Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 643

Ou Shaotian brought Long Xiaokai and approached Hong Cangyi's closed chamber silently. All the way, he came in cautiously through the loopholes in Formation.

There are surprises but no dangers.

If you change someone else, it will be impossible to lurch in silently.

However, Ou Shaotian did it.

The most important thing is that Hong Cangyi in the secret room is in the most relaxed state, without any sense of vigilance.

Because the surrounding Formation was arranged by him himself, he subconsciously thought that he was the safest in this secret room shrouded by Formation, and he didn't need to waste his mind to be on guard at all.

Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai quietly appeared behind Hong Cangyi, and launched a sneak attack in a tacit understanding.

The scarlet blade light flashed past.

It is the divine blood knife.

The most terrifying thing is that after the fusion of the nine Celestial Grotto, the World Strength is vast and majestic. After urging the divine blood knife, the lethality terrifying matchless smashes the back of Hong Cangyi's head.

This blade clearly has Supreme divine might, but under Ou Shaotian's convergence, it is silent.

And Long Xiaokai is not bad either.

Directly used an unknown marksmanship trick. The World Strength in the body was concentrated on the tip of the gun. The lethality was no different than that of Ou Shaotian.

The long spear pointed directly at Hong Cangyi's back and the position of his heart.


The explosion sounded.

Almost at the moment of the attack, Hong Cangyi's fleshy body defended itself, and the fleshy body automatically aroused the defensive cover, not his subjective defense.


Hong Cangyi was directly hit by these two attacks, and subconsciously let out a scream.

The back of the head was split open by Ou Shaotian, bloody, disheveled hair, and the heart position on the back. A big hole was also pierced by Long Xiaokai, and a piece of the heart was missing.

"Who are you guys who dare to sneak attack me?"

After Hong Cangyi stabilized his figure, he activated the defense Spirit Treasure while delaying time to recover from his injuries.

"The one who killed you!"

While Ou Shaotian was speaking, he had already attacked again, and he would not give the other person a chance to speak at all.

Long Xiaokai is the same.

The two directly launched a siege on Hong Cangyi.

"Damn it!"

Hong Cangyi's face was ugly, and he could only resist it with all his strength.

The attack of the three quickly blasted the closed chamber, from the inside to the outside, and alarmed the guards outside.

Although Hong Cangyi has been seriously injured, his battle strength is still terrifying matchless.

"Damn it, this is who, dare to attack an adult?"


A Paradise Realm expert of Rank 11 rushed over.

But in the battle of the creation realm, they couldn't intervene, they could only watch in a hurry.

As for the ordinary Tier 10 guards, they have long avoided, and those hapless ones who have not had time to avoid have been bombarded and killed by the aftermath of the battle.

"Push him to where there are people!"

Ou Shaotian said as he attacked.

The two shot with all their strength and directly forced Hong Cangyi towards the direction of the Heavenly Fire dísciple, scaring the dísciple and fleeing in a hurry.

Rank 11 rushed up, wanting to support Hong Cangyi.

It turned out to be killed by Ou Shaotian in seconds. With a wave of the divine blood knife, the scarlet blade light flashed, the space was split, and the nearby Rank 11 came to die one by one.

The existence of four or five Rank 11 soon died.

"Asshole, you are dead, the reinforcements of my Heavenly Fire cult will come soon, and you are dead!"

See those Paradise Realm experts of Rank 11 When he died, Hong Cangyi was also angry.

Because the people who ventured out to support them all had a very good relationship with him, but now they have been killed one after another. If he is not angry, it would be strange.

Unfortunately, it is incompetent and furious.

"You are the one who died. When they arrive, you will already be cold!"

At the same time as Ou Shaotian's voice fell, he directly turned Person and Blade Unite into a round scarlet Yuanyue swallowed towards Hong Cangyi.


Hong Cangyi let out a scream again.

Being dragged by Long Xiaokai, he had no time to dodge, and was directly hit by Scarlet Moon on his right shoulder. The entire right hand was swallowed.

Blood spurts wildly.


After Ou Shaotian's attack hit the target, Long Xiaokai also seized the opportunity. The long spear stabbed directly through Hong Cangyi’s chest. Nailed him to the wall.


I saw a gray light flashing, and it was about to shoot into the distance.

Red's rays of light flashed, Ou Shaotian slashed the gray light directly. It was Soul Spirit who had just escaped from the body and was completely killed, and the dead could no longer die.

"My lord..."

Those Heavenly Fire experts of Rank 11 have turned pale with fright.

Then they scattered and fled.

"Where to run!"

Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai intercepted directly.

For these Rank 11 cultivators, they basically used one move, and they killed more than a dozen people in an instant, but a dozen people still escaped.

Of course.

They can't run either.

Ou Shaotian has notified Yun Duo'er and the others to intercept.

The battle lasted for more than an hour. A lot of enemies were killed. All of Rank 11 and above were killed. Only a part of Tier 10 ordinary guards surrendered.

So I survived.

But less than a thousand people survived.

"My lord, what should these surrenderers do? Are you going to kill them?"

Immemorial Changqing came to Ou Shaotian's side and asked aloud.

"Brother Kai, what do you think?"

Ou Shaotian asked Long Xiaokai next to him.

"I have already surrendered, and killing again is a bit unreasonable, or you can just leave it to Immemorial Cult to deal with it, maybe they can blackmail some benefits!"

Long Xiao Kay thought for a while and said aloud.

Although he was decisive in killing, but also not vicious and merciless person, these people were basically killed without fear. It didn't matter whether he was killed or not.

"Well, in this case, let them go mining first!"

Ou Shaotian nodded.

Then he personally took action and sealed those who surrendered.

With his strength, coupled with the top-level seal divine ability optimized by radar deduction, not many people can lift his seal, these people are basically useless.

Even if you don't kill, there is no resistance.

It's also good to keep doing coolies.

"Well, these people are now sealed by me. When the enslaved miners come out, let them go in and mine!"

Ou Shaotian nodded, out Said the voice.

"Yes, my lord!"

Immemorial said with evergreen excitement.

Then Ou Shaotian turned his head and looked towards Long Xiaokai next to him, and said, "Brother Kai, when will you people from the Water Moon Palace arrive?"

"At most one hour !"

Long Xiaokai said aloud.

In order to ensure that the mine island is not retaken, before the attack, they have notified the forces behind them and asked them to send an expert.

Not only the Immemorial cult, but also the Water Moon Palace.

This time, the two factions are united to defend this mine island together.

The team that came to support is led by the expert of the 12th Rank, and there are many people in Rank 11.

For this crystal mine island, both sides attach great importance to it.

Heavenly Fire wants to retake this Chaos Crystal mine, which is basically impossible!

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