Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 631

After spending a lot of time, the combined forces finally found the seabed lair of Azure Dragon of Chaos, and a group of people rushed in excitedly.

Needless to say, the result is that there is no hair at all.

"What's going on?"

Someone solemnly asked.

"Don't be noisy, let me feel it!"

I saw an old man wearing a black robe among the Divine Race team.

This person is a priest of Divine Race. He came to the place where the Azure Dragon of Chaos was beheaded. Then he clenched his hands and ten fingers together, lowered his head and began to perceive.

Soon, his hoarse voice sounded again.

"We are late. A group of people have been here not long ago. One of them was holding a red big knife. It was very strong, and it cut off the head of the Azure Dragon of Chaos with a single knife!"

I can't see the specific situation, I can only perceive some information vaguely. The most impressive thing is the deep red blade light!


The people at Divine Race took the lead to curse.

As for the priests, they naturally believed absolutely.

"Can't you determine the identity of that group?"

Someone asked.


The black robe priest shook his head.

"Don’t think about it. To get close to the Azure Dragon of Chaos, it must be the existence of Rank 11. If you can slash the head of Azure Dragon of Chaos, the knife must be Innate Spirit Treasure."

"Such an existence, unless it is the 12th Rank shot, otherwise no one can hold him a knife!"

Someone shook his head and said.

Apparently intend to give up.

After hearing what he said, other people also woke up.

Not to be heart shivered with cold.

However, for the sake of chaos Azure Dragon, that many people were sacrificed, and if they let them give up like this, they would be very unwilling.


After knowing that the Azure Dragon of Chaos was killed, this group of temporarily united guys soon disbanded. Some gave up, but some chose to continue pursuing .

Among those who continue to chase, include the people of Divine Race.

The corpse of the chaotic Azure Dragon, incomparable gigantic, will not be eaten so quickly. As long as the person is found in time, there will be a chance to take it.

Many people don't want to give up.

The news spread quickly, and many people are looking for Scarlet Innate.

What are Ou Shaotian and the others doing at this time?

They are already on their way back to Starfire Island, and they are already eating on the deck.

Everyone gathered around the great cauldron and began to eat and cultivation.

I harvested a whole corpse of the chaotic Azure Dragon. Ou Shaotian is very generous. As long as you can eat it, you can eat whatever you want.

So Immemorial is evergreen and the others are happy.

On the way back.

The strength of each of them is advanced by leaps and bounds.

The flesh and blood of the Chaos Azure Dragon is too supplementary, not only for them, but even Ou Shaotian's strength is constantly improving, breaking through Level 1 and Level 1.

When he returned to Starfire Island, Ou Shaotian's strength reached Rank 11 Level 3.

It's terrifying.

And the corpse of Chaos Azure Dragon, they only eat less than one percent.

Moreover, the most precious Dragon Balls, Dragon Liver, and the like have not been divided up yet, they are still kept, ready to be used when they are promoted to the 12th Rank.

But Ou Shaotian's cultivation did not stop.

Ou Shaotian, Yun Duo'er and Long Xiaokai are all the same. They have a particularly solid foundation, eat the most, and improve the speed the slowest.

They need to consume a lot of energy for each level 1 level.

Immemorial Changqing and Sister Li and the others ate the least, but improved the most, each of them improved by four or five levels, but basically they couldn't eat them anymore.

The foundation is not strong enough, it is raised too fast at once, and needs to be settled.

So after returning to the small courtyard, Immemorial Evergreen and the others began a crazy duel exercise, through mutual discussion to stabilize the skyrocketing strength.

But Ou Shaotian, Yun Duo'er and Long Xiaokai are still eating.

The cultivation realm also keeps rising.


At the same time.

The team of Divine Race is constantly approaching Starfire Island.


The mysterious black robe priest noticed more aura, locked the trajectory of Ou Shaotian and the others, and was approaching along the trajectory.

Not only a team of Divine Race, but also a wild race.

The survival of the wild race and the wilderness, Fight Heaven and Earth, has tracked wild beasts since childhood, and also has a powerful tracking secret technique.

Of course.

They can't catch Ou Shaotian, but they are tracking the Divine Race team.

I have to say.

The people of these wild races are very smart. They know that as long as they follow the Divine Race team, they will definitely be able to find Ou Shaotian and the others.

It's just that the black robe priest of Divine Race is tracking while calculating.

It also took a lot of time.

The most important reason is that their flying boat is not fast and it takes a lot of time.

So two weeks after Ou Shaotian and the others returned to Starfire Island, they approached Starfire Island and determined that the corpse of the Chaos Azure Dragon was on Starfire Island.

I saw several people standing on the deck of the Divine Race flying boat.

These people are the existence of Paradise Realm. It is precisely the Rank 11 powerhouse that survived the battle of encirclement and suppression of Azure Dragon. They are all relatively powerful existences in Rank 11.

Although there are not many people, it is a very powerful battle strength.

"God, if nothing else, the corpse of the Azure Dragon of Chaos should be on this island. It has only been more than ten days, and most of it should be found."

On the deck, the black robe priest said solemnly.

"Who does this island belong to?"

Divine Race god son Hong Xuanyun narrowed his eyes.

He is the god son of Divine Race Holy Land of Chaos Sea, but not the god son of the outside Divine Race tribe. He is also the god son, and his status can be said to be the difference between Heaven and Earth.

And he himself is the existence of Rank 11 Peak.

Battle strength is very powerful.

"Son of God, I have checked. This island was originally in the hands of the Desolate Race. It was a pirate group base of the Desolate Race, but it was robbed by Ou Shaotian of Human Race!"

Someone replied next to him soon.

As for who Ou Shaotian is, there is no need to say more.

The name Ou Shaotian is among the top of Divine Race, as everyone knows!

"Is it him?"

Hong Xuanyun frowned!

After all, Ou Shaotian's recent disturbances are not small, and it is not small to move him.

"Yes, it's him. I suggest that it is enough to force him to hand over the flesh and blood of the Azure Dragon of Chaos. It is best not to kill the opponent!"

The man continued to say.


They have already regarded Ou Shaotian and the others on Starfire Island as something in their pockets!

Although Ou Shaotian made a lot of noise, they didn't take seriously Ou Shaotian's strength and thought it was settled.

"Priest, what do you think!"

Hong Xuanyun looked towards the black robe priest, solemnly asked.

"Son of God, just now, I had an ominous hunch, so I suggest to give up the action and stop tracking!"

The priest black robe suddenly said that All the Divine Race present were surprised.

Give up?

They paid that many and sacrificed that many's companions, how could they give up.

"I don't believe in this evil, just a trifling Human Race, go to the island!"

Hong Xuanyun said solemnly.

Following his order, the flying boat soon docked at the port!

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