Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 642

After the upgrade of the Fishing Boat Avatar, the speed has increased again, reaching 3,500 meters per second. This speed is simply terrifying, far exceeding the average Spirit Treasure flying boat.

Especially the underwater speed doubles.

Even some Innate Spirit Treasure Level and other flying boats are not necessarily comparable.

In addition to the speed change, the power of the radar has also been enhanced again, and the scanning range has increased by 5,000 miles, reaching an astonishing 35,000 miles.

And this is not just as simple as increasing the scanning distance, there are other enhancements, and the information obtained by scanning deduction is also more complete.

For example, based on the information collected, some things that have not happened yet can be deduced.

The accuracy rate is as high as 99.99%!

There is almost no error.

"We can continue to upgrade, but unfortunately the Innate mine is not enough. It seems that we have to continue to occupy the slave mines of those alien races!"

Ou Shaotian squinted, and soon Made a decision.

Continue to grab!

He believes that besides Jin Clan's island, there must be a lot of slave islands in the hands of other aliens, and they can just grab them all.

In this way, you can save the enslaved Human Race and get a lot of Innate spirit mine by the way. Why not!

So, things were decided so happily.


That night, during the meal, Ou Shaotian stated his next plan.

Long Xiaokai and the others were suddenly excited.

"Shaotian, when shall we act?"

Long Xiaokai couldn't wait to ask.

"Wait for the Immemorial church team to come tomorrow, let's hand over, and then set off!"

Ou Shaotian said while eating.


Others have nodded.


2nd day.

The team of Immemorial gods finally arrived. Rank 11 Paradise Realm led the team, and most of the people who came were from the line of Immemorial god Sect Lord, who belonged to the Sect Lord line.

Except for the people of the main line, they are the people of Star Fire Peak.

The main reason is that the tenth order of Star Fire Peak is still too few, so there is no way, only people from the main line can help.


If they continue to occupy, I am afraid that the Immemorial god Sect Lord will not have that many people sent, and they can only be transferred at the Immemorial headquarters in the Chaos Sea.

And in this way, Ou Shaotian's contribution is also great.

The capture of so many mine islands for the Immemorial Cult is enough to greatly enhance his position in the Immemorial Cult.

Of course.

He won't take up all the benefits.

Long Xiaokai and the others were born in the Water Moon Palace, and the mine islands that he grabbed back must also be divided into the Water Moon Palace.

In this way, at the same time of mutual benefit, the Water Moon Palace can also be pulled into the war chariot.

Say less gossip.

Ou Shaotian and the others quickly completed the handover after the Immemorial Cult's team arrived, and the mine island was also handed over to the Immemorial Cult to manage, so he didn't need to worry about it.

From now on, he only needs to wait for a portion of the benefits each year.

Although the mine island is handed over to the Immemorial cult, half of the income on the mine island belongs to the star Fire Peak.

After the handover, Ou Shaotian drove the Fishing Boat Avatar and set off with Long Xiaokai and the others.

Continue to capture the slave mine island.

Any island with Human Race slave on the island, all will not let go.


time quietly pass, more than half a year passed in the blink of an eye.

In the past six months or so, Ou Shaotian and the others have been searching for slave mines on the island. As long as they find them, they will occupy them all, and they have captured no less than ten islands.

Seven of them were handed over to the Immemorial Cult, and three were handed over to the Water Moon Palace.

In the past six months, they have also offended Desolate Race, Mad Race, Barbarian Race and Divine Race one after another, and they are irreconcilable.


Ou Shaotian found another goal, but the goal at this time is not simple. It is no longer a foreign race, but belongs to the Heavenly Fire cult.

And it is a Chaos Crystal mine.

As long as you occupy this Chaos Crystal mine, everyday all can dig a large amount of Chaos Spirit Crystal.

And based on radar scanning.

The storage capacity of this Chaos Crystal mine is amazing. The tens of thousands of slave miners on the island can't finish digging the chaotic Spirit Crystal even if they have been digging for a hundred years.

But this island is not simple, and it is guarded by the 12th Rank powerhouse of Heavenly Fire.

Fishing Boat Avatar has stopped on the sea. Ou Shaotian and the others are standing on the deck. You can vaguely see the outline of the island more than ten kilometers away. It is a very huge island.

"Shaotian, your Divine Soul is powerful, can you see the situation on the island?"

Long Xiaokai asked aloud.

"There is a 12th Rank, 30 Rank 11, and the remaining ordinary guards have 3,000 people, mainly from Divine Race, Desolate Race, and Mad Race. It's not easy!"

Ou Shaotian frowns said.

It is also Rank 11. The Rank 11 of Heavenly Fire Church is not comparable to the ordinary Rank 11 outside.

The Rank 11 outside is mostly made into one or two Celestial Grotto.

Rank 11 of Heavenly Fire Divine Cult is mostly the existence of three Celestial Grottos, and even five Celestial Grottos are no more. Their strength is definitely not worse than Immemorial Evergreen and the others.

In addition, the number of opponents far exceeds them, so this battle is not easy to fight.

"How to fight, do you want to draw them out first?"

Long Xiaokai asked aloud.

"Sneak attack, I will take action with you, first sneak attack to kill the powerhouse of that 12th Rank creation realm, the rest is simple!"

Ou Shaotian thought about it Thought, a decision was made quickly.

Go straight to the war. What he worried about was that the 12th Rank powerhouse would avoid them and attack Yun Duo'er and the others.

In that case, only Yun Duo'er and the others of Rank 11 have little resistance.

So the best way is to kill the 12th Rank first by sneak attack.


Long Xiaokai is also nodded.

He is also not a pedantic person. Since sneak attacks are the safest, he will not stupidly oppose it. After all, everyone's safety is the most important at any time.


That night.

Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai flew out from the deck.

Yun Duo'er and the others stayed at the ship's High Level, but they were also ready to support.

The speed of the two is very fast, in a flash, they have already appeared on the incomparable gigantic crystal mine island, and then silently lurked in.

Under the leadership of Ou Shaotian, he soon appeared in that powerhouse secluded cultivation place of the creation realm.

According to radar scanning.

This person was born in Divine Race, named Hong Cangyi, the 12th Rank Level 3 cultivation base, is an old powerhouse in the world of creation, and in the Heavenly Fire sect, it is also the existence of great military exploits.

After all, guarding the crystal mine island is a fat man.

Sitting here, basically there will be no lack of Chaos Spirit Crystal for cultivation.

So this Hong Cangyi is not simple, the battle strength is definitely a leverage.

At this time, he was sitting in the cultivation secret room, surrounded by Chaos Spirit Crystals. These Spirit Crystals were constantly being sucked by him, and his cultivation base was slowly increasing.

It's just that the creation realm is already the culmination of cultivation, and it is quite difficult to upgrade.

Even if his innate talent is extraordinary and no shortage of resources, the speed of cultivation is as slow as that of a snail.

But anyway.

As long as there is improvement, it is the best.

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