Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 613

After Kuang Zhengtai's weapon was cut off, he was not even Immemorial's opponent.

His speed is not as fast as Immemorial Evergreen, and he can't dodge even if he wants to dodge. Facing the acquired Spirit Treasure's attack, he can only resist, but he can't hold it at all.


Immemorial Changqing loudly shouted, long sword slashed down at Kuang Zhengtai's forehead.

"No, you can't kill me..."

Before Kuang Zhengtai could finish his words, Immemorial's evergreen long sword had already slashed on his forehead.

Ka-cha sounded.

The whole person was split apart, Soul Spirit turned into a mad bear and escaped.

However, before he could escape, he was split apart by the sword of Immemorial Evergreen.

After losing the fleshy body, Soul Spirit is rootless duckweed, which can easily be killed.


All the mad races who have been killed are dead and cannot die anymore, none of them will fall.

At this time, Ou Shaotian also said: "Tsing Yiwei is coming, hurry up!"


Immemorial Changqing and the others nodded.

I quickly cleaned up the spoils of war, and all the corpses were packed into a special space equipment for storing alien corpses, and then the traces were cleaned up.

These corpses are naturally eaten up by the little vines.

The alien corpse of Divine Ability Realm, for the little vine, is an item of great nourishment, it can't be wasted.


Not long after the battle was over, Tsing Yiwei rushed over. Originally wanted to come over and inquire about it, but after seeing Ou Shaotian, he respectfully saluted Up.

"I have seen Master Ou!"


Ou Shaotian nodded.

"My lord, we are patrolling in the vicinity. If there is any need, please call us at any time. We must come and support immediately!"

The leader of Tsing Yi Captain said aloud.


Ou Shaotian nodded.

Then this team of Tsing Yi guards left.

They are not completely undiscovered, some traces of fighting are still there, but they did not ask much, because they are not qualified to ask.

So simply choose not to know.


After annihilating the mad people, no one will bother you in the next time. Ou Shaotian and the others are also happy to hunt down the ominous beast on the seashore. .

Radar scanning, any chaotic ominous beast has nowhere to hide, so he can easily find it.

Unconsciously, it was evening.

Immemorial Evergreen and the others are still hunting, but Ou Shaotian is pulling Yun Duo'er to prepare dinner.

Mainly barbecue and great cauldron stew.

It didn't take long for the alluring fragrance to diffuse, and people couldn't help but drooling.

The other teams nearby, as well as the Tsing Yi Guards patrolling nearby, were all attracted by the fragrance, and couldn't help but follow the fragrance to find the past.

"It smells so good, look for it and see where it came from?"


Each squad looked for the fragrance, and directly found Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er who were preparing food.

The first to come was a squad from Spirit Race. Spirit Race Captain led a few teammates, approached generously, and made a sound while still far away.

"Are you making good food, can we taste it together?"

"The visitor is a guest, of course!"

"Then many thanks!"

After the team approached, they sat down on the rock next to them and waited.

After a while.

Another team came, this time a team of Tsing Yi guards, it was the same team of Tsing Yi guards that they met during the day.

"Master Ou, are you cooking food?"

The leader of Tsing Yi Captain also asked aloud.

"Yes, since it's here, let's taste it together, but wait a moment!"

Ou Shaotian smiled.

"many thanks!"

Tsing Yi Captain thanked him.

Then he took his teammates and sat down on a rock.

It didn't take long for a few more teams to come.

Ou Shaotian kept the idea that the visitor was a guest. Anyway, the great cauldron cooks a lot, and it’s okay for everyone to eat together, just because there are more people.

But everyone did not watch.

Great cauldron, they couldn't intervene in the stew, but when barbecued, everyone did it together.

One by one squad took out the grill, took out the chaotic ominous beast, and began to cut out pieces of meat for grilling, only with the seasoning provided by Ou Shaotian.

Immemorial Evergreen and the others stopped hunting and came back to help.

After all, they are the host at this moment.

The others are all guests.

It didn't take long for everyone to eat on the shore.

"It's delicious. After applying this spice, the roasted meat tastes so fragrant. I have never had such a delicious roasted meat before. It is really delicious on earth!"

Only I saw a Spirit Race young man eating while sighing.

"It's really delicious, and I don't know what kind of spices Master Ou uses. This taste is really amazing!"

Another Tu nationality youth also said aloud .

"Master Ou, can you sell this spice? I want to buy some!"

Someone asked aloud.

"This is easy to say, everyone eat meat first, if you want spices, you can ask me to buy it later!"

Ou Shaotian said loudly.

"many thanks Master Ou!"

People who want spices thanked.


When everyone was eating, the sea not far away was not calm, and a group of water rats were constantly approaching the shore, preparing to board the island.

Behind the water rat, there is also a top treasure ship with the mark of skeletons.

"Ding, please note that there are a large number of chaotic ominous beasts approaching!"

Ou Shaotian, who was drinking soup, suddenly lifts the head, looking towards the beach, and soon became solemn Look.

The surprising number of water rats and the mysterious boats that follow closely from behind made Ou Shaotian realize that this is the resource island.

Ou Shaotian immediately asked Captain of Tsing Yi who was eating and drinking next to him: "Have you ever seen a flying boat full of black with a skull printed on it?"

" Ah..."

Captain cry out in surprise in Tsing Yi, the bowl in his hand was almost unsteady.

"That is a pirate ship. If it is found at sea, it is best to avoid it far away. This kind of guy who dares to rob at sea basically has Rank 11 in town."

Tsing Yi Captain said solemnly.

"Uh...I have a Spirit Pet in the sea and I found a ship like this approaching us. There are densely packed water rats in front of the ship."

Ou Shaotian didn't hesitate and spoke directly.

"What, are you sure?"

Tsing Yi Captain stood up with a whistle and solemnly asked.

"100% sure, according to their speed, at most ten minutes, they will go ashore from here!"

Ou Shaotian nodded said.

"Damn it!"

Captain Tsing Yi cursed, he hurriedly stood up, and then took out a signal flare, which sounded directly.

The highest level alarm was issued.

After that, he just said: "The pirates are coming, everyone quickly clean up and go back to the camp."


Just now Everyone heard the conversation.

As for Ou Shaotian's words, naturally everyone would not doubt it, and immediately began to pack things up.

Ou Shaotian covered the great cauldron and put it away, followed by the barbecue grill. As for the unbaked barbecue, it was temporarily stored, while the one that was cooked was taken by one person.

Walk while eating!

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