Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 619

It’s too early to say this. After all, the pirate regiment’s station has not been found. It’s just a guess if there is a station, so everyone won’t say more.

Ou Shaotian is also concentrating on controlling the Fishing Boat Avatar, and the hidden pattern is fully opened, closely following the pirate ship.

As for the pirate king Mao Kazuki and other pirate leaders.

According to radar monitoring results.

Has been killed one after another.

In other words, the senior management of the pirate group is finished.

Next, as long as they follow the pirate ship, they will be able to find each other's station.


Time quietly pass, more than half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

After leaving the stone island, the pirate ship floated to the surface and returned to the station at full speed.

The Fishing Boat Avatar has been following the seabed all the time.

"I found it. It seems that we are lucky. After this half a month, we have sailed at least hundreds of thousands of nautical miles!"

Ou Shaotian couldn't help but happily said.

Radar scanning has been fully turned on, and finally found an island on this day. It is the pirate regiment's station, and the distance is almost 30,000 nautical miles.

Just entered the scanning range of the radar.

"My lord, have you discovered the island?"

Immemorial said with excitement.

Other people also looked over, eagerly waiting.

"Yes, I have found it. Then we will speed up and land the pirate group's station first, and occupy the station first!"

While Ou Shaotian spoke, he also let The Fishing Boat Avatar began to accelerate.

The speed of the pirate ship is four to five hundred meters per second, which is too slow, even the Fishing Boat Avatar before the upgrade can't compare.

Now the Fishing Boat Avatar has been promoted to Spirit Treasure Level, the fastest speed can reach three kilometers per second, and the submerged speed has doubled, that is, six kilometers per second.

Soon it passed the pirate ship from seabed.

Begin to keep approaching the base of the pirate group.

At the same time.

Ou Shaotian also constantly collects the situation on the island through radar scanning.

According to the results of the radar scan, there are only a few relatively weak left-behind personnel on the island, less than a hundred people, and a squirrel lair.

In the water squirrel lair, there are many squirrel cubs and some female squirrels.

The pirates who stay behind are mainly feeding water rats.

What surprised Ou Shaotian was that these pirates also built a large camp, right in the middle of the island, with all kinds of facilities basically complete.

The situation on the island is also quite good.

Although the island is not particularly large, it has mountains and water, and the environment is very beautiful. If it can be developed, it will not be much worse than Chaos Island.



Fishing Boat Avatar approached the island, and everyone quietly landed from the seabed and stepped onto the land of the island.

It is night at this time.

It is just convenient for them to move.

"Come with me!"

Ou Shaotian led everyone into the camp quietly, and through the Formation loophole, broke into the great hall of the camp unimpeded all the way in.

When he came to the great hall, he quickly found the control formation eye of Formation, and then began to crack and modify it.

At this time, the main area of ​​the entire camp is shrouded by Formation.

Formation is also on, and Formation is also quite brilliant. If you change to ordinary people, I am afraid it is really not that easy to get in.

Ou Shaotian found the loopholes through radar scanning, and easily brought people in.

"That's it, let's eliminate the logistics staff who stayed behind!"

Ou Shaotian, after completing the control of the camp, directly authorizes everyone to scan and take over. Control Formation of the entire camp.

Next, just clean up the pirates behind the camp.

This invasion of the pirate king Mao Kazuki has already come out. There are no major members left on the island at all, leaving behind some weak logistics.

There are about 80 or 90 people, mainly taking care of the puppies of the water rat.

These people are all on the mountainside of the camp, where they have food and accommodation, so they are not in the camp at all.

At this time, they don't even know that their camp has been quietly occupied by Ou Shaotian and the others, and the entire island no longer belongs to them.

"Where are their logistics staff, why have they come in for so long without seeing anyone?"

Immemorial Changqing couldn’t help seeing things go so smoothly. Asked aloud.

"In the mountainside of the camp, there are more than 80 people in the mountainside of the camp. There are more than 80 people, mainly staying behind to take care of the cubs."

Ou Shaotian talked while leading them to the mountainside.


Yingzhai mountainside, in a huge cave, many people are busy.

Some people are feeding water rat pups, some are cleaning up the water rat pups, and some are fighting separately.

All these seem to be quite harmonious.

Until the arrival of Ou Shaotian and the others.

"Everyone comes out, the offenders kill without mercy, don’t want to hide, you have a total of 84 people, whoever doesn’t come out will be dead!"

Ou Shaotian led everyone directly to the mountainside and shouted directly.

"What's going on?"

The people in the mountainside suddenly panic, some not knowing what to do.

These left-behind pirates did not know the situation, and thought it was the high-level pirates who came back, and a large group of people quickly gathered together restlessly.

"Yes, they are all obedient!"

Ou Shaotian couldn't help but nodded, seeing the crowd assembled.

And he discovered that among these people, there are actually more than 30 Human Races, nearly half of them.

This can be said to be a surprise.

Others dare not say, at least these Human Races can be collected for their own use.

It is still possible to temporarily solve the problem of shortage of manpower.

"Listen to me, this is already occupied by our Immemorial Cult. As for your pirate king Mao Kazuki, don't think about it, he can't come back anymore."

"Your entire pirate group is finished, and the remaining members of the pirate group are just you, as well as more than a hundred people on the pirate ship. When they come back, they will also be dead."

" Don’t try to escape, in the vast sea, you can’t escape. As for resistance, you can try!"

Speaking of this, Ou Shaotian's gaze swept toward the crowd, his eyes divine light were terrifying .

But pirates are pirates after all. They are all ruthless characters. Soon several pirates jumped out.

I saw one of the bearded pirates shouting: "Boy, are you dreaming too much? You only trifling more than a dozen people, but we are more than 80 people."

As soon as his voice fell, everyone saw the rays of light flash by.

It was Yun Duo'er who shot.

The two swords of Yin and Yang attacked and killed the bearded pirate instantly.

Flying Sword pierced through the forehead, even Divine Soul strangled together, the burly body fell to the ground, and the dead could no longer die.

The other pirates were scared and involuntarily stepped back.

People who have the courage to stand up are naturally not simple things, they can be said to be stupid, but their strength is definitely not weak, they are the strongest among these people.

The result was a spike.

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