Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 633

At the same time.

The flying boat of the desert clan is also constantly approaching Starfire Island, and there are also several people on the deck discussing it.

I saw one of the deserted races said: "The people of Divine Race have already left. If nothing else, they must have robbed some of the flesh and blood of the Azure Dragon of Chaos!"

"I don't know how much of those Human Races are still protected, I hope it won't be too few!"

Another Desolate Race said.

"Or let's intercept those Divine Races, I'm worried that the flesh and blood of the Azure Dragon Chaos is on them!"

Another person said aloud.

"Impossible, this Ou Shaotian is not that simple. I will definitely save some of them. We will directly kill them. Suppress and kill some people, and the other party will naturally hand them over!"

"Yes, Human Race is the most important friendship. As long as you kill some guards, I guess that Ou Shaotian will be obedient!"

"Yes, if it doesn't work, even kill Ou Shaotian together. Now!"

"He is not easy to kill, the Alliance is not easy to explain, and Immemorial is not to be trifled with!"


On the deck, the cultivator of the desert tribe discuss spiritedly, and the flying boat is gradually approaching the port of Xinghuo Island.

Ou Shaotian is still waiting with everyone.

Originally, he was watching the Divine Race to see if they retreat, but he saw the ships of the Desolate Race, all of which were also Rank 11.

Of course, there is no need to say more about the purpose.

"Brother Kai, someone is here again. This time it’s from the Wild Clan. Since you just complained that I took the shot too quickly, I will leave it to you later!"

Ou Shaotian looked at the flying boat of the desert clan that kept approaching, and said aloud.


Long Xiaokai said excitedly.

His battle strength is not much worse than Ou Shaotian. Now that he has the opportunity, he naturally wants to show performance.

"Brother Kai, we also want to take a shot, don't grab them all, leave us a few!"

Immemorial Changqing said quickly.

"Okay, wait a minute for you to come first, I'll hold the line, it won't be necessary for a few days!"

Long Xiaokai is very generous.

In his opinion, Immemorial and the others are new Paradise Realm after all, and the battle strength is definitely not as good as Celestial Grotto, the old brand Celestial Grotto. It doesn't matter if they take the first shot.

When they can't beat them, he will shoot again.

It can better reflect his prestige!

"hahaha, Brother Kai is atmospheric, then we'll get on first!"

Immemorial said in excitement, evergreen.

At this moment, the ship of the desert clan was also docked.

Immemorial Evergreen waved his big hand, and led his nine team members to the deserted team who disembarked.

There are one more people from these wild races than Divine Race.

There are nine Paradise Realms.

"Which race are you from? Do you have a pass? If not, please register first!"

The guard who was injured just before has retired. Immemorial Changqing took his teammates to act as Here are the registered guards on patrol.

"Go away, let you Island Lord Ou Shaotian come out, otherwise, you will be destroyed!"

The leader of the desert tribe said solemnly.

Before there was no reason. This time they wanted to take advantage of the Azure Dragon corpse incident to snatch the island back by the way, not as simple as Divine Race.

This island originally belonged to their desert clan, but the desert clan did not have an official announcement at the time, instead it was reserved as a pirate base.

After the island was seized, they also had no legitimate reason to take it back.

But now with the help of the chaotic Azure Dragon flesh and blood incident, they have found an opportunity.

This time they will not only take away the corpse of the Azure Dragon of Chaos, but also take the opportunity to kill Ou Shaotian and the others and retake the island.

After all, he was killed when he was fighting for the treasure, no one can say anything.

Even more how Chaos Azure Dragon is still the first to besieged and killed by Ou Shaotian and the others.

"Sorry, you are not qualified to see us adults. If you don't want to register, just get out of here!"

Immemorial Changqing said unceremoniously.

"courting death, kill them!"

The leader of the desert tribe man without the slightest hesitation gave the order.


A group of people directly attacked.

Both sides are summon weapons, and the battle fought fiercely. The splashing energy swept all directions, and most of the port facilities were quickly damaged.

Immemorial Evergreen and the others Although it hasn't been long since they were promoted to Rank 11, their battle strength is not weak at all.

All Moon Blade Slash attacks.

Power of Celestial Grotto is activated, with terrifying penetrating power.

The one after another half-moon-shaped energy blasted out continuously, like a machine gun, blasting towards the desert clan and the others.

"Damn, how could it be so strong?"

I saw a young man from a deserted clan cursing.

He just launched the divine ability, and the energy attack of the lasing hit the half-moon-shaped energy. It actually took two hits to counteract it, but the new half-moon-shaped energy was constantly shooting.

It was soon suppressed.

The half-moon-shaped energy directly hit his weapon, exploded on his weapon, and he was already under the wind.


Soon, one blow was not timely and one was missed.

I saw that half-moon-shaped energy blasted on his feet, and he staggered directly. The ninth rank battle uniforms directly punched a big hole.

And this is just the beginning.

The half-moon attack from the collision is the most terrifying.

"Rush up!"

Some wild clan shouted loudly.

They have been fighting in the jungle since they were young, they are very flexible and they are better at close combat.


Immemorial Evergreen and the others are not afraid at all, and also greeted them.

It's rare to encounter a group of evenly matched opponents, and they also want to fight a good game, not just hide away and use divine ability to remotely attack.

The two sides soon collided.

Weapon collision.

The sound of golden and iron mingled.

Among the Immemorial Evergreen and the others, only Immemorial Evergreen is the acquired Spirit Treasure Great Sword, and the others are still ordinary ninth rank treasure soldiers.

Among the teams of the Wild Race, half of them are the acquired Spirit Treasure.

In this way, Immemorial Evergreen and the others almost half fell into a disadvantage and could only be resisted.

"Shaotian, their weapons are a little too poor. Except Evergreen, no one else can do it. I have to change the equipment for them when I look back!"

Long Xiaokai Said aloud.

"Well, didn't you harvest a lot of Innate spirit mines from the dragon's lair before, and I will build some Spirit Treasure Level equipment for them later!"

Ou Shaotian thought After thinking about it, I also made a decision.

After all, the enemies they encounter are getting stronger and stronger. If the equipment is not up to date, the fight will really suffer.

Someone has been injured now.

"That's good, but can you refine Spirit Treasure Level equipment?"

Long Xiaokai was curiously asked.

"Of course!"

While Ou Shaotian was speaking, he waved his hand and the All Living Things to Recover divine ability was activated, and several green life energy fell on several injured players. Body.

With his guarantee and protect, even if Immemorial is evergreen and the others fall into a disadvantage, nothing will happen.

"I'm dizzy, if you do it like this, I have no chance at all!"

Long Xiaokai was a little dumbfounded.

Originally, he was thinking that when Immemorial was evergreen and the others couldn't stand it, he would take action.

But now that Ou Shaotian is treating behind the scenes, how could it not be able to withstand it.

Where does he have a chance?

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