Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 644

At the entrance of the mine, tens of thousands of miners were gathered, Immemorial Changqing and the others took action to release their seals and shackles and restore their freedom.

After that, Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er performed the All Living Things to Recover divine ability together, saving tens of thousands of people.

These people are also deeply grateful.

In the Human Race, there are a lot of people directly crying for joy.

"Free, we are free, I never thought we would have a free day. It's really very good!"

"Immemorial god, if we can join Immemorial is just fine!"

"Don’t think about that many, it’s a blessing to be saved!"


All races rescued The cultivator discuss spiritedly, all of them showed the expression of avoided a catastrophe.

At this time, Ou Shaotian came to the crowd again.

"Be quiet, everyone!"

"Now the Crystal Mine Island has been occupied by our Immemorial Cult and the Water Moon Palace, you can accept our employment and stay for the time being to mine! "

"If you want to leave, you need to wait for a while. When a ship arrives, you are following to leave!"

Ou Shaotian's voice fell, the tens of thousands of slave miners It is also sighed in relief.

The most important thing is that they have determined that they will not be enslaved again!

Really free.

As for whether to leave or stay, we can consider it slowly.


At the same time.

Heavenly Fire cult is also a shock.

As a Major Sect, it is not comparable to a race.

Among the Heavenly Fire Cult, there are more than a dozen on the surface 12th Rank Experts. The old fart in the dark does not know how many, and the strength is not worse than the Immemorial Cult.

This time not only a Chaos Crystal mine island was robbed, but also the 12th Rank creation expert who was sitting in town was lost.

Rank 11 Paradise Realm even lost thirty titles.

This loss is too great.

Heavenly Fire’s combat department was almost immediately dispatched.

I saw a Spirit Treasure Level flying boat flying out of Heavenly Fire Holy Land and flying towards Jingmin Island. There are three 12th Rank and hundreds of Rank 11 experts on it.

Such a battle strength can almost push most races horizontally.

Just like Jin Clan in the middle and upper reaches of the ranking, it is only the Old Ancestor who is a 12th Rank.

Heavenly Fire dispatched three 12th Rank presences at one time, and the imposing manner was unconcealed, and many people along the way were alarmed.

Looking up to the sky one after another, watching the Spirit Treasure flying boat flying by.

On the deck of the flying boat.

These three powerhouses from the creation realm of Heavenly Fire are also talking. One of them is Divine Race. The Hong Cangyi who killed Ou Shaotian and the others is related to Hong Cangyi!

His name is Hong Cangyun.

This person invited to fight, just to avenge the fallen Hong Cangyi.

I saw Hong Cangyun say aloud: "Everyone, according to the news that Cangyi came back before his death, the person who shot was Human Race, and it should be the people who have been making a lot of noise recently."


"Senior Brother, Cangyi is your cousin, this time he fell, no matter who the shot was, you can't let it go, even if they are behind the Immemorial cult!"

Fire Spirit Yun said aloud.

She also exists in the 12th Rank, and she is still a girl.

"This Immemorial cult person really deserves to be killed. When I get to the place, I must kill!"

The pretty star grinned, murderous-looking.

He was born in the Barbarian Race, and he is also in the 12th Rank creation realm, and he is even more bloodthirsty. There are countless cultivators that died in his hands, no one hundred thousand, eighty thousand!

"How long can I get to the Crystal Mine Island?"

Hong Cangyun asked aloud.

"It's still half an hour!"

Fire Spirit said aloud.

Because she controls the flying boat of the acquired Spirit Treasure Level. Although it belongs to the Heavenly Fire sect, it is controlled by her, which is similar to hers.

Unless she has an accident, no one can take it away.

Others only have envy.


On the other side.

The support team sent by Immemorial Cult and Water Moon Palace also arrived at Crystal Mine Island and met with Ou Shaotian and the others.


"This brother is Ou Shaotian, he is indeed a talented person, indeed he is Human Race peak genius. After coming to Chaos Sea in just a short time, there was such a big noise!"

On the flying boat of the Immemorial cult, the leading Immemorial Yunguang flew down, looking at Ou Shaotian with enthusiasm.

"Senior Brother is polite!"

Ou Shaotian faintly smiled and said.

Although everyone is the 12th Rank, but the other party is an old man in the religious religion, he called Senior Brother, it is not an exaggeration.

"hahaha, let’s not say much, the people from the Water Moon Palace are also here. I heard that the leader of the team, Shui Yun Fairy, maybe I can embrace the beauty this time thanks to your blessing."

Immemorial Yun Guangxiao said hehe.

After letting the Immemorial cultists disembark, they led the team and greeted them at the port with a smile on their faces.


The flying boat of the Water Moon Palace also slowly landed at the port!

Headed by Shui Yun Fairy also flew down with a large group of beauties.

"Brother Yunguang, I didn't think you were one step faster!"

Shui Yun Fairy fell in front of everyone and said generously.

"hahaha, it's okay!"

Immemorial Yunguang silly said with a smile.

"I have seen Senior Sister!"

At this time, Long Xiaokai also took a step forward and said aloud.

"Yes, I didn't expect you to be promoted to the 12th Rank so soon. You are indeed a lucky person. Compared with you, we are really ashamed of being inferior!"

Shuiyun Fairy Looking at Long Xiaokai's faintly discernible imposing manner, he couldn't help but sigh.

The fraction of her cultivation years is longer than Long Xiaokai’s cultivation time, but then Long Xiaokai came from behind, and now she is asked to fight Long Xiaokai, she is not sure.

Because she knows very well that those with strong luck must have a lot of cards.

When you encounter danger, you can always turn the bad into the good!

The means are numerous.

"Senior Sisters take care of me. Without you, I wouldn't be able to break through so fast!"

Long Xiaokai also laughed at hehe.

After that, he also introduced Ou Shaotian and the others, and got to know each other. Then he led the team and walked towards the island.

After a while.

Everyone returned to the mine.

The first thing that Immemorial Yunguang and Shuiyun Fairy did was to determine the storage capacity of the Spirit Crystal mine. The result did not disappoint them. It is indeed worthy of great effort to protect them.

"The amount of storage is quite good, guard this crystal mine, and you won't have to worry about Spirit Crystal for a long time!"

Immemorial Yunguang said with a smile on his face.

"The storage of this crystal ore is so amazing, I am afraid that Heavenly Fire will not give up easily, it is best to increase some manpower!"

Shui Yun Fairy suggested.

The dísciple of their Water Moon Palace is all beautiful women. Although they are not weak in strength, they are not good at fighting. She is worried that the manpower they bring will not be able to hold them.

"That's it, or sister Shuiyun, let Shuiyue Palace send more people over, and I will also inform the Ancient Holy Land to send more people!"

Immemorial Yunguang's eyes moved, and suddenly he thought of something.


Shuiyun Fairy didn't even think about it, so she agreed.

The Ou Shaotian next to him couldn't help being amused.

After being too Ancient Holy Land, there are also many bachelors. This time I cooperated with Water Moon Palace, but it was an opportunity. If I could kiss each other, it would be best.

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