Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 623

When such a large resource island is robbed, the deserted people are naturally unwilling to give up.

But they did not dare to send someone back, because they couldn't beat Immemorial Cult, so they could only collect some information before doing the next step.

The information collected in the end made them terrified.

The spirit plant of Rank 11, Little Vine, has scared them.

Unless there is a 12th Rank shot, in the same rank, such vine plants are simply invincible, and they will die as many as they come.

No exaggeration at all.

After collecting the information and uploading it, they lurked and dared not make any changes.


time quietly pass.

Ou Shaotian's cultivation base grows very fast by swallowing divine ability.

Unconsciously, his cultivation base has been upgraded to rank 10 and 9. If he wants to continue his promotion, it is useless to eat the chaotic ominous beast of the third rank.

You must have the fourth rank or higher.

The Spiritual Qi contained in the low-level chaotic ominous beast meat is not pure enough to allow him to develop a Celestial Grotto.

Must eat higher-order chaotic ominous beast meat.

This day.

After eating and drinking, Ou Shaotian also opened the attribute interface to view his data.

Character: Ou Shaotian

realm: Tenth rank 9th level

innate talent Soul Spirit: Starry sky mysterious turtle

God source power: Massive

Contract Spirit Pet: red carp, small vines

Weapons: divine blood knife (seal), ink knife, dragon roar bow, giant dragon array card

divine ability: Immemorial Divine Physique, All Living Things to Recover, Divine ability, Blood Moon Nine Slash, Star Shooting Arrow, Heavenly Splitting Claw, Streaming Escape, Moon Blade Slash, Void Fishing, Great Seal... …

Spirit Skills: Black Tortoise Shield, Xuanbing Bullet, Black Tortoise Real Body

"Compared with the little vine, it’s still a bit worse. After breaking through, there is no need to develop Celestial Grotto at all, but mine is not good!"

Ou Shaotian finished reading the data, whispered.

Small vines belong to the spirit plant and are more chaotic and ominous beasts. There is no need to develop Celestial Grotto at all, as long as you specialize in Life Source Divine Ability.

The cultivator is different.

The cultivation system here is to develop Celestial Grotto and finally reach the level of creation.

If Celestial Grotto is not developed, he will not be able to carry out the next step of cultivation, and it is impossible to improve.

Too difficult!

Countless people are stuck in the development of Celestial Grotto this step.

The lowest cultivator entering the Chaos Sea Territory is the Divine Ability Realm of Tier 10, but the one who can successfully develop Celestial Grotto is in ten-thousand does not have one.

Know that those who can cultivation to Divine Ability Realm are all geniuses.

It is such a genius, who can successfully develop Celestial Grotto is very rare.

Innate talent, perseverance and chance are indispensable!

"It seems that we have to find a way to make some chaotic ominous beasts of the fourth rank. I don't know if the Fishing Boat Avatar of Spirit Treasure Level can deal with the chaotic ominous beasts of the fourth rank."

Ou Shaotian's mouth is whispered.

The fourth rank chaotic ominous beast, that is comparable to the existence of Paradise Realm, it is not easy to kill.

However, the current battle strength of the Fishing Boat Avatar is not bad. The formidable power of the Hunyuan Cannon is amazing. It can easily hit the tenth rank. It also poses a certain threat to Rank 11.

Armor piercing God Extinguishing Bow Not to mention, terrifying matchless penetration.

As long as the opportunity is well grasped, Rank 11 can also shoot.

Of course.

Rank 11's chaotic ominous beast is also strong and weak.

Here we are talking about the weak ones. For example, if we select some fourth-rank fish that are not good at fighting, the chance of successfully killing them is still quite high.

If it is some fourth rank chaotic ominous beast who is good at fighting, the Fishing Boat Avatar is definitely not an opponent.

"Brother Shaotian, do you want to kill the fourth rank ominous beast?"

Yun Duo'er beside him heard his muttering and couldn't help showing a worried look.

"There is this plan, but you can rest assured, I will not go personally, I plan to control my flying boat to go, I will act tonight, the problem should not be big!"

"That's it, you can try it!"

"Try it tonight, maybe we can eat the chaotic ominous beast of the fourth rank tomorrow!"

"Okay, look forward to it!"


That night.

Ou Shaotian asked the Fishing Boat Avatar to go into the sea quietly, and searched in the sea all around Xinghuo Island.

Radar scanning.

A large number of chaotic ominous beasts appeared in Ou Shaotian's perception. The fourth and fifth orders abound, and the entire seabed can be said to be extremely dangerous.

What Ou Shaotian has to do is just choose the target to start with.

If you are too strong, you can't find it, you can only find some weak ones.

It's best if you are not good at fighting, and you have just been promoted to the fourth rank. It is not difficult to kill, so you should be safe.

"Found it!"

After some screening and elimination, Ou Shaotian finally found one of the worst fourth rank.

[Name]: Fatty Fish

[Level]: fourth rank

[Quality]: Rare

[Skills] : Breath concealment

[Remarks]: The most powerful of the fat fish, the purest bloodline existence, only proficient in one breath concealment skill, can avoid the perception of high-level ominous beasts

This fat fish is a very common ominous beast in the Chaos Sea. It is basically a Rank 2 strength, and the third rank is hard to see.

Not to mention the fourth rank!

In the entire fish group, there can be a fourth rank, which can be said to be a miracle.

The reason why this fat fish can be promoted to the fourth rank is because the bloodline is pure enough to awaken a rare-level hidden skill.

The breath is hidden.

Able to avoid the perception of high-order chaotic ominous beasts.

So I lived long enough to be promoted to the fourth rank.

It's a pity.

This time it can't hide.

In front of the radar scan, even the brilliant secret technique is useless, this fat fish was easily found by Ou Shaotian.

"It's luck to have such a weak chaotic fourth rank!"

After checking the fat fish data, Ou Shaotian couldn't help but feel happy.

There is no hesitation.

He directly controlled the Fishing Boat Avatar and started to move, quietly approaching the fat fish.

This fat fish is not small.

According to radar scans, its body length is 16 meters. Among fish, it is already considered a huge monster, and its speed in the water is very fast.

If it can be successfully hunted, maybe it will be enough for Ou Shaotian to be promoted.

At this time, this fat fish is wandering leisurely, following the fish group, but not too close to the fish group, just wandering around the fat fish group.

The reason is simple.

Because the fat fish group is often attacked by other predators, this fat fish will hide around the fish group.

Neither leave nor get involved.

Avoid being killed by mistake.

It was just this time, but he was caught by Ou Shaotian.

Fishing Boat Avatar appeared below it silently. At the back, one after another cracked God Extinguishing Bow arrows locked on its fish belly, and suddenly launched an attack.

Because of the hidden divine ability, the fat fish has been strolling comfortably, and has never fought through childhood.

The combat experience is extremely poor.

Fishing Boat Avatar’s attacks are constantly thunderous, and the formidable power is amazing. When this fat fish is alert, it is too late.

Don’t wait for it to react.

The dense arrow rain has shot into its fish belly, penetrating many organs and internal organs!

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