Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 616

After returning to Chaos Island, Ou Shaotian and the others rested for a week.

During this period, Ou Shaotian also upgraded the Fishing Boat Avatar, raising the Fishing Boat Avatar to the third-rate acquired Spirit Treasure level, and its power surged.

After the upgrade, the Fishing Boat Avatar can already fly in the chaotic sea and dive.

He just didn't dare to fly, after all, it was too eye-catching.

Submerging is possible.

There are not many people who dare to dive in the Chaos Sea and it is not easy to be exposed.

The new data of Fishing Boat Avatar is also quite amazing.

Avatar: Spirit Treasure flying boat

Level: acquired three streams

Speed: 3000ms

Armor: Innate spirit mine as the main body, ignore Divine Ability Realm’s attack

Main artillery: ten mixed-element cannons, effective range of 10,000 meters, compressed one mixed-element ammunition every three seconds

Secondary artillery: two hundred armor piercing God Extinguishing Bow

Radar: scans three ten thousand li in a radius, investigates all things information, consumes Spiritual Qi, and deduces the cultivation technique

fish cabin: door world

Carrying: Twenty ninth rank mechanical puppets

Possession: can be turned into a mark, attached to the body

Diving: seabed sailing, speed increased by 100%

Appearance: The main body is made of Innate spirit mine, the whole body is dark golden, 380 meters long, 72 meters wide, 6-Layer up and down, there is a 15-meter-long Hunyuan collision angle in front, and the hull is full of mysterious Dao Mark

Upgrade: Need a cultivation base to reach Rank 11

The data after being promoted to Spirit Treasure is so gorgeous, it’s just a big leap.

The original speed of 800 meters per second has increased to three kilometers per second, and the speed of seabed submarine has doubled, which is simply outrageous.

Spiritual Qi gun was also upgraded to Hunyuan gun, with a range of 10,000 meters, but its lethality was more than tenfold.

The number of armor piercing God Extinguishing Bow remains unchanged, and the main increase is also the attack power.

The range of radar scanning has also been expanded. It used to scan a radius of one ten thousand li, but now it has been increased to three ten thousand li, making treasure hunting more convenient.

The size of the entire flying boat has not changed much.

This upgrade is mainly a material upgrade. It is an internal leap. The shape is still the previous shape, but the color has changed from purple-golden to dark-golden.

More calm atmosphere.

After the Fishing Boat Avatar is upgraded, Ou Shaotian's next plan is also about to begin.

Next, his plan is to go out into the waves and look for the unowned islands, but also to explore the seabed and obtain some precious resources from the seabed.

Eight o'clock in the evening.

East Street Bar!

Ou Shaotian and the others sat at a table in the corner, tasting wine, and admiring the pure fighting on the middle ring.

"My lord, this place is not bad. We only discovered it two days ago. It is very interesting while drinking and watching others fight!"

Immemorial Changqing said aloud .

"It's so so, the strength is a little worse, nothing to look at!"

Ou Shaotian shook his head.

He can see through the fighting parties on the ring at a glance, and there is no suspense in his eyes about the outcome.

Of course!

This kind of competition is also likely to be manipulated.

But even if he is manipulated, he can see through the opponent's psychology through the eyes of the radar, and he can also determine whether he wins or loses, so he feels boring.

"Well, my lord, your vision is too strong!"

Immemorial Changqing said helplessly.


They have long understood the power of Ou Shaotian. Compared with eyesight, there is no one at all. Even the Shang clan who is famous for eyesight will be willing to stand down.

You must know that the Shang clan is all cultivated with divine ability, known as Golden Fire Eyes.

But the last time I competed with Nalan Yiqun, it has been proved.

Ou Shaotian's eyesight is even stronger.

"Tomorrow we will go to sea, you are all ready, then we estimate to stay in the sea for a long time, you don't lose the chain!"

Ou Shaotian said Said.

"Don't worry, my lord, we are all ready, fishing rods and the like are already bought!"

Immemorial Changqing nodded said.

"That's good, our next task is to find an unowned resource island, and explore seabed at the same time, I believe that the resources in seabed will not let us down!"

Ou Shaotian faintly smiled and said.

"Well, my lord, rest assured, we will find the resource island!"

Immemorial Changqing nodded said.

Ou Shaotian did not say any more, time passed quietly among a few people drinking!


2nd day morning.

Seven o'clock.

Ou Shaotian led everyone to the port, and after letting out the Fishing Boat Avatar, he led everyone on the deck.

Immemorial is evergreen and the others have been stunned.

This world.

There is no one who dislikes flying boats.

A powerful flying boat can be said to be the favorite of all men.

"Wow, my lord, I feel that your flying boat is different again. I feel really strong. The top treasure boats of the previous alliance seem to be inferior to this one!"

Immemorial exclaimed Evergreen.

One round trip to Stone Island, they rode the top treasure boat of the alliance twice, but in a sense, the top treasure boat is completely inferior to the Fishing Boat Avatar.

This is also normal.

Because the current Fishing Boat Avatar is already Spirit Treasure Level, even if it is only the third-rate acquired Spirit Treasure, it is not comparable to the trifling treasure boat.

Too much strong.

"hahaha, it's okay!"

Ou Shaotian laughed, and then he controlled the flying boat to speed up slowly.

I soon moved away from Chaos Island.

After standing on the deck and seeing Chaos Island, Ou Shaotian said: "Everyone, get ready, we are about to start diving."

Then Fishing Boat The Avatar plunged into the water and started seabed diving.

Fishing Boat Avatar's speed is very fast, the underwater speed doubles, and the fastest can reach six kilometers per second.

Although Ou Shaotian did not drive as fast as possible, it was still at four to five kilometers per second, which was about ten times faster than the previous Alliance Boat.

Although the direction of advancement is not Stone Island, Stone Island is also on the side of his chosen route.

The distance is not very far.

The scanning range of the radar is three ten thousand li, so it didn't take long for the stone island to appear in the radar scanning range of Ou Shaotian.

After upgrading.

The scanning range of the radar is not only larger, but the scanning ability is also stronger, and at the same time it is more concealed. Scanning the past generously, the expert of Rank 11 can't find it.

It was just this sweep, but an unexpected character was found in the mine of Stone Island.

That is Mao Kazuki, the head of the water rat pirate group.

At this time, Mao Kazuki has changed his appearance, mixed with a cultivator team as a miner, secretly using his own means of mouse control.

Conquer the miner-eater in the mine.

"Interesting, is this going to attack from the inside?"

Ou Shaotian couldn't help being whispered.

Fishing Boat Avatar equivalent to his other body, scanned by radar, is actually similar to what he saw with his own eyes.


Mao Yishu dignified a pirate king, naturally impossible to enter the mine.

After he takes control of the miner-eater in the mine, he will definitely attack again, and this time it should be an inside and outside attack!

I have to say that the success rate of the other party doing this is very large.

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