Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 641

In order to deal with Ou Shaotian and the others, Jin Clan on the island was all concentrated in the port. Originally, he was confident that he could take the opportunity to kill Ou Shaotian and the others.

The result was a complete collapse after a few minutes of fighting.

The battle was over in less than five minutes.

"Changqing, you clean up the battlefield first, let's go to the mine first!"

After ordering Immemorial Changqing and the others to clean up the battlefield, Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai and the others looked towards the mine on Xiezi Island and set off.


Immemorial is evergreen and the others complied, and also moved quickly.


The mine.

After the slave miners heard that the movement stopped, they also picked up their tools and started mining, to guard against Jin Clan miners who might come back at any time.

But at this moment, a voice came in suddenly.

"Everyone inside is listening. Jin Clan on the island has been killed. It has been occupied by Human Race. Now everyone can come out and you are free!"

It was Ou Shaotian who shouted, and his voice sounded cleanly in the ears of all slaves.

"What's the situation?"

The efforts in the mine can't help but stop, looking at each other, some not knowing what to do.

"Someone just yelled, saying that we were free?"

Someone muttered to themselves, some wondered if they had hallucinations.

"I heard it too!"

Someone said again.


More and more people are speaking out, and everyone finally believes that some people are really shouting, and some people really say they are free, not an illusion.

It’s true.

"Go, go out and have a look!"


Someone boldly went out first.


Cheers came.

Thousands of slaves walked out of the cave one by one.

These slaves are all in ragged clothes, just like beggar, they don’t know how long they haven’t taken a shower, and they look dirty.

Although it looks miserable, everyone’s eyes are full of rays of light!

It is no longer the despair of the past.

"Everyone, be quiet, we are from Human Race. Not long ago, we discovered that Jin Clan was enslaving the weak and small races, so I deliberately killed this island and rescued everyone."

Speaking of which, Ou Shaotian also paused.

"Many thanks, everyone, help!"

Many slaves are also grateful.

"Jin Clan on the island has been killed. As for Jin Clan's revenge, you don't have to worry about it, because this is the second slave mine we occupied Jin Clan."

"We are occupying justice, and Jin Clan can't help us!"

"I have reported the situation here to the League of Ten Thousand Races. I believe the race behind you will also initiate protests, Jin Clan people It will not last long."

"In the next time, we will build a camp on Xiezi Island. You can choose to settle here, or you can contact your family to pick you up and leave!"

"Now let's remove the seals and shackles for you!"

Ou Shaotian said that, just seeing Immemorial Evergreen and the others coming over, he couldn't help but signal them to go up and lift the seals and shackles of many slaves.

"Thank you, thank you..."

Many slaves are excited and thankful.

Now they don’t know what to say except thank you. Thousands of words are condensed in two words.

After Immemorial Evergreen and the others took action to help them remove the shackles of the seal, Ou Shaotian also used the All Living Things to Recover divine ability to help them recover to their best condition.

Ou Shaotian took Long Xiaokai and the others towards the warehouse of the camp after getting these things done.

Next is the time to count the harvest.


At the same time.

Jin Clan Holy Land, also received the news that the second mine island was captured.

Two consecutive mine islands were robbed, and Jin Clan's executives couldn't sit still. They soon gathered to hold a meeting to discuss countermeasures.

"The big guys are all here, now let’s talk about it, what on earth should I do, this is the second mine island that has been robbed, do you want to get it back?"

Jin Clan Holy Land's Holy Lord Jin Mengyuan sat in the first seat, said solemnly.

"Holy Lord, I suggest letting Old Ancestor take action. Even if you can't just and honorable retake the mine island, you must kill the gang, otherwise they will only continue to be targeted!"

Someone said aloud.

"No, there is Immemorial cult behind the opponent. Even if Old Ancestor's attack is successful, it will cause trouble. Immemorial cult will not give up easily!"

Someone rejected this suggestion.

"Rank 11 is not an opponent, and he is unwilling to let Old Ancestor take the shot, so what do you guys say, is it so difficult to just watch the opponent attack us like this?"

Many Jin Clan executives have a gloomy expression.

"Okay, everyone, be quiet!"

At this moment, Holy Lord Jin Mengyuan finally couldn't help but speak.

I saw him say: "According to the intelligence, during this period of time, it is not only our Jin Clan, but also the Wild Race and Divine Race. They are in the hands of this group of Human Races, and they have no loss. Small."

"And don't forget that the Divine Race, Desolate Race, Mad Race and other races also have slave mine islands in their hands, and that group of Human Race will definitely take action on these mine islands. "

"As for us, let's wait and see for the time being. Anyway, Jin Clan has a total of three mine islands. The remaining one does not have a slave, and the other party has no reason to shoot!"

In fact, before the meeting, Holy Lord Jin Mengyuan had an idea.

The Old Ancestor of the creation realm is their trump card. It cannot be easily dispatched if it is not as a last resort.

Unless to the point of extinction.

So the best option right now is to forbearance.

Wait and see first.

"Holy Lord is wise!"

Soon, many Jin Clan executives praised Jin Mengyuan.

The meeting also ended soon.

The second mine island was taken away, Jin Clan still did not take action, but was waiting for time.

Choose to wait and see.


On Scorpion Island, Immemorial Evergreen and the others got busy with the slave team, began to build camps, and led the team to clean up the Primal Chaos Demon scorpions on the island.

Ou Shaotian is busy upgrading the Fishing Boat Avatar.

Continuously occupy the two mine islands of Jin Clan, and finally have enough of the Innate Spirit Mine needed to upgrade the Fishing Boat Avatar again.

You can upgrade again.

After instructing everyone not to disturb him for the time being, Ou Shaotian hid in a room and upgraded the Fishing Boat Avatar. A large amount of Innate Spirit Mine was swallowed.

The golden rays of light also enveloped him.

It took five minutes for the golden rays of light to gradually dissipate.

The upgrade was successful.

Fishing Boat Avatar's data has also changed a lot.

Avatar: Spirit Treasure flying boat

Level: acquired second rate

Speed: 3500ms

Armor: Innate spirit mine as the main body, ignore Divine Ability Realm’s attack

Main artillery: ten mixed-element cannons, effective range of 10,000 meters, compressed one mixed-element ammunition every three seconds

Secondary artillery: two hundred armor piercing God Extinguishing Bow

Radar: scans a radius of 35,000 miles, detects information about everything, consumes Spiritual Qi, and deduces everything.

Fish cabin: door world

Carry: Twenty ninth rank mechanical puppets

Possession: can be turned into a mark, attached to the body

Diving: seabed sailing, speed increased by 100%

Appearance : The main body is made of Innate spirit mine, the whole body is dark golden, the captain is 380 meters long, 72 meters wide, 6-Layer up and down, there is a 15-meter-long Hunyuan collision angle in the front, and the hull is full of mysterious Dao Mark

Upgrade: need a cultivation base to reach Rank 11

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