Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 646

Ou Shaotian was also shocked by the very big star's fleshy body. The single-round strength is probably not worse than his Immemorial Divine Physique. He actually used his fist to resist Innate Spirit Treasure.

"Interesting, this fleshy body is enough!"

While Ou Shaotian was shocked, the fighting intent was also stimulated.

The divine blood knife that was originally dark red began to emit bright red rays of light. Under his wave, a blade glow of ten feet long shot out and blasted towards the pretty big star.

"Give me a break!"

Man Daxing is also awesome, he punched the blade glow directly.

But Long Xiaokai also seized the opportunity.

Direct Human and Spear Unity.

The gun is like a dragon!

I saw Long Xiaokai transforming into a golden giant dragon, from the other side towards the pretty big star strikes.

"Not good!"

The pretty big Star God's face changed, too late to turn around, relying on combat intuition, backhand punch towards the most threatening direction, just hit the tip of the gun .

Long Xiaokai in the Human and Spear Unity state, the tip of his spear gathered his whole body attack power.

The surging energy almost shattered the space.

On the tip of the gun, there was a terrifying shock wave, which directly penetrated the glove covered by the Wild Bear Battle Armor and injured the fist of the very big star.

Blood splashes.

A finger was almost interrupted.

"Damn it!"

Man Daxing couldn't help getting angry.

His cultivation base is 12th Rank Level 4, which is much stronger than Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai of 12th Rank Level 1, but he is taller and not as flexible as the two.

Ou Shaotian blade after blade, the blade is getting stronger and stronger.

A wave after wave of attacks!

The imposing manner is constantly enhanced.

Long Xiaokai turned a long spear into a spear shadow, attacking one after another.

The attacks of the two were endless like squally storms. The speed of the pretty big star was not good at all. This time, he became more passive, and he was hit a lot in the blink of an eye.

The most important thing is.

The Divine Weapon in the hands of Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai are both Innate Spirit Treasure, and Wei Neng is originally terrifying matchless.

If you change someone else, you may not be able to break through his defenses.

"Ah... Damn, you two have the ability, so don't hide away!"

Ban Daxing roared angrily.

"Streaming light escape!"

After the opponent's anger, Ou Shaotian seized the opportunity, and the person disappeared in the air, turning into a stream of light.

When he appeared again, he had already appeared above the head of the wild Daxing, and then made the ultimate ultimate move of the Bleeding Moon Nine Slash, the Blood Moon descended, Person and Blade Unite.

Go straight down.

At the same time.

Long Xiaokai appeared in front of Mandaxing and launched an attack, which attracted the attention of Mandaxing.


When the big star resisted Long Xiaokai’s attack, Ou Shaotian Person and Blade Unite turned into a blood moon, and the strikes were on the big star. The top of the head.


In the center of the head.

The skull was directly broken open, and Man Daxing was also beaten up.

Long Xiaokai also seized the opportunity again and completed the final lore!

Another 12th Rank has fallen.


Seeing the killing of Mandaxing, Hong Cangyun couldn't help but exclaimed, Fire Spirit Yun also looked over.

Both of them were shocked.

Originally, their high-end battle strength was one less person, but now they have lost one more person. How can you fight this battle?


Both of them are involuntarily involuntarily emerging with the idea of ​​running away.

Anyone who can cultivation to this level is not a fool. Since he knows that he can't beat him, he will naturally not be left to die.

As for the people below, I can only give up.

But before escaping, Hong Cangyun wanted to threaten Ou Shaotian and the others and see if they would stop.


After Hong Cangyun flew into the Immemorial cloud with a move, he called for a timeout.

The Fire Spirit Yun on the other side also took the opportunity to separate from Shuiyun Fairy, and the high-altitude battle stopped temporarily.

The people who fought together below quickly separated.

"Hong Cangyun, this battle is not something you can fight or stop if you want to stop. Now you can choose to surrender. As for leaving, it is impossible!"

Immemorial Yunguang said solemnly.


Hong Cangyun took a deep breath.

After calming himself down, he said: "I can make the people below surrender, but you can't kill them. As for us, if you want to run, you can't catch it!"


He knows very well.

If they run away, then the people below will be killed soon. It is better to let them surrender and negotiate again, maybe they can save their lives.

Immemorial Yunguang couldn't help but looked towards Ou Shaotian and let him call the shots.

"Yes, you can go!"

Ou Shaotian nodded.

It is really difficult to keep two 12th Rank powerhouses who want to escape.

After all, the powerhouse of the 12th Rank is too difficult to kill.

If he and Long Xiaokai both had Innate Divine Weapon, it would be impossible to kill the barbaric star. I'm afraid the battle still doesn't know when to fight.

The most important thing is that in the battle below, there were a lot of casualties on their side.


Hong Cangyun stopped talking nonsense. After signalling the people below to surrender, he left with Fire Spirit rhyme.

"Let's go down!"

Ou Shaotian took the lead to fly down after putting away the body of the pretty big star.

Those who surrendered have already put down their weapons, and they were all obediently surrender!

After that, Ou Shaotian was also sealed one by one.

After ensuring that there will be no more problems, the wounded will be treated.

Fortunately, not many people died. Most of them returned to the rear after being injured, and only seven hapless ones were directly killed.

The injured quickly recovered under the divine ability of All Living Things to Recover.

"Send them all to the mine for digging!"

Ou Shaotian looked at the surrendered Heavenly Fire dísciple, patted Immemorial's evergreen shoulder and said.


Immemorial evergreen nodded.

Then they led people to escort the surrendered Heavenly Fire dísciple to the mine, and began their tragic mining career. I don't know when they will see the sun again.

What they impose on other slaves will also fall on their heads.

It's really a times change.


After arranging things, Ou Shaotian, Long Xiaokai, Immemorial Yunguang and Shuiyun Fairy also got together to discuss the next action.

I saw Immemorial Yunguang say: "I am afraid that a full-scale war will break out next!"

Shui Yun Fairy is also nodded, saying: "No surprises, Heavenly Fire God. There will definitely be revenge, and maybe they will unite with Earth Demon cults and other cults!"

"That's for sure, they liked to mess around in the first place, but now they find that our two factions are cooperating. It's strange if we don't unite!"

Immemorial Yunguang nodded road.

"Shaotian, can you do me a favor and help us arrange the Formation for several resource islands in the Water Moon Palace. I am worried that they will grab it."

Shuiyun Fairy looked towards Ou Shaotian, said aloud.

"Are you worried about a full-scale war?"

Immemorial Yunguang said with a solemn expression.

"Yes, if nothing else, the Heavenly Fire cult is likely to unite with other sects, and then declare war on us, then the alliance will not be able to intervene!"

Shui Yun Fairy said very positively.

"This is easy to say, I can help anytime!"

Ou Shaotian nodded said.

Helping him out is just a trivial matter!

"many thanks!"

Shui Yun Fairy thanks.

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