Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 638

On the mine island of Jin Clan, there are about 1,000 guards, 100 at the port, led by Captain, a Rank 11 guard, and 900 in the camp.

Jin Clan powerhouse, which is also a Rank 11, sits in the camp.

Although there are a lot of people, there are only two Rank 11 in total. Naturally, it is impossible to be the opponent of Immemorial and the others. Those tenth ranks can't even get close.

Neither Ou Shaotian nor the others took action, only Immemorial Evergreen and the others have slaughtered Jin Clan in the mine.

But the strongest Rank 11 Jin Clan did not kill.

After being seriously injured and caught, stay for questioning.

Entering the mine, Immemorial Evergreen and the others started, Ou Shaotian and the others just filmed the video, the video of the capture of the mine, and the explanation.

After getting Jin Clan in the mine, the miners in the mine were also called out.

They are all cultivators from small and weak races.

Ou Shaotian turned on the camera and looked towards the ragged miners with shackles on their hands and feet. He said with a heavy heart: "Everyone has seen it!"

"This is Jin A mining island in Clan, they captured many cultivators from small and weak races to come in for mining, and treat these cultivators as slaves."

"Today we captured this place in order to rescue these slaves. As for occupying this It’s a mine island, just by the way!"

"In addition!"

"I am here to warn everyone, no matter who it is, as long as you dare to catch Human Race as a slave, sooner or later One day I will kill the door, don’t doubt my words."


The reason why Ou Shaotian recorded the video was naturally to upload the Ten Thousand Races Alliance forum as an excuse. , Just and honorable to occupy this Jin Clan mine island.

Although they are not afraid of Jin Clan's 12th Rank Old Ancestor, it is also important to be famous.

In this way, even if Jin Clan sue the Ten Thousand Races Alliance, it is useless.

When Ou Shaotian was recording the video, Long Xiaokai and the others also called all the slaves together and announced to them that everyone was free.

In an instant.

All slaves are excited.

Many people are skinny and gray-haired, looking like refugees.

But at this moment, they are full of joy.

"We are saved. We don't need to mine anymore. We are finally free. I thought I would die in the mine forever. I didn't think there would be another day!"

"wu wu wu, old friend, why don't you hold on for one more day!"

"Free, really free!"


Many miner slaves are crying for joy.

This moment.

They only saw it when they were dreaming, but they didn't expect it to come.

"Everyone, be quiet, line up one by one, let you lift the seal shackles first!"

Long Xiaokai signaled everyone to be quiet, and then Immemorial Changqing and the others shot , One by one, remove the shackles from the miners’ slaves.

At the same time, let each slave introduce his own experience, mainly his name, which race he belongs to, where he was caught by Jin Clan and so on.

Ou Shaotian also recorded it all.

I can say for sure.

Once this video is released, it will definitely cause quite a stir.

"Get it done, call it a day!"

After Ou Shaotian uploaded the video to the forum on the alliance's official website, the slave miners were treated.

With a wave of his hand, the All Living Things to Recover divine ability is activated.

The rain of green energy enveloped the injured thousands of miners, and the rich life force surrounded them, and everyone couldn't help groaning.

Many miners with dark complexions have become ruddy.

At the end of the treatment, Ou Shaotian also said loudly: "Everyone, we will occupy this mine island next, and you can become the first residents of this mine island!"

"As for the security issue, you don’t have to worry about it, don’t worry about Jin Clan coming over, they should be in trouble now!"

He was right. After the video was sent out, the League’s Law The Enforcement Group has already begun operations.

According to the rules of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance, grievances and grievances can be killed, but the behavior of slave others such as population trading is absolutely prohibited. This is absolutely prohibited.

The senior leaders of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance need to have some bottom line if they want to get the support of many weak and small races.

To enslave the weak and small races is to not touch the bottom line.

As soon as his voice fell, Island Lord Teng Xiao of Chaos Island sent a call request.

"Master Ou, is the video real?"

After the call was connected, Teng Xiao went straight to the subject.

“It’s true, Jin Clan’s mine island, you can send someone over to verify that these slave miners are still there and will not leave in a short time!”

” Then you have to be careful, I have sent the Law Enforcement Group to Jin Clan Holy Land and asked them to explain, but maybe they will send an expert to attack you!"

"Don't worry, even if it is Jin Clan's Old Ancestor is here, and I have the confidence to deal with it."

"That's good."

Then the two chatted for a few more words and ended the call.

Clean up the battlefield.

Jin Clan's corpses are all collected together, and will eventually be turned into fertilizer for small vines and will not be wasted.

Rinse off the blood.

Thousands of miner slaves also temporarily settled in the camp.


At the same time.

In Jin Clan Holy Land, the top of Jin Clan is also flies into a rage, everyone's face is not good, Jin Clan's Old Ancestor was also shocked.

Went out of the retreat.

"Let’s talk about it, what to do now, the slave affairs are exposed, the alliance will definitely not give up easily, don’t be dumb, just think of a way!"

Jin Clan’s The Old Ancestor sits in the first seat of the Conference Hall, said solemnly.

"What are you afraid of? It is not just Jin Clan who enslaves the weak and small races. Many strong races are doing it, such as the desert race, the mad race, the Divine Race, etc., which one did not do it!"

Someone whispered.

"For nothing, the key problem now is that others have not been exposed. Our exposure has been filmed into a video. The evidence is conclusive!"

Someone said in an angry voice.

"Okay, don't make a noise, I summoned you guys to find a way!"

Jin Clan Old Ancestor said in an angry tone.

Seeing that there is going to be a quarrel below, he is also full of fire.

"Old Ancestor, how about it? We deny it directly, saying that the mine island is not our Jin Clan. The Jin Clan people above are all traitors and they are deliberately planted and framed!"

Jin Clan's patriarch said aloud.

I have to say that being able to become Head of a Clan has a good IQ, and I quickly thought of a way.

Just this way, the loss is not small.

"Is that so? It's not impossible, but this way, there is no reason to retake the mine island!"

Jin Clan Old Ancestor hesitantly said.

The value of this mine island is not low, just discard it, not just him, I am afraid all Jin Clan people will not be willing.

But apart from this method, there seems to be no other methods!

"Old Ancestor, this is the only way I can think of, otherwise, as soon as the Alliance's Law Enforcement Group comes, I am afraid that not only the island will be lost, but also a large amount of compensation will be paid!"

Jin Clan’s patriarch said solemnly.


Jin Clan Old Ancestor also no longer hesitate.

I decided to abandon the mine island.

It's just that they don't know that the mine island is just the beginning.

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