shouting loudly: "Ou Shaotian, I was careless just now, we will fight again, this time I must kill you!"


Along with loudly shouted, everyone from the wild mad race rushed to Ou Shaotian and the others again.

At this time they are just several hundred meters apart, in a flash, and they have rushed to Ou Shaotian and the others.

The war broke out instantly.

"Changqing, come on, kill them all!"

Ou Shaotian waved his hand and said.


Immemorial Changqing and the others responded in unison, and then rushed out.

Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er did not intend to make a move.

Just watching.

Through Ou Shaotian's guidance, Immemorial and the others' battle strength is extraordinary. Not only did they learn the great divine ability, but they were also very mellow.

There are almost no shortcomings.

Moonblade Slash and Streamer Escape are both high level divine ability, and Ancient Era's renowned divine ability, after the radar optimization and improvement, not to mention the formidable power.

Among them, Immemorial Changqing played the best, almost cultivation to Great Accomplishment level.

When he saw the light flashed, he had already appeared in front of Kuang Zhengtai. The Spirit Treasure sword in his hand directly activated the divine ability Moon Blade Slash, and a sword slashed Kuang Zhengtai's body.

"Good come!"

Kuang Zhengtai is also a militant.

Seeing Immemorial evergreen rushing forward, the fighting intent broke out.

The two sides fought fiercely in an instant.

The others were similar, and the two sides quickly fought together.

However, these wild mad races soon discovered that their speed was too slow, and their attacks were like reckless men, unable to hit people at all.

Immemorial is evergreen and the others are extremely flexible, and the streamer escapes, and the speed is extremely fast.

Those savage wild races only get beaten.

After a short time, all of them are already in jeopardy, and the injuries are serious.

"Damn, why are you so strong?"

Kuang Zhengtai struggled to resist the evergreen attack of Immemorial, and said angrily.

"hahaha, are you scared, dare to hit our idea and send you to hell!"

Immemorial laughed heartily, evergreen.

"Hurry up and stop, our wild clan is the top 100 clan among the ten thousand clan, are you not afraid of being annihilated?"

Kuang Zhengtai saw casualties among his men, Suddenly anxious.

At this time, a dozen of his subordinates have been killed, and the others are all hanging out. It seems that it will be a matter of time before they are killed.

"Oh, I have the ability to kill my Ancient Race, and see if your mad race can do it?"

Immemorial Evergreen said with a sneer.

The Immemorial clan is once again called the Ancient Race, which is the Peak clan that existed in Ancient Era, and it can be ranked among the top ten existences in the ten thousand clan rankings.

On the basis of a trifling, I dare to speak arrogantly. It’s not enough!

"Go to hell!"

Immemorial Changqing loudly shouted again, and suddenly made the strongest blow of Moon Blade Slash.

The acquired Spirit Treasure in the hand is also at its extreme, dazzling fluorescence erupts from the long sword, and then strikes on Kuang Zhengtai's body.


Kuang Zhengtai's violent divine ability also broke out instantly.

But not enough.

He doesn't have Spirit Treasure in his hands. Just a ninth rank treasure is simply not enough to resist the evergreen attack of Immemorial.


After the violent collision, ka-cha made a sound and the weapon in his hand broke.

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