Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 615

Although it is only a guess, Ou Shaotian has basically been certain that the opponent is most likely to be directed at him, so naturally he will do his best.

After boarding the fence, he took out the small vine summon.

Throw the small vine directly into the group of rats below, and at the same time fly down, and slam into the group of rats with a divine blood knife.

The Soul Spirit starry sky mysterious tortoise turns into a Profound Turtle Battle Armor, covering the whole body. The defensive power is super strong, so there is no need to worry about the water rat's attack. The divine blood knife in your hand is no stronghold one cannot overcome.

Directly kill the enemy with the attack of the water rat, kill as many as you come!

All those who approached him were killed.


After seeing Ou Shaotian jump into the rat group, many boldness of execution stems from superb skill on the fence also jumped off.

Immemorial Changqing and the others did not jump down, but followed Yun Duo'er. Their task was to protect the safety of Yun Duo'er, and Yun Duo'er did!

I saw her standing on the fence with her hands constantly pointing and drawing pictures!

It is precisely to control the continuous attacks of the double swords.

Yin and yang double swords, formidable power is unparalleled, even the miner-eater can't stop her Flying Sword's attack, let alone these water rats!

Although the double swords are only Level 9 treasures, the Yin and Yang Spirit Sword fish are attached to the double swords, allowing the double swords to exert formidable power far beyond the acquired Spirit Treasure.

Even enough to compare with Innate Spirit Sword.

Her double swords are like two streams of light, constantly shuttled among the squirrels, shooting and killing every squirrel.

And very precise.

Flying Sword almost always enters from the left ear and out of the right ear of the water rat, piercing through the entire head.

Neither First Rank nor Rank 2 can hold her a sword.

But the most powerful thing is the little vine.

After landing, it turned into an incomparable gigantic vine plant. The vines of several hundred meters were wrapped around, and each water rat was strangled.

As long as it is entangled and swallowed divine ability is used, it can be killed instantly.

After they took action, the pressure on the fence was suddenly reduced, and there were fewer and fewer water rats that could rush on the fence.

"Kill them all, kill these stinky mice!"

After the water squirrel on the fence decreased, other people also killed them one after another.

Only some long-range attackers, such as archers and the like, still stayed on the fence and shot, and the others were all killed by the rats.

While killing, he cleaned up the body of the water rat.

Although this water rat is a rat, its meat is delicious and it is also edible.


Behind the water rat group, there is a large group of pirates.

The number of these pirates is about two thousand, each of them looks vicious, but without the order of the pirate king Mao Kazuki, they did not launch an attack.

"What should we do, do we have to take action? The boss's water rat is not good at attacking. If we don't take action, those water rat will be killed!"

The bearded pirate said aloud.

Although it is said that the water rat breeds very fast, it is not easy to cultivate above Rank 2. These tens of thousands of water rat are also cultivated after a long time.

"The boss does not give an offensive order, let's not move, the water rat was killed, at the worst, the brothers are re-bred, but the brothers are dead and one less!"

Someone shakes Shook his head.

Their water rat pirate group is now more than two thousand people, secretly occupying an island, only a small number of people stay behind.

They dispatched two thousand people this time.

Compared with the huge group of rats, they are too few.

No matter how many rats die, as long as the Mouse King is still there, as long as their head is still there, more water rats can be cultivated.

But it is difficult for their staff to increase.

If you die, one is less.


Someone said angrily.

At the same time, high above the sky, the pirate king Mao Kazuki who was fighting also discovered the defeat below, and he was hesitant to launch a full attack.

However, after thinking of the offense, both sides suffer at most, and he finally chose to give up.


I saw him retreat Immemorial Sunstar with one move, said solemnly: "Immemorial Sunstar, there are two times, this time even if you are lucky, next time we will Fight!"

Then he flew back to the pirate group with the deputy commander of the pirate group, and at the same time gave the order to retreat.

The densely packed group of rats began to retreat.

Seeing this scene, everyone on the fence was also excited.

I won.

They won.

Soon, the battle is over.

do not chase after cornered enemy.

After all, there are two Rank 11 players in the pirate group. If the Immemorial Sunstar is not strong enough to be able to beat two, I am afraid they will be the one who is unlucky.

Now it’s alright, the existence of the two Rank 11 has been dragged down, and the battle below is also a full victory because of the existence of Ou Shaotian and the others.

However, the number of injured people is no longer a minority.

After the battle, Ou Shaotian was also busy rescuing the wounded, constantly displaying the All Living Things to Recover divine ability.

"Master Ou, thanks to you just now, otherwise, this battle might not end so soon!"

After the battle, Immemorial Sun Star also came to Ou Shaotian's side, thankful.

"You are welcome, they are all serving in the league, it is okay to help each other!"

Ou Shaotian said politely.

The All Living Things to Recover divine ability was also being used to heal the injured members of Tsing Yi Wei while speaking.

"As expected to be Master Ou, your support ability is really too strong. Not only can you develop a spirit farm, but it is also the highest to treat the wounded. You have to take it!"

Immemorial Sunstar Can't help but sigh.

"Just good at Wood Element divine ability!"

Ou Shaotian faintly smiled and said.

"It’s not just that simple, but it’s ridiculous! I won’t bother you to treat the wounded. If you need anything in the future, please feel free to call me."

Immemorial Day Xing left after speaking.

The war has just ended, what else does he have to do.

The most important thing is to determine whether the water rat pirate group has really retreated.


time quietly pass.

Unconsciously, another few days passed.

Four days have passed since the invasion of the pirate group, the Alliance also sent an expert, and sent two Rank 11 Paradise Realm presence.

If the water rat pirate group dares to come again, it is estimated that there will be no return.

And Ou Shaotian and the others finally waited for the ship to return to Chaos Island and successfully boarded the ship.

Along with the ships slowly leaving the island, they embarked on their way home.

Starting in the morning, Ou Shaotian and the others returned to Chaos Island in the afternoon.

There are many other people who come back.

"Finally come back, let's go, let's go back to the small courtyard and rest for a few days!"

Ou Shaotian led everyone to the port of Chaos Island and was also sighed in relief.

"Walk around, hurry back!"

Immemorial and the others are also excited.

Half an hour later, they once again returned to the small courtyard at No. 9 East Street, which had been gone for a long time.

"I'm home, disband freely, free to move around!"

After returning to the yard, Ou Shaotian announced directly.

"Oh, long live freedom!"

Immemorial and the others cheered.

After that, they went out to play one by one.

After spending so long on Stone Island, they have long been bored.

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