Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 618

The pirate king Mao Kazuki was not an ink man. After he controlled all the miner-eaters in the mine, he informed his men and started to act.

On this night, the water rat pirate group launched another attack.

The densely packed water rat landed on the island again, and the top treasure boat with the skull mark also appeared on the beach, and more than two thousand pirates followed the water rat.

The alarm sounded again soon.

All the guards and mining cultivators were once again assembled and stationed on the fence of the camp.

Naturally there is no one in the mine.

No way.

To be precise, only the pirate king Mao Kazuki was left in the mine.

"Immemorial Sun Star, this time I will level this island and see how you can do it!"

Mao Yishu gathers the group of miner-eating rats while whispered.

The war broke out soon.

This time, after the water rat pirate group came ashore, it immediately launched a full-scale attack, including the members of the pirate group, all mixed in the water rat and charged together.

On the fence of the camp, Tsing Yiwei and the cultivators of Great Influence also fought back with all their strength.

"Kill, kill these damn mice!"

The fence.

Many people kill and drink at the same time.

Just when the two sides were fighting together, in the rear mine cave, the pirate king Mao Kazuki took action and killed more than 5,000 miner-eating mice.

"hahaha, the little bastard of the alliance, get ready to die!"

Mao Kazuki commanded the miner-eater to launch a charge, and he was laughed heartily, announcing his arrival .

The purpose of his doing this is to destroy the morale of everyone.

"Damn it, it's the miner-eater, he controlled the miner-eater!"

Many people exclaimed.

Looking at the group of miner-eating rats rushing over, it caused a great chaos. Many people were not knowing what to do, full of panic, and began to suffer casualties.

Morale plummeted.

"Inside and outside, we are done!"

Many guards showed desperate looks.

At this moment, the Immemorial sun star flew out with Ou Shaotian and landed on the opposite side of the pirate king Mao Kazuki.

"Mao Kazuki, I didn't think you would dare to come. Today is the island break, I will kill you too!"

Immemorial sun star said solemnly.

"hahaha, just rely on you, don't think about it!"

Mao Kazuki laughed heartily.

At this time, he has put on the mask again, except for Ou Shaotian, no one knows who he is, let alone his race.

Just when Mao Kazuki was attracted by the Immemorial sun star, two people behind him launched an attack, one on the left and one on the right, and the shot was a full strength attack.

Mao Yishu was originally very alert.

But after seeing the Immemorial Sun Star, his mind was relieved, and most of his mind was also concentrated on the Immemorial Sun Star.

I never thought that someone would attack from behind.


Two divine ability attacks hit his back at the same time.


Mao Kazuki looked terrified, and while screaming, he chose to escape without the slightest hesitation.

He knows.

This is an ambush.

"Where to run!"

Seven experts of Rank 11 chased out four, and the rest was to help clean up the miner-eating rats.

It's rare that these miner-eaters have come out, but you can't let them hide again.

"Everyone kills me, kill these miner-eating rats, so you don't have to be afraid of being attacked by sneak attacks in the future!"

Immemorial Sunstar shouted loudly.

The shot is not slow, and a divine ability attack can kill several.


Ou Shaotian was also loudly shouted, holding a divine blood knife, and slammed into the group of rats.

The Soul Spirit starry sky mysterious tortoise transforms into a Profound Turtle Battle Armor, covering the whole body, completely not afraid of attack, after rushing into the rat group, one sword is taken, it is easy and fast to kill.

Unfortunately, the small vine is placed on the Fishing Boat Avatar side, otherwise it will be released and killed faster.

However, with a few Rank 11 shots, thousands of miner-eaters were not enough to kill, and none of them ran away. After a while, they were all killed.

"hahaha, it’s so cool, Lord Gu is so awesome, we won!"

"Yeah, I didn’t expect too much Lord Gu to be prepared."

"Don't relax so fast, there are pirate groups outside, they are going to run away, chase them, kill them all!"

"Yes, kill all the pirates, don't let them run away! "


Soon, everyone rushed out again.

Ou Shaotian used radar to always target the pirate king Mao Kazuki and several high-level pirates, as long as any one of them fled back to the station.

It's OK.

The battle on the island will soon end, and the rest is chasing.

This kind of battle, to put it bluntly, is determined by the high-end battle strength. When Mao Yishu was defeated and fled, the end of the war was already doomed.

After chasing to the beach, Ou Shaotian also bid farewell to Immemorial Sunstar.

Then I found a place where no one was there, thoughts move, and teleported back to the Fishing Boat Avatar.

After the Fishing Boat Avatar is upgraded to the acquired Spirit Treasure, it has been able to open the space barrier of the Chaos Sea and start teleporting again.

"Brother Shaotian, you are back!"

When Ou Shaotian appeared, Yun Duo'er said with joy.

"Well, everyone is okay!"

Ou Shaotian faintly smiled and said.

"We are all fine!"

Yun Duo'er and the others said happily.

"That's fine, then we are to follow the pirate ship and find their base!"

Ou Shaotian said aloud.

The pirate king Mao Kazuki is now being chased by four Rank 11 players. It is estimated that he will not be able to escape. The same is true for another weak pirate regiment.

This attack has caused heavy casualties to these pirates.

There were fewer than a hundred people who escaped on the pirate ship, most of them died in the war just now.

The most important thing is.

The water-haired Mouse King was also killed.

The remaining water rats also fled into the sea and fled in all directions.

The entire water rat pirate group can be said to be finished.

"Very good, if we find their base island, then we will snatch him!"

Immemorial said in excitement, everlasting.

"Now the pirate group is basically destroyed. It should be very simple to seize the island. The only problem is that there are people behind the pirate group!"

Ou Shaotian knows very well. .

The pirate king Mao Yishu is a desert clan, and he is also good at the divine ability of the beast of the desert clan. He can control water rat and miner-eating rat, which is obviously not an ordinary clansman.

It is absolutely impossible to say that Mao Yishu has no connection with the Huangzu.

Maybe he is the white glove that the Desolate Race deliberately photographed as a pirate, specifically plundering resources for the Desolate Race.

"What should we do, can we still grab their island?"

Immemorial Changqing was a little dumbfounded.

They don't even have a Rank 11 now.

If the opponent is really deserted, then it's really hard to deal with.

"Don't worry, we rob the pirate regiment to represent justice. Even if the desert tribe wants to take action, there is no reason. Don't forget that we also have Immemorial cult behind us."

Ou Shaotian is very calm.

There is no reason even if the desert clan wants to send an expert to retake it.

Even if you hide your identity, it’s useless. After the island is exposed, even if you pretend to be a pirate and hide back, you will still be taken back by the Immemorial Cult just and honorable.

Moreover, most of the Rank 11 experts are familiar with each other. If their identities are exposed, the Huangzu might not be easy to explain.

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