Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 622

Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er entered the gate world after everything on the island was arranged properly. Anyway, there are small vines guarding the island, so there is no need to worry.

I can say for sure.

The average Rank 11, even if there are ten or eight, is no match for Xiao Manteng.

Say less gossip.

Door world, in the backyard of the villa.

The little little baby is directing the Soul Spirit Chaos Youfeng to launch an attack, one after another faint Fireball moved towards the target in front of it shot out.

Ou Shaotian's specially refined target, you can let her attack.

"Not bad, the little cutie worked hard!"

Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er appeared in the backyard and saw that the little baby was working hard to cultivation, and couldn't help but nodded. .

"Pigeons, elder sister!"

Hearing Ou Shaotian's voice, the little fellow stopped immediately, and hurried towards them happily, and rushed towards them happy. Hugged Ou Shaotian.

"Yes, and quite high!"

Ou Shaotian touched the little baby's head and smiled.

For the big brother's head touching, the little fellow obviously enjoys it, like a petted animal, squinting and enjoying.

"Little, looking at your attack just now, there should be a third rank!"

Yun Duo'er said aloud.

"Yes, Xiaoyoufeng is very difficult to deal with, and the general third rank can't beat me.!"

The little baby said happily.

Because of the good foundation, and the Soul Spirit is Chaos Youfeng, the seven o'clock is very high, and it has easily reached the third rank cultivation base.

It has begun to refine!

"Well, it's good, come on, try to achieve the limit of Body Refinement, just like your big brother!"

Yun Duo'er said happily.

"Don't worry, elder sister, I will be as good as a pigeon!"

Little fellow waved his small fist and said firmly.


The little fellow is also really working hard. Although Ou Shaotian is there, she doesn’t lack anything and Foundation Establishment uses the best things, but her hard work cannot be denied.

If it is the kind that mud can't support the wall, no matter how good you give it, it's useless.

"Come on, little cutie, when your cultivation is as good as the big brother, you can help the big brother!"

Ou Shaotian touched the little fellow's head and said happily .

"Well, I will definitely!

Little fellow said happily.

The little person’s mind is actually very simple, she also wants to talk to Duo' Same as er elder sister, follow Ou Shaotian's side, help Ou Shaotian fight, help him beat the bad guys!

"Let’s go, let’s go back to the house, and big brother will make good food for you! "

Ou Shaotian is holding Yun Duo'er in one hand, and the little baby in the other, taking them back to the house and starting to make good food.

"Pigeons, I Help too! "

The little fellow said happily.

For her, the time with her big brother is the happiest.

"Okay, wait After we have cooked the food, we will call our parents again! "

Ou Shaotian was also happy.

Then the three entered the kitchen and started to dry together.

The little fellow was mainly responsible for washing the vegetables, Ou Shaotian was in charge of cutting meat and cooking, and Yun Duo'er was in charge of steaming spirit rice. The three people worked together.

After half an hour, the enticing fragrance drifted from the kitchen.

Some dishes are cooked.

Not long after.

There are more and more mixed dishes, and the taste is getting stronger and stronger. Can’t help swallowing.

Ou Shaotian also sent a message to Oufu and Oumu after the vegetables were almost fried, and asked them to come in and eat together.

The busy Ou-father O'Mum immediately put down her work and came in happily.

"Son, what good dishes have you cooked? It's so delicious! "

As soon as mother Yunxue came in, she couldn't wait to ask.

"Mom, it's all over there, just take it out! "

Ou Shaotian points to the dishes that have been cooked on the table next to the stove, and says aloud.

"Okay! "

Yunxue happily went out carrying a plate of dishes.

"Mother, I will serve the dishes too! "

The little baby who has been idle also picked up two dishes and followed behind.

It didn't take long for everyone to sit together.

Let’s eat!

After three wine tours, Ou Shaotian said: “Dad, Mom, you have to hurry up and get promoted to Divine Ability Realm. Let Fire Peak give it to others. You also go to the Chaos Sea. "

"Will Chaos Sea be too dangerous?" "

Yunxue is a little worried.

"Don't worry, Xiao Manteng has been promoted to Rank 11, and there is it, unless he encounters the existence of the 12th Rank creation realm, otherwise If there is no danger! "

"Furthermore, I also divided the entrance of a door world there. If you really encounter an invincible enemy, you can hide from the realm. "

Ou Shaotian said aloud.

"In this case, let's arrange things around us, and then seize the time to promote Divine Ability Realm. When we break through, we will go to Chaos. Over there by the sea! "

Father Ouhai said directly.


Ou Shaotian nodded, happy.

The lifespan of the cultivator is also limited. Only by constantly climbing up, the lifespan will get longer and longer.

As long as you are promoted to Paradise Realm, living for tens of thousands of years is basically not a problem.

If you can advance to the creation realm and turn Celestial Grotto into the world, then growing old with unfailing eyes and ears will be easy!

So on the premise that Chaos Sea can guarantee safety, he naturally hopes that his parents will also go there for cultivation and be promoted to Rank 11 Paradise Realm as soon as possible.

That way, maybe there is still a glimmer of hope for promotion to the creation realm in the future.

After eating.

He left the door world, went outside to arrange the things at hand, and then returned to the door world again and closed.

With the flesh of the chaotic ominous beast, the breakthrough of retreat is just a simple matter for them.

There is not much difficulty.

After they retreat, Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er played with the little baby for a while, and then returned to the Chaos Sea under the reluctant gaze of the little fellow.

Appeared on Starfire Island.

After returning to the residence, Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er also went to secluded cultivation.

Now Starfire Island is also on the right track, protected by small vines, so there is no need to worry about someone making trouble.

As for the others.

As long as Immemorial is evergreen and the others execute the planned development plan step by step, no need for them to intervene!


At the same time.

The expert of the desert clan also came to Xinghuo Island and was collecting information on Xinghuo Island.

In a hotel room in Xincheng District, five young people from the deserted tribe are gathering together, summarizing the news they have inquired, and making a record.

Report up!

"Now I will make a summary and see if there are any omissions!"

"According to the information collected by everyone, the strongest on this island is the Guardian strain. Spirit Zhi, Rank 11 Paradise Realm’s cultivation base, patrols and guards 800, all come from the Immemorial cult!"

"These are the battle strengths on the surface. There should be many hidden battle strengths. Then Ou Shaotian should not be simple, after all pets are Rank 11, the owner is impossible!"


The deserted youths headed by said while recording.

Finally, he looked towards everyone and asked: "That's it. Anything else to add. If not, I will post it to it!"

"No more!"

Everyone shook their heads.

Then the deserted youth led by the young people uploaded the information they inquired.

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