Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 635

I saw the giant's projection urging the World Strength in his body, gathering a long spear of flame in his hand, and attacking Long Xiaokai in the air.

As a powerhouse in the creation realm, his Celestial Grotto has been promoted to the world, with a higher level of power.

Although it is just a projection, it is not weak.

If it weren't for Long Xiaokai's Innate Spirit Treasure to be too sharp, it would be impossible to hurt his projection.

"Ant, take the move!"

The giant projection waved the flame long spear and turned into a spear shadow in the sky, stabbing Long Xiaokai.


On the other side.

Immemorial Evergreen and the others also retreated to Ou Shaotian's side, and were also ready to attack.

I saw sister Li a little worried: "The projection of the creation realm is too strong, and there are almost no weaknesses. Even if the key is penetrated, it can quickly recover!"

In the midair, Long Xiaokai was extremely agile and had already stabbed several shots at the vital point of the giant's projection.

"Don't worry, Brother Kai is set to win. This giant projection seems to have recovered, but in fact the World Strength contained in it has been declining. The flame long spear is already a bit weaker."

Ou Shaotian sees it more thoroughly.

The giant projection is mainly condensed by World Strength. The body is not there. In fact, it is rootless duckweed and cannot last for about ten minutes at most.

Now he is attacking with all his strength and consumes more energy. It is estimated that he will not be able to hold on for five minutes.

"That's good!"

Sister Li and the others are finally relieved.

Sure enough.

As Ou Shaotian said, after the giant's projection launched several attacks and found that it could not help Long Xiaokai, he retired.

I saw him retreat Long Xiaokai with one move, and said: "Ant, wait for me, you, Divine Weapon, I am interested, my body will come and get it!"

Then it turned into a ray of light, rolled up the youth on the flying boat of the desert race, flew away towards the distance, and ran away!

Not even the top treasure boat.

"Even running?"

Ou Shaotian, who was watching the battle, couldn't help being surprised. He didn't expect the Avatar projection of the dignified creation powerhouse to actually escape.

"The nonsense is so loud, I actually ran away!"

Long Xiaokai is also the way of panting with rage.

If you could kill a projection in the creation realm, it would be so majestic that it would have caused the opponent to escape.

Knowing that he would do his best.

"hahaha, run away, look like that, it will definitely come again!"

Ou Shaotian laughed.

"That's the powerhouse of the creation realm. If the body comes over, we are not opponents. You still smile so happy?"

Long Xiaokai narrowed his mouth.

If he hadn't created a power, he would naturally not be afraid of the powerhouse in the creation realm. Even if he couldn't beat it, he could run, but now he joined Starfire Island, but he couldn't.

He can run, but Starfire Island can't.

"It’s okay. Even if the other party comes over, it will take a while. Take advantage of this time to make a breakthrough. Besides, there is no one behind us!"

Ou Shaotian I don't care.

Then Immemorial Changqing was ordered to put away the top treasure boat left by the desert clan, and at the same time arranged for someone to repair the damaged port, and then took everyone back.


On the sea.

About ten nautical miles from Starfire Island, the flying boat of Divine Race floats there, but several Divine Races on the deck are looking at each other.

I am even more grateful.

"My deed, fortunately I didn't fight to the end, otherwise, our fate is probably the same as the people of the desert clan!"

The god son Hong Xuanyun whispered.

"Son of God, as I said at first, there is an ominous atmosphere over us. Fortunately, you listened to my opinion and chose to retreat and wait and see, otherwise it would be finished!"

The black robe priest nearby said aloud.

"Well, let's go, let's go back first!"

Hong Xuanyun was nodded, and he didn't say any more, and he was not ready to participate anymore.

Because I will not be in the creation realm, I am no longer eligible to participate.

Soon, the flying boat of Divine Race also left.


The war is over. The cultivator on Spark Island is discussing spiritedly. Many Human Races are excitedly discussing, and they have strengthened the idea of ​​buying a house.

"Brothers, I'm going to buy a house, Island Lord, they already have the battle strength of the creation realm. Even the projection of the creation realm powerhouse has been repelled, and the future will definitely be even more powerful!"

I saw the excitement of a Human Race youth.

"Yes, I also plan to settle on Starfire Island. With such a powerful Island Lord, the future of Starfire Island is absolutely safe!"

Another Human Race is also present. Said the voice.

"Wait a minute, I'm afraid the people from the desert race will retaliate. The body of the giant projection will definitely not let it go!"

There are still people who worry about the insecurity of Spark Island. .

"What are you afraid of? Anyone who always wants to take a gamble is impossible to be 100% successful. This is such a good opportunity. I will regret it if I missed it!"

But it is very firm.

This is really good, and the current situation is the best.

When things become clear, the housing price of Starfire Island will definitely skyrocket. Even if their Human Race can be purchased at half price, it is definitely an astronomical data.

There are many cautious, but there are more people who dare to gamble.

So those newly built residential areas have also become lively.


Island Lord House.

Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai are preparing for a breakthrough, and both are preparing to advance to the 12th Rank.

Long Xiaokai will not talk about it. There are many treasures and there is no shortage of breakthrough resources. In his body, there is a mysterious super ancient inheritance, and the future is unlimited.

Ou Shaotian is now facing a major decision.

When he swallowed the Canglong Ball and was about to break through, he told him in his heart that there were two breakthrough directions.

One is directly fused with nine-port Celestial Grotto and turned into a Celestial Grotto world!

The other is to integrate the nine-port Celestial Grotto into the realm within the realm, completely refining the world, and turn it into its own Celestial Grotto world.

In just an instant, he made a decision.

The door world is a treasure of space, with incredible power. The pure Celestial Grotto world is definitely not comparable to the Celestial Grotto world after the door world is integrated.

For the breakthrough of ordinary people, they have to choose a Celestial Grotto as the main body, and then integrate other Celestial Grotto into it.

He doesn't need it anymore.

Directly use the door world as the main body and integrate Celestial Grotto into it.

In the door world.

Everyone who lives in it has been notified.

Don't go out.

All buildings and spirit farms have been set up by Ou Shaotian, and they are all activated at this moment in order to prevent damage caused by abnormal changes during the breakthrough.

Just when everyone in the door world was watching, the change occurred.

A huge shadow of a knife suddenly appeared in the sky, straddling the sky, without seeing the head and tail, and its size is unknown.

Above the blade, the streamer of azure flickers, it looks like an incomparable gigantic ancient tree with one after another rich life energy flowing on it.

It is Ou Shaotian's first Celestial Grotto, which combines his Immemorial Divine Physique and Celestial Grotto with divine ability.

Not only is it extremely stable, but it is also incredibly lethal.

This moment.

Under the control of Ou Shaotian, this knife-shaped Celestial Grotto suddenly disintegrated and turned into a knife shadow with a handle of more than one meter long, integrated into the realm within the realm.

And this is just the beginning.

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