Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 614

Not only Ou Shaotian and the others, other teams on the beach also rushed from all directions to the camp, and drove back to the camp as quickly as possible.

The experts in the camp are also moving.

See what's going on.


Ou Shaotian and the others also rushed back to the camp, and Tsing Yi Captain also reported immediately.

When everyone heard that the pirates were coming, they didn't dare to care anymore, and they were immediately ready to fight.

The camp guard is a Rank 11 Peak expert, who happens to be a member of the Immemorial clan. His name is Immemorial Sunstar, and he is a robust man who looks burly.

I saw the Immemorial Sunstar come to the entrance of the camp, said solemnly: "Guard the gate, I'll go out and take a look!"


The surrounding guards replied in a deep voice.

Then the Immemorial sun star body disappeared in place and hurried towards the shore.

After a short while, he came back.

Obviously, he has determined the truth of the matter. The pirate has really come, and he is also a well-known water rat pirate.

His look is also a lot more solemn.

"This is a tough battle, let everyone be prepared, this time must let the water rat pirates come back and forth!"

After the Immemorial sun star returns, immediately summoned High-level camp meeting.

Ou Shaotian was also invited.

His status is not low in the alliance, plus he was the first to discover the water rat pirate group, Immemorial Sunstar will naturally not ignore his existence.

"My lord, do you know how many pirates there are?"

Someone asked.

"According to my inspection, there should be tens of thousands of water rats, and there is a pirate ship, which is a top treasure ship, and there should be about two thousand people on it."

Immemorial Day Xing said aloud.

He was observing in secret before, and he didn't dare to get too close, so he could only analyze it roughly.

It's not easy to say specifically.

However, Ou Shaotian is slightly nodded, because he has been monitoring the pirate group with radar, so the situation of the pirates is the most clear.

Similar to what Immemorial Sun said.

"Now let me talk about combat missions. Because the opponent controls a large number of water squirrels, our manpower is not enough, so we must gather the mining cultivator."

" A Tsing Yi Captain with a hundred people, guarding every position, as far as possible to kill the offensive water rat, as for the expert of the pirate regiment, I will deal with it!"


Soon, Immemorial Sunstar arranged the task, and then everyone took action.

The cultivators for mining in the mine are also organized and scattered on the fence around the camp to assist the Tsing Yi guards, all of whom are ready for battle.

At the same time.

A large number of water squirrels on the beach have also come ashore, rushing directly to the camp in the middle of the resource island, densely packed, the number is astonishing.

Each is the size of a wolfdog. Although its legs are short, it runs very fast.

He soon appeared in front of the camp.

Ou Shaotian also locked one to check the data.

[Name]: Water Mouse

[Level]: First Rank

[Quality]: Normal

[attribute]: Water, soil

[Remarks]: Amphibious chaos ominous beast, belonging to the social genus ominous beast, wins by number in battle...

Basically, it is a Rank 2 chaotic ominous beast.

The strength is not strong.

But as the remarks said, there are too many.

There is a saying that ants often kill elephants. This is not nothing serious. The water rat hiding the sky and covering the earth comes forward. Even the Rank 11 expert must have a strategic withdrawal.

Fortunately, this is a stone island. The surrounding walls of the camp are made of hard ore, which is very strong.


Not long after, the water rat hiding the sky and covering the earth appeared one kilometer away from the wall and stopped.

Then the pirates appeared.

The leader of the water rat pirate regiment flew up in the sky and came to the gate of the camp, holding a delicate mice in his arms.

That is the Mouse King.

Beside the leader of the pirate group, there is also a person following him, who also exists in Rank 11.

Because in Chaos Sea, only Rank 11 can fly.

"The two Rank 11 players seem to be a tough battle!"

Immemorial sun star murmured, then flew up into the sky and came to the other side.

I saw the head of the pirate group faintly said: "Immemorial Sunstar, the mine guardian, yes, I am Mao Kazuki, the head of the water rat pirate group."

"Well, it's the Immemorial Sun Star below. I don't know if the Mao Tuan is here, what's the so-called?"

Immemorial Sun Star asked aloud.

"I heard that the Alliance No. 1 Resource Island is rich in Innate Spirit Mine, so I came to ask for some. As long as you send ten tons of Innate Spirit Mine, I will immediately take people back!"

"Sorry, our alliance's mine island does not have that many Innate spirit mines, and our mining cultivator turns in ordinary chaotic ores!"

"I know, you don't have that, but Those mining cultivators have them, as long as they are willing to hand them over, the same!"

"The sorry, we don’t know who has Innate spirit mines on them, and even if we know, it’s impossible to force them Come out, come if you want to grab it!"

"If that's the case, don't blame me!"

Mao Kazuki, the leader of the water rat pirate group, waved his hand, The squirrel rat immediately launched an attack, dispersed and rushed towards the city wall.

Some even dig directly into the ground.


Immemorial Sunstar did not talk nonsense, and launched an attack directly.

Faced with the two experts of Rank 11, they did not fear at all, and directly attacked and fought with the two. The three became a ball in the air.

"bang bang bang!"

On the fence of the camp, a series of Hunyuan cannons also launched an attack.

One after another Hunyuan projectile shot out.

These mixed-element cannons are not simple, they use Chaos Spirit Crystal, their attack power is even stronger, each mixed-element bullet has been extremely compressed, and the formidable power is amazing.

Ordinary Divine Ability will be severely wounded if you get a shot.

I saw the shells fall in the middle of the rat group, and the charging water rat was in a mess.

However, although the formidable power of these mixed bombs is very strong, the best thing about the ominous beast is defense, so even if it is hit, it is only injured.

"bang bang bang!"

Dense mixed bombs are constantly falling in the middle of the rats.

One shell is not dead, and there is a second one.

The second shell is undead, and there is a third shell.

One shot after another.

Many water squirrels died on the way to the charge, but most of them died in First Rank, and Rank 2 was rare.


Not long after, the water rat rushed to the fence.

The war broke out.

The cultivators on the fence launched attacks one after another, and the sword intent roared out, constantly attacking the water rat climbing the fence.

However, there are too many squirrels.

In just a few moments, a water rat rushed onto the wall.

"Be careful, everyone!"

Ou Shaotian brought Immemorial and the others to the fence. After a warning, he was killed with a divine blood knife.

He also heard the conversation at high altitude just now.

This water rat pirate group is probably for him.

The reason is very simple. When he was mining, he dug out the Innate Spirit Mine one after another. The news must have spread, which attracted the pirate group.


Immemorial is evergreen and the others complied, also closely behind Ou Shaotian.

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