Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 640

Scorpion Island Port.

Jin Clan's guard, who had strengthened his defense a long time ago, naturally saw the Fishing Boat Avatar approaching, immediately sounded the alarm, and a large number of guards gathered.

The guard of Scorpion Island is called Jin Guangyu, which is the powerhouse of Rank 11 Peak.

Half of the foot stepped into the creation realm.

After receiving the news, immediately led the team over.

"Damn it, how did they know about Scorpion Island? Who on earth revealed the location information here?"

Jin Guangyu looked at the approaching Fishing Boat Avatar with a furious expression. .

"My lord, now is not the time to get angry, let's find a way to resist them first!"

The deputy next to him said aloud.

"Everyone is ready for the battle. Rank 11 players will look for their Rank 11 to fight, and the others will form a battle formation. Since they dare to come, they will all be wiped out!"

Jin Guangyu said solemnly.


Everyone responded in unison.

this time.

Jin Clan has made sufficient preparations for a long time, specially adding ten Paradise Realm experts, plus the two originally stationed, there are a total of twelve Paradise Realms.

This is where their confidence lies.

In addition to the war formed by ordinary Jin Clan guards, every 100 people can deal with a Paradise Realm expert.

One thousand ordinary guards can just fight against ten Paradise Realm experts.

It can be said to be quite powerful.


Looking at the Fishing Boat Avatar approaching, the Jin Clan guard at the port broke out in a shocking imposing manner.


Ou Shaotian didn't talk nonsense, and directly gave the order to attack.

The women Yun Duo'er, Immemorial Evergreen and the others flew up in the air, prompting a mouthful of Celestial Grotto, aggressively killing Jin Clan on the port.

Sister Li and her daughters have a total of four people, and Yun Duo'er is five people.

Immemorial Evergreen and the others ten people.

There are fifteen people in total.

"There are fifteen people, three more than us, and they all exist in Rank 11 Peak. Damn it, I hope the battle formation can withstand it!"

Jin Guang Yu saw the menacing Yun Duo'er and the others, and his expression suddenly changed.

It is also Paradise Realm Peak, and its strength is also the difference between Heaven and Earth.

What the battle formation can deal with is only ordinary Paradise Realm, not Paradise Realm Peak, even more how Yun Duo'er and the others are not ordinary Paradise Realm Peak.

Yun Duo'er and several women are the existence of seven Celestial Grotto.

Even if it is Immemorial Evergreen and the others, the worst is a combination of five Celestial Grotto.

Look back at Jin Clan powerhouse such as Jin Guangyu.

Generally, there are less than three Celestial Grotto, and only the strongest Jinguangyu has gathered five Celestial Grotto. The gap between the two parties is really too big.

"My lord, they are very strong, what should I do?"

The deputy next to him was also a little panicked.

"Don't be afraid, they are only a dozen people, no matter how strong, don't worry, our Jin Clan's divine ability can not be trifled with, everyone listen, free to attack!"

Jin Guangyu's voice fell, and he took the lead in launching an attack.

I saw him lasing out into a ball of golden light, killing the Yun Duo'er who was the first to rush over, and his target was Yun Duo'er.

"Go die for me!"

With the violent shouts, Golden's Celestial Grotto slammed into Yun Duo'er.

"Good come!"

I saw Yun Duo'er loudly shouted, directly stimulating the Yin and Yang Celestial Grotto, and slammed into the opponent's Celestial Grotto.


The fierce collision sounded constantly.

High above the sky, one-on-one, the extra three people directly attacked the guards on the ground.

The fierce melee broke out.

Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai are watching the battle from the rear, whoever is in danger, they will give support.


Above the sky, the most exciting thing is the battle of several women.

Yun Duo'er carries the Celestial Grotto of Yin and Yang on his head, chasing the golden light to fight, terrifying matchless one by one, every time he strikes, the golden light to fight against the flesh is extremely painful.

Jin Clan divine ability can refine spirit transformation mines, Fleshy body is famous for defense.

At this moment, under the blow of Yun Duo'er, the golden body was instantly broken, and then the Celestial Grotto of Yin and Yang opened and swallowed the opponent.


With only a scream, Jin Guangyu's silhouette disappeared.

"My lord!"

Other Jin Clan experts exclaimed.

At the same time, the idea of ​​running away was born.

"Hurry up and attack her and save the lord!"

The lieutenant of Jin Guangyu wanted to save people, and took the lead in killing Yun Duo'er.

"Stop him!"

Sister Li suddenly said.


The person closest to Yun Duo'er immediately abandoned his opponent, flew in front of Yun Duo'er, protected Yun Duo'er, blocked the lieutenant who was attacked, and delayed time.

"Get out!"

With loudly shouted, the two sides quickly fought fiercely.

The others wanted to escape.

One by one, they pulled the battlefield away, away from the crowd, ready to escape at any time.

"They are going to run away!"

Ou Shaotian reminded aloud.

"Don't worry, they can't run!"

Immemorial Changqing and the others said aloud.

One after another, the four of them dragged their opponents, otherwise the opponents ran away.

Who dares to turn around and run, guarantee that he will get a blow behind his back.

"die for me!"

Yun Duo'er is also tenderly shouted, spurring the Power of Yin-Yang in the Celestial Grotto of Yin and Yang, killing off Jin Guangyu’s resistance, and starting to He is refining away.

Jin Guangyu, who was injured very seriously, couldn't hold on to one minute at all, and died soon.

It becomes the nutrient of yin and yang Celestial Grotto.

After getting Jin Guangyu, Yun Duo'er once again killed one person.

"Not good, my lord has sacrificed!"

Seeing Yun Duo'er's actions, other Jin Clan experts all understand that Jin Guangyu has been refining by the opponent's Celestial Grotto !

"Don't want to run, leave it to me!"

Immemorial Evergreen and the others burst out loudly, and Sister Li and the others are also doing their best.

lose one's head out of fear Jin Clan expert weak spots who wanted to escape frequently appeared. As you can imagine, they were hit hard and killed. Fewer than three people managed to escape.

The Jin Clan battlefield below also collapsed instantly.

The high-level battle failed, and their ordinary guards, no matter how hard they resist, are useless, they just collapsed!


At the same time.

In the mine in the center of Scorpion Island, many ragged miners also gathered.

They were also alarmed by the war.

"What's going on outside, is this an outbreak of an animal tide?"

"I don’t know, the supervisors have all left. Maybe it’s really an outbreak of an animal tide. !"

"The best, I hope that the scale of the beast tide will be larger. It is better to kill all these Jin Clan, so that we can escape!"

"Don't dream Now, even if the scale of the beast tide is large enough, the Jin Clan on the islands will ask for help. If you want to kill the Jin Clan, it is impossible!"

"Ai, don't think about that many, While the overseer is not there, let's be lazy!"

"Yes, take a good rest!"


In the mine.

Thousands of miners in groups of three or four gathered to rest, seizing this difficult opportunity to relax.

Except for running away.

What they hope most is that the overseers who beat them from time to time are killed in the beast.

It's just that the facts did not disappoint them.

Jin Clan’s encounter was more terrifying than encountering the beast tide, death to death, fleeing, those who escaped into the water are also the fate of nine deaths and still alive.

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