Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 636

Under the control of Ou Shaotian, the nine Celestial Grotto blended into the realm one by one, making the amazing natural phenomenon above the world constantly appear.

At the same time.

The door world is also constantly increasing, and the marginal position is constantly expanding.

Ou Shaotian's mind is constantly shaking.

The comprehension about the world is constantly emerging in his heart, and the temperament of the whole person has also become elegant and dusty.

Just when Ou Shaotian merged all nine Celestial Grotto into the world, the change reappeared.

The tree of good fortune beside him suddenly began to grow, and it kept getting bigger. It actually absorbed the Immemorial Divine Physique integrated into the door world, and advanced.

It is directly transformed into a towering old tree covering the heavens and shielding the sun with several hundred meters high.

Followed by the crazy throughput of Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, the concentration of Spiritual Qi in the whole world began to skyrocket.

Make the door world full of high concentration of pure Spiritual Qi.

More conducive to the growth of all things.

It is very easy to absorb refining.

Make a comparison!

Before the mutation, the absorbed Spiritual Qi still needs cultivation technique to refining.

After the mutation, it is different. Even if there is no cultivation technique, just simple breathing can automatically refine, be absorbed by the fleshy body, and turn into the nutrients of the fleshy body.

In the door world, everyone can't help but take a deep breath.

"Wow, this Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi has changed, it is easier to absorb refining, it feels so comfortable!"

Someone couldn't help but say.

"Unexpectedly, an adult's breakthrough would have caused such a big change in the world!"

Someone said excitedly.

"Don't talk nonsense, watch it carefully. As long as you understand this natural phenomenon, it will last you a lifetime!"

Someone reminded me.

"It's extremely, extremely!"

Everyone is nodded, and they don't say much anymore, but focus on watching the natural phenomenon that is constantly occurring in the sky.

Comprehend one after another.

Time also passed quietly, and three days passed unconsciously.

As the nine-port Celestial Grotto is integrated into the door world, Ou Shaotian also has an unprecedented improvement in the strength control of the door world, and has successfully obtained the authority of the world.


Just when Ou Shaotian made a successful breakthrough, Long Xiaokai was almost there.

His background is not inferior to Ou Shaotian at all, and he has obtained the gunway inheritance of a certain super ancient sect, so the breakthrough is also very smooth.

Ou Shaotian just left the customs less than half a day, and Long Xiaokai also left the customs.

So far.

Starfire Island has two powerhouses of the 12th Rank creation realm.

And they are all Human Race.

That night.

Ou Shaotian and the others got together again and began to celebrate.

At about the time of the meal, Ou Shaotian signaled everyone to calm down and said aloud: "Everyone, let’s talk about a business matter, which is also our next task."

"I’m here There is an intelligence on the side. There are a large number of slaves of various races on several mine islands, among which is included our Human Race. The next goal is to rescue!"

Then Ou Shaotian scanned it by radar. I talked about the situation in detail.

In fact, he had discovered the existence of the mine island a long time ago, but he didn't have the strength before, but now he can put it on the agenda.

"Brother Shaotian, we are going to save people, what about the protection on the island? People from the desert race may come to retaliate at any time, and the body of the projection may be killed!"

Yun Duo'er is a little worried.

"Don't worry, I have already contacted Sect Master. He has sent someone to block the door. I am afraid that the 12th Rank of the desert clan can't even get out of the desert clan Holy Land!"

Ou Shaotian said with a smile.

Just when they were in retreat, the top tycoon of Immemorial cult, a powerhouse of the 12th Rank Peak creation realm, blocked the door directly in the deserted Holy Land.

After all, Starfire Island is sheltered by Immemorial.

The desolate clan’s killing of the door is also the use of the projection of the powerhouse of the creation realm. Naturally, the Immemorial religion cannot be left alone. In order to maintain the prestige of sect, it must be taken care of.

Therefore, after discussion, the senior officials of Immemorial Cult directly dispatched a top power.

Otherwise, revenge has already come.

For the great power of the creation realm, even the distance of millions and millions li is nothing. Just find the coordinates, and the Tearing Space can easily reach it.

"That's good!"

Yun Duo'er was relieved when he heard it.

"According to the intelligence, the slaves in those mine islands are not having a good time, all of them are extremely miserable, so this matter can't be delayed, we must act as soon as possible!"

Ou Shaotian said aloud.

"Of course, since our Human Race compatriots are suffering, they must be saved. How to save, you can directly order!"

Long Xiaokai put down his chopsticks, said solemnly.

As the Child of Destiny of Human Race, he is born with a powerful mission to lead Human Race. If he doesn't know it, forget it. Now that he knows it, he must take care of it.

So he absolutely supports Ou Shaotian's decision to save people!

"There are currently two mine islands I have discovered, one is Jin Clan, the other is Madras, and there are slaves of our Human Race on them."

Ou Shaotian felt a little heavy.

Before the strength was not enough, he could ignore the situation on these two islands. Now that his strength has improved, he doesn't want to bear it anymore!

Those Human Race compatriots must be rescued.

Then he talked about the situation on these two alien mine islands in detail.

Different from the mine islands of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance, these alien mine islands are all excavated by the aliens after being occupied by the aliens, and the mining is done with slaves.

As for how the slave comes, naturally it is to capture some weak races.

Before Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai appeared, Human Race had basically no power in the Chaos Sea, either alone or teaming up with some weaker race cultivators.

Hold together to keep warm!

In the Chaos Sea, Starfire Island can be said to be the first island belonging to the Human Race.

Human Race on Spark Island is live and work in peace, but in the Chaos Sea, there are thousands of Human Races in dire straits.

Among the ten thousand races, there are good and bad!

There are many overbearing races. Even if there is an alliance of ten thousand races, many weak races are still difficult to survive, and it is difficult to find a chance to rise.


Three days later.

Fishing Boat Avatar left Starfire Island with Ou Shaotian and the others, and set off to the nearest Jin Clan mine island!

this time.

In addition to trying to rescue the Human Race, Ou Shaotian is also preparing to rob a batch of Innate spirit mines to upgrade the Fishing Boat Avatar and enhance the power of the Fishing Boat Avatar.

It can be described as double targets with one stone!

As for whether it will succeed or not, it is not yet clear.

However, the strongest existence on the mine island is Rank 11, and they have no room to resist.

The only thing to worry about is that the other party asks for help.

Before setting off, Ou Shaotian also inquired from the Immemorial Cult. In the Jin Clan Holy Land of Chaos Sea, there is also a 12th Rank creation powerhouse.

And it is a very powerful kind.

The reason is simple.

Jin Clan innate talent is outstanding, he is born to control the law of gold, not to mention the powerful fleshy body, his attack power is also terrifying matchless.

Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai just broke through, not necessarily opponents.

That’s why you have to proceed with caution!

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