Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 645

Although the supporting team has arrived, Ou Shaotian is not idle, but takes action in person, and arranges a top-level Formation all around the mine.

The Innate Array whose power reaches the 12th Rank.

Since a war might break out at any time, he naturally had to make some preparations and set up an Innate array directly.

Innate Five Elements Rotation!

Whether it is attack or defense, it has reached the level of 12th Rank.

At the moment when Ou Shaotian activated Formation, the terrifying energy fluctuations made Immemorial Yunguang and Shuiyun Fairy both a little dumbfounded and amazed.

"Shaotian, you are Formation not simple, what level is it?"

Immemorial Yunguang couldn't help but ask.

"Innate Array, the attack and defense have reached the 12th Rank, do you want to try it?"

Ou Shaotian looked at the two people's eyes, like looking at a little white mouse.


Immemorial Yunguang said first.

Then Ou Shaotian directly controlled Formation, locked Immemorial Yunguang, and launched an attack.

I saw the energy of Formation converge instantly, and a five-color light arrow appeared in the air, lasing towards the Immemorial cloud, very beautiful, but terrifying.

The energy of the five colors on the arrow is pure to the extreme, and the Five Elements Rotation constantly grows and dies!

There seems to be endless changes.

Immemorial Yunguang has a tingling scalp feeling locked by an arrow, and wants to avoid it, but thinks that she is next to Shuiyun Fairy, so I can’t persuade him!

Only support.

However, to be cautious, he still took out his big sword and fully urged the World Strength in his body.

It's too late to say it's fast.

The five-color arrow has broken through the air, and in a flash has appeared in front of Immemorial Yunguang.

"Give me away!"

I saw Immemorial Yunguang loudly shouted, and a sword smashed at the swift arrow.


With a loud noise.

I saw the five-color arrow strikes above the Spirit Treasure Level sword, and the Immemorial cloud light with the human sword was directly hit and flew, flying out of the distance of several hundred meters, and a ravine was drawn on the ground.

The Spirit Treasure Level sword in his hand directly jumped out of a gap.

"My big sword..."

Immemorial Yunguang fell into the mud half of his body, but he didn't care about that many, but watched a jump in his hand The big sword of the gap is heartache.

"gē gē gē, Immemorial Yunguang, you are too funny!"

Shuiyun Fairy beside her giggled.

"Ai, take care of it!"

Immemorial Yunguang said helplessly.

He didn't think that the attack power of this Formation would be so strong. If he knew it, he would use his strongest divine ability.

"Yunguang Senior Brother, sorry!"

Ou Shaotian quickly walked over and pulled Immemorial Yunguang from the gully.

Although he was not injured, he is so stinky!

"It's okay!"

Immemorial Yunguang put away the long sword and said aloud.

"How about this Formation did not disappoint you!"

Ou Shaotian smiled.

"Not at all. With this Formation, even if the other party sends more experts, we won't be afraid!"

Shui Yun Fairy walked over and said with a smile on her face.

The gaze that looked towards Ou Shaotian was even more enthusiastic, and he couldn't wait to turn back to the Shuiyue Palace.

Unfortunately, Immemorial is no worse than the Water Moon Palace.

If you want to abduct someone, that is impossible.

But it’s okay. Looking back, she told Long Xiaokai that she must be close to Ou Shaotian!

Long Xiaokai: How do we two big men get close?

Unfortunately, Long Xiaokai didn't know her thoughts at this time, otherwise, she would definitely refute her.

"They are here!"

At this moment, Ou Shaotian turned his head and looked towards the sea in the distance.

I saw the direction of the port, and there was a black spot over the sea, which was constantly zooming in. It was the Spirit Treasure flying boat of the Heavenly Fire cult, and it was Hong Cangyun and the others who came.

Three 12th Rank experts.

Hong Cangyun, Fire Spirit rhyme and pretty big star.

"The people on the island will come out for me, and give you 3 minutes to come out and surrender, otherwise you will all be finished!"

Spirit Treasure flying boat came over the gate of the mine camp .

It is Hong Cangyun who is calling.

The muzzle on the flying boat has been aimed at the camp below, and the attack can be launched at any time.

What they don't know is that the Spirit Treasure flying boat is already within the attack range of the camp Formation. At this moment, they are simply a living target!


Only one word of killing came from the camp.

There was no nonsense at all, Ou Shaotian controlled the newly-arranged Formation and launched an attack directly.

"whiz whiz whiz!"

In an instant, a dozen five-color arrows condensed, and then they shot towards the Spirit Treasure flying boat above the sky.

With full urging, this five-color arrow is even bigger.

Each arrow is nearly three meters long, and the five-color rays of light on the arrow are constantly changing, deducting the intergeneration and extinction of Five Elements, which makes people afraid to look directly at it.


With a series of strikes.

The defensive cover of the Spirit Treasure flying boat was directly pierced, and the bottom of the ship was shot directly with large holes, and the formation pattern drawn on the ship's body was damaged a lot.


The Fire Spirit domain on the deck cursed.

Then she hurriedly controlled the flying boat to retreat, but it was too late. The five-color arrow shot from one after another, and more and more lines were broken.

Spirit Treasure flying boat fell directly from the air.

The ship crashed!

"The flying boat is out of control, everyone is ready to land and escape!"

Fire Spirit shouted helplessly.


Those who can fly Rank 11 flew away from the ship one after another, and those who could not fly also jumped off after the ship approached the ground.


At this moment, Ou Shaotian and the others in the camp were also killed.

Ou Shaotian, Long Xiaokai, Immemorial Yunguang and Shuiyun Fairy are the four 12th Rank existences, leading the way and killing Hong Cangyun and the others flying in the air.

Yun Duo'er and the Immemorial Evergreen and the others took those Rank 11 dísciples to kill the Heavenly Fire dísciple that had just landed.

"Come on, kill all the scum of Heavenly Fire!"

With the sound of killing, a melee broke out.

On the ground and underground.

There are wars everywhere, with vigorous fighting and several dozen li.

Above the sky.

Immemorial Yunguang directly approached Hong Cangyi, Shuiyun Fairy approached the Fire Spirit rhyme, and Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai were the two besieging the big stars.

The battle in the creation realm affected a large area, so both sides avoided the battlefield below and fought high above the sky.

Immemorial Yunguang and Hong Cangyi's battle is mainly due to their divine ability.

Directly to and from!

The battle between Fairy and Fire Spirit was a collision of water and fire, and the battle was extremely fierce.

Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai were promoted to the 12th Rank shortly after they were slightly weaker. The two attacked together, only barely contending with the big stars, and besieged him from left to right.

"Two brats, die for me, come!"

I saw the great star urging Soul Spirit, and the huge bear Soul Spirit turned into the Battle Armor to protect him whole body.

Under the blessing of Soul Spirit.

One punch and one kick, the momentum is huge.

That punched out seems to have the power of splitting heaven and earth apart.

Ou Shaotian is also possessed by the Profound Turtle Battle Armor, holding a divine blood knife, and smashing into the fist of a big star.


Knife and fist collided.

The long knife was actually shaken away.


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