Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 624

Just when Ou Shaotian controlled the Fishing Boat Avatar to hunt and kill the fat fish, the senior officials of the desert clan also received intelligence from Starfire Island and made arrangements.

After learning about the existence of Rank 11 spirit plant Little Vine, they completely abandoned their plan to retake Starfire Island.

Change to assassination.

There is no way, the price of regaining Starfire Island is too great.

And it is hard to say whether it will succeed or not, there is a lot of uncertainty.

"Go ahead and assassinate the people on Starfire Island, especially the Ou Shaotian. Once you find that the other party is out, you must immediately report that the deserted tribe must not be insulted!"

Notice from the senior leaders of the deserted tribe I soon came down.

"The deserted tribe must not be insulted!"

The dísciples who received the order shouted.


Fatty fish encountered a Fishing Boat Avatar raid, and the intensive cracking of the God Extinguishing Bow instantly hit it hard, and the nearby chubby fish group was even more frightened and crazy Run away.

Fish belly is the biggest weakness of the fat fish. There are many organs in it, all of which are shot through.

Then Ou Shaotian controlled the mechanical puppet carried on the Fishing Boat Avatar and dragged the fat fish onto the deck.

Immediately after Ou Shaotian thoughts move, it was also teleported to the deck.

"Yes, it's worthy of the fourth rank chaotic ominous beast. It should be enough to gather a bite of Celestial Grotto!"

Ou Shaotian excitedly looked at the fat fish on the deck.

He intends to eat this fat fish alone, and strive to gather a bite of Celestial Grotto and be promoted to Rank 11.

As long as he gets promoted.

Then hunting the fourth rank ominous beast is simple.

So sharing food with other people is better than eating alone, striving to break through as soon as possible.

After controlling the Fishing Boat Avatar to avoid some dangerous areas, Ou Shaotian took out the great cauldron and started to cook the food on the deck. The ingredients were the fourth rank fat fish.

The mechanical puppet is responsible for handling the ingredients, he only needs to eat and cultivation!


Ou Shaotian activated the divine ability to devour, while eating wildly, he raised his cultivation base at the same time.

Celestial Grotto.

It is constructed by divine ability. The main body of Celestial Grotto is the rule evolution of divine ability. The more and stronger the divine ability is, the stronger Celestial Grotto is.

Ou Shaotian has a lot of divine ability.

The first is the divine ability Immemorial Divine Physique. The Celestial Grotto constructed with this divine ability also has the characteristics of Divine Physique, which is not only stable, but also powerful in restoring power.

However, the stronger the divine ability, the stronger the energy required to construct Celestial Grotto.

The energy contained in the fourth rank chaotic fat fish barely meets the requirements. This is still the time of stewing, and he added a lot of 10,000-year medicine to make up enough medicinal power.

The quality is not enough, so the quantity will come together.

Immemorial Divine Physique urged to the extreme, and a black spot was finally born in the Upper Dantian between the eyebrows.

As he continues to eat and drink.

Continuously devouring energy to add in, the black spots are getting bigger and bigger, and the entire Upper Dantian slowly evolves into a bite of Celestial Grotto.

It's done!

This first bit of Celestial Grotto is made.


He had eaten the whole fat fish, and it barely condensed into Celestial Grotto, and it was impossible to even integrate other divine abilities into it.

But it does not matter.

Everything is difficult at the beginning.

With the battle strength of Paradise Realm, the next step is much simpler.

Nine is the extreme of number.

Each bit of Celestial Grotto can fuse up to nine divine abilities.

The divine ability that Ou Shaotian now comprehends is not only nine, it has more than ten, and each of the divine abilities is extremely powerful and optimized through radar deduction.

The first Celestial Grotto, Ou Shaotian decided to focus on stability.

The first divine ability is Immemorial Divine Physique, and the second divine ability is to integrate Devouring Power.

In this case, his Celestial Grotto can cultivation independently, swallow the spiritual power of the outside world, and continue to grow, even more unafraid of being attacked.

All external energy will be swallowed.

"Make persistent efforts, hunt and kill a fourth rank chaotic ominous beast, expand Celestial Grotto, and then integrate the engulfing divine ability!"

Ou Shaotian stood up from the deck, excited The way.

But when he controlled the Fishing Boat Avatar and was about to act again, he made an unexpected discovery.

A chase battle is taking place on the sea.

And one of the parties is Human Race.

Since Ou Shaotian occupied Starfire Island and announced to the public that Starfire Island is a Human Race island and adheres to the Immemorial cult, Human Races in the Chaos Sea have rushed over.

The desert clan wanted revenge and didn't dare to kill the Starfire Island, but chose to intercept these Human Races who came over.

"Huang Clan, is this your means of revenge?"

Ou Shaotian couldn't help but show a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

At the same time, control the Fishing Boat Avatar to turn around and approach the battlefield where both parties are chasing.


On the sea.

On the deck of a top treasure boat, Human Race uncle Xu Feihu is fully controlling the flying boat, evading enemy fire while counterattacking.

"How far is it from Xinghuo Island?"

Xu Feihu asked aloud while controlling the flying boat.

"Captain, according to the map, there are more than 3,000 nautical miles, at least half a day!"

The deputy next to him said.

"Damn, there is still so far, the other party is eating too tightly, if you can't get rid of them, I am afraid it will be a little trouble!"

Xu Feihu said with an ugly face.

This top treasure ship is all his property. If it is destroyed, he will have nowhere to cry.

"Yes, I don’t know what's going on with these deserted tribes. As soon as I saw us, they attacked directly. It is obvious that we have avoided far away!"

Deputy It is also an ugly face.

"The foreign race intercepted and killed our Human Race. What's so strange, we can only blame ourselves too weak!"

Xu Feihu is accustomed to it.

When he found the flying boat of the desert clan, he immediately chose to evade, avoiding the opponent's flying boat, but unfortunately the opponent still caught up.

I even fired at them.

"bang bang bang!"

At this moment, the cannonballs were stimulated to fall on the sea next to them, blowing up sprays tens of meters high.

"Damn, fight back, blow them to death!"

Someone on the deck said angrily.

"Look at me!"

Xu Feihu controlled the energy cannon on the flying boat, aimed at his opponent, and launched a bombardment.

But after only a few shots, he stopped.

There is no way, I lack energy.

"We can't fight anymore. We don't have enough energy. We must run away with all our strength. It consumes too much energy to fire a counterattack!"

Xu Feihu said helplessly after a few shots.

"Then run quickly!"

Others said aloud.


At this moment, a cannonball fell on the flying boat and was blocked by the defensive cover. The violent explosion impacted the defensive cover. shock.

I was hit.

"Damn, being hit, the energy of the energy shield has decreased!"

Xu Feihu cursed, no matter how distracted, he accelerated with all his strength, and at the same time concentrated on avoiding the opponent's shells.

"Captain, can we escape?"

On the deck, the other Human Races began to worry.

After all, the enemy is too strong.

If Baozhou is broken and they are overtaken, it must be nine deaths and still alive, and the other party will not have their chance to survive.

"Don't worry, we will be able to escape. I am the top treasure boat, not worse than their treasure boat!"

Xu Feihu said solemnly.

He knows that he must not panic at this time.

If he, the captain, is panicked, then there is no need to fight this battle, just wait for death!

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