Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 627

Ou Shaotian, taking Long Xiaokai and the others, quickly returned to the living room of the Island Lord’s Mansion, and asked them to sit on the sofa and chat while drinking tea.

"Everyone, drink tea first, I have asked Changqing to prepare meals, and we can start eating later!"

Ou Shaotian said enthusiastically.

"Well, with you, I won't be polite!"

Long Xiaokai was also happy.

"Come on, drink tea!"

After Yun Duo'er makes the tea water, give it to the island of everyone.

"Thank you!"

"Shaotian, what kind of cultivation base are you now? How come I feel that I can't see through you, as well as my younger brothers and sisters. It is possible that you will also be promoted to Paradise. Realm?"

Long Xiaokai noticed everyone's cultivation base and couldn't help asking.

"It's okay. It's not long after the breakthrough. In this chaotic sea, the cultivation base is too weak!"

Ou Shaotian said with a smile.


After drinking tea.

Long Xiaokai and the others were taken to the backyard, looking at the great cauldron, at the pots of fragrant fourth rank chaotic beast meat.

He finally understands.

How did Ou Shaotian and the others break through.

"My dear, your life is also very good, no wonder you are cultivation base advanced by leaps and bounds one by one!"

Long Xiaokai couldn't help but sigh. .

"hahaha, if you are envious, you can join us, I will give you a Vice Island Lord dong dong!"

Ou Shaotian laughed.

"I'm serious when you say that. If I follow you and have high-end ominous beast meat every day, I don't mind being the Vice Island Lord of you!"

Long Xiao Kai said while eating.

"As long as you want, you are welcome anytime!"

Ou Shaotian also said while eating.

If you can pull Long Xiaokai into the group, that would be great.

Others don’t know how good this guy is, can he still know it!

The proper Child of Destiny.

When Ou Shaotian said so surely, Long Xiaokai hesitated.

Once this decision is made, it cannot be reversed!

"Okay, I promised!"

Long Xiaokai recalled every bit after he met Ou Shaotian. After he felt that Ou Shaotian was no worse than him, he finally A decision was made.

"hahaha, welcome!"

Ou Shaotian was immediately happy.

Originally, he just said casually, but he didn't expect the other party would really agree.

It's just a surprise!

"I have seen the Dragon Vice Island Lord!"

Immemorial Evergreen and the others immediately got up and saluted.

"My colleagues are polite, I will be my own in the future, please take care of me!"

Long Xiaokai hurriedly replied.

"Okay, eat first, and when you are full, arrange a place for Brother Kai to live in the Island Lord's Mansion!"

Ou Shaotian said happily.

After that, everyone didn't say much, they all ate with joy.

Everyone eats while cultivation.

After eating and drinking enough, Ou Shaotian brought Long Xiaokai and the others to the right side courtyard after the cultivation was over.

"How about here, I will live with you in the future!"

Ou Shaotian asked aloud.

"Very good, many thanks!"

Long Xiaokai said happily.

The area of ​​the entire side hall is not small, at least 500 square meters, he is naturally happy.


With the addition of Long Xiaokai and the others, there are also many beautiful female cultivators on Spark Island. It is the beautiful female cultivator from the Water Moon Palace.

Make Spark Island more attractive.

Eating sex too!

Cultivator also has desire.

Especially for men with a high cultivation base, it is even more difficult to find a partner with similar strength.

In the entire Chaos Sea, there are more male students and fewer female students.

The current Xinghuo Island is the other way around, with more women and fewer men.

Chaos Island.

On the lively East Street.

"Hi, brother, have you heard that there are many female nuns on Starfire Island. I heard that they are all beautiful women from the Water Moon Palace. Are you interested in taking a look together!"

"Of course I have, I wanted to go a long time ago!"

"That's right, prepare today, let's set off tomorrow!"

"What are you waiting for Tomorrow, the tickets to Starfire Island are not easy to sell. Only the ships of the alliance go to Starfire Island. I heard that it is full every time. I think we should book tickets now!"

"No such exaggeration Huh?"

"Nothing, I'm going to book tickets now, maybe we have to wait a month before we can board the ship!"

"Damn, then What are you waiting for? Hurry up and book your tickets!"


Similar discussions took place in all corners of Chaos Island.

Not everyone has the top treasure boats. Many people want to go to sea and can only take the alliance boats. They need to buy tickets in advance and then wait for the notice.

When the seats are full, Baozhou will set off.

If the seat is not full, you need to wait slowly. If there are too few people, Baozhou will not leave.

In the chaotic sea, it is not easy to travel.

Not only do you have to buy a ticket, but the price of the ferry ticket is also expensive.

In most cases, if not absolutely necessary, most people will not leave Chaos Island casually.

There have been so many people taking boats recently, which is also because of Spark Island.

It can only be said that Long Xiaokai’s joining of Starfire Island has had a huge impact, which is completely a chain reaction, which is somewhat beyond Ou Shaotian’s expectations.

"Brother Shaotian, there are so many people on this street!"

Yun Duo'er took Ou Shaotian's hand and watched the people coming, people going on the street. It was also happy Up.

"Well, recently, more and more people come to our Starfire Island. Those newly built fishing platforms are almost full every day!"

Ou Shaotian is also happy.

"I heard that many people are attracted by the beauties of the Water Moon Palace. This is the credit of Brother Kai!"

Yun Duo'er suddenly covered his mouth said with a smile.

"It seems that it is right to let Brother Kai be the Vice Island Lord!"

Ou Shaotian said with a smile.

The two talked and talked, unconsciously, they came to the new city.

I saw that the sales department of the newly-built residential area was very lively, and many people were rushing to buy houses. Among them, Human Race had the most, and they all planned to settle down on Xinghuo Island.

There are also many different races.

At present, except for Human Race, it is only open to Immemorial cultivators and the cultivator of Water Moon Palace.

In other words.

Those alien races must be from Immemorial Cult, or Water Moon Palace, in order to buy a house on Spark Island.

As for other people, they can only live in rented houses for the time being.

However, purchase rights will be gradually opened.

"Brother Shaotian, there are so many people buying houses!"

Yun Duo'er said happily.

"There are indeed a lot. The construction speed must be accelerated."

Ou Shaotian took a look and said aloud.

"A lot of workers are already being recruited, but there is still a big gap. There are not many people willing to engage in construction, so they can only find people inside."

"No one can be found Just add money. As long as the salary is high enough, you can definitely find someone."

"Well, I will notify the finance department. If it doesn't work, I will double the salary. Anyway, we are earning. It’s a lot!"

"Yes, it’s okay to double!"


The two wandered around in the new city, and then Just left.

I didn't go back.

After leaving the new city, they walked directly in the direction of the spirit farm.

The most profitable thing is the cultivation of chaotic spiritual medicine, so spirit farm is the top priority.

It is also what Ou Shaotian values ​​most.

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