Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 632

On Starfire Island, in the Island Lord’s Mansion.

Ou Shaotian has successfully promoted to Rank 11 Peak. He has been promoted very fast under constant food and drink, but he needs to settle down if he wants to be promoted to the 12th Rank.

And the enemy has come.

The riot in the port soon attracted Ou Shaotian's attention.

After the Divine Race team boarded the port, they faced the security guards who requested registration and waved directly to knock them off. They did not kill, but they were lightly injured.

"Let you Island Lord Ou Shaotian come out!"

After the guards flew over to register, the god son Hong Xuanyun took a step forward, and the violent imposing manner swept out.

The guard who was just about to step forward had to retreat.

"Who in the world are you?"

The captain headed by the guard is both frightened and angry.

"You are not qualified to know, let you Island Lord come out, I don't want to talk about the third time, no more nonsense, then go to death!"

Hong Xuanyun is extremely overbearing.


The guard Captain said again, but unfortunately he hadn't finished speaking yet, a terrifying Power of Celestial Grotto looked towards his strikes.

In this Power of Celestial Grotto, there is a terrifying sharp sword intent, with unparalleled penetrating power, instantly hitting the guard Captain's chest.

Knock him out.

I saw a blood hole directly punched in the chest.

I was seriously injured.

"Retire all and inform the Island Lord!"

Captain, the seriously injured guard, vomited blood while saying.

"Captain, stop talking, we will avenge you!"

Two team members supported him, and one of them said angrily.

"Courting death, since you don't know anything about it, kill them all!"

Hong Xuanyun gave the order lightly.

"Yes, son of God!"

Several Dao Protectors behind him suddenly said.

Just when a few Divine Race were about to take a shot, something happened suddenly, and a few stars broke through the air.

As soon as I feel it, the stars have already arrived in front of me.

"Be careful!"

Subconsciously exclaimed.

Too late to dodge, I can only hold up the defensive cover, hoping to block it.


There are five starbursts.

Hong Xuanyun at the forefront, and the other four Divine Races, were directly hit and knocked off one after another.


The screams sounded.

This astral attack is exactly the arrow divine ability launched by the star-shooting arrow method. The Power of Celestial Grotto is activated, not only has unparalleled penetrating power, but also has a terrifying Devouring Power.

The defensive shield was broken in an instant, piercing the chests of the four Divine Races and directly piercing the heart.

Not dead yet.

But Devouring Power remained on the chest, constantly devouring all the vitality in the bodies of a few people, and it was basically finished.

Only Hong Xuanyun relied on the treasure to successfully block the attack.

But it was also terrified!


Hong Xuanyun roared surprised and angry.

At that moment, he felt the threat of death for the first time. It was even greater and terrifying than the previous battle against Azure Dragon of Chaos.

At that moment, he thought he was dead.

If it weren't for the defensive treasure that he carried with him to activate in time, he might be over.

This is the first time.

He is so close to death.

"Protect the Son of God!"

The black robe priest said solemnly in the rear.

The two people who followed him suddenly came to Hong Xuanyun, looking nervously at the direction of the starburst.

The black robe priest went to check the injuries of the four injured Divine Race.

Shook the head soon.

No help!

Ou Shaotian’s Power of Celestial Grotto is too terrifying.

After he was promoted to Rank 11 and 9th, he gathered nine Celestial Grottos, and each bite incorporates the terrifying divine ability to form the Power of Celestial Grotto terrifying matchless.

Be aware that every divine ability of his is perfectly optimized by radar.

Vai Neng is inherently scary.

After all the divine abilities are integrated into the Power of Celestial Grotto, you can imagine how terrifying the attack is.

even more how those Divine Races are just cultivated three Celestial Grottos, and Ou Shaotian itself is the difference between Heaven and Earth, and it is impossible to survive.

Unless there is a powerhouse in the creation realm to take care of it.

Unfortunately, it's too late.

The black robe priest just observed it, and then gave up.

His vague premonition was fulfilled.


At this moment, Ou Shaotian also appeared with Long Xiaokai and the others.

I saw Ou Shaotian say aloud: "Let’s talk, you are who, why did you come to my Xinghuo Island to make trouble? If you don’t give an explanation, just leave it all!"

"For me!"

The black robe priest stepped forward, obviously worried that Hong Xuanyun would say something irreversible.

I saw him say: "We are from Divine Race Holy Land. This is our god son. The reason for coming here is very simple. You should have snatched the body of the Azure Dragon of Chaos?"


After the voice fell, all Divine Races stared at Ou Shaotian.

For this chaotic Azure Dragon, they lost too much. They sacrificed more than ten people in Rank 11, and now four more died in the hands of Ou Shaotian.

Only the dead will survive.

It’s really unwilling to retreat without asking.

"Sorry, no comment!"

Ou Shaotian neither admitted nor denied.


Hong Xuanyun was just about to say something, but was stopped by the black robe priest raising his hand.

I saw him say: "Okay, let's not ask. We were wrong before, but you killed four of our people. Let's retreat now, can we?"


Ou Shaotian thought for a while and said aloud.

Since the other party is acquainted, he doesn't want to do everything.

If you really killed this Hong Xuanyun, I'm afraid that the expert of the other party's Divine Race Holy Land is about to come out.

More on that.

Those Rank 11 guards are easy to kill, but Hong Xuanyun is definitely not that easy to kill. There must be a soul left. Even if it is killed, it will be resurrected.

"many thanks!"

Black robe priest nodded said.

Then he pulled the unwilling Hong Xuanyun, motioned the other two to take the bodies of the four companions, and then returned to their flying boat.

Then hurriedly left.

After far away from the port, Hong Xuanyun couldn’t help but said: "Priest, do we just give up the difficulty?"

"God, at first, I have an unknown premonition. If we continue If we go down, we will all die. As for whether to give up, we will talk about it later, the deserted clan is also here."

Black robe priest said with a gloomy expression.

According to his speculation, the people of the Desolate Race will definitely take action.

If both sides suffer, then their chance will come.

If the people of the desert clan are also crushed, then needless to say, for the sake of life, let's retreat obediently!

So if you want to give up, I'll talk about it later.

"Okay, the priest is smart!"

Hong Xuanyun's mood suddenly improved a lot.

"Don’t worry, the people who killed my Divine Race, how can they not retaliate, but we are not opponents, so we have to retreat strategically!"

black robe The priest squinted.

I am obviously afraid of death, but it is shameless!

"Okay, just wait, the people of Huangzu are more impulsive, I believe they will not give up easily, they will definitely fight!"

Hong Xuanyun also squinted.

After they drove the flying boat more than ten nautical miles, they stopped and began to pay attention to the direction of the port.

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