Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 647

The dísciples of the Water Moon Palace are all women, not good at fighting.

If a full-scale war is really going on, it is best to rely on a strong Formation and focus on defense, so that the battle will not suffer a big loss.

After arranging things, Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai and the others set off.

But before going to the resource island of the Water Moon Palace, they have to go back to Starfire Island and give the collected corpses to the small vines to swallow them up to improve its strength.

Especially the two corpses of the 12th Rank powerhouse.

Once the small vine swallows, the small vine is likely to be promoted to the 12th Rank.

That's awesome!

Say less gossip.

In order to be in a hurry, Ou Shaotian drove the Fishing Boat Avatar to the fastest speed, and it was still underwater, traveling under the water, and the speed was doubled, which was ridiculously fast.

In less than three days, I returned to Spark Island.

Then all the collected corpses were handed over to Xiao Manteng.

And the small vines also happily swallowed it up.

It was originally Rank 11 Peak. After devouring a large number of corpses and the two 12th Rank corpses, it really broke through.

For a while, the sky was full of thunderclouds.

Heavenly Tribulation is here.

"Not good, get out of here soon!"

Ou Shaotian said quickly.


Although Xiaomanteng is a spirit plant, but at this moment, the speed is very fast. In a flash, he left the scope of the city and ran outside In the clearing.

But everyone in the city was also shocked.

Many people looked at the growing robbery cloud in the sky with a panic face.

"My God, what's the situation, is the end of the world, are we going to die?"

"It's over, I've been single for hundreds of years and haven't found Dao yet What about Companion!"

"This seems to be Jieyun, who wants Transcending Tribulation?"

"Hey, it seems to be moving outside, we shouldn't have to die! "

"Really, very good!"


The city discusses spiritedly, from the panic at first to the last breath of relief, However, all of them were very scared.

The robbery cloud came, like the end of the world, too terrifying.

Soon, Thunder Tribulation landed.

Everyone in the city finally discovered that it was the little vine in Transcending Tribulation.

"It's the spirit plant, the spirit plant that guards the city, it's Transcending Tribulation, it's going to be promoted to the 12th Rank, my goodness, the spirit plant of the 12th Rank?"

"It turns out to be a spirit plant. Please pray for the success of the spirit plant Transcending Tribulation!"

"Yes, yes, bless the spirit plant Transcending Tribulation to succeed!"


Many people prayed.

In the mind of many people, the spirit plant is their protector. With the spirit plant, no one dares to make trouble in Spark City, and they can live and work in peace and contentment.

So in their hearts, they naturally hope that Xiaovine can succeed in Transcending Tribulation.

Thunder Tribulation one after another.

For the Thunder Tribulation of these strikes, the reaction of the small vines is beyond everyone's expectations, directly launching the power of devouring divine ability and devouring Thunder Tribulation.

Use Power of Thunder to temper your body.

Change to another Spirit Beast to face Thunder Tribulation, I am afraid I can only get helpless!

Little Manteng is just the opposite.

Nine Thunder Tribulation one after another, there is no threat to it, after the Thunder Tribulation is over, there is still a sense of unfinished intention!

After fully absorbing Strength of Thunder Tribulation tempering, Xiao Manteng was promoted successfully.

Completely transform.

After a period of change, the little vine turned into a delicate little person.

Only one meter tall, wearing clothes woven of green leaves.


Little Manteng body flashed, and he has appeared in front of Ou Shaotian.

"Yes, it is completely transformed!"

Ou Shaotian said happily.

I also looked at it carefully.

The little fellow is not tall and his skin is pale green. He is a little boy wearing green battle clothes and looks very handsome. .

"Master, I can follow you in the future!"

Little Manteng said happily.

"It's okay for you to be by my side, but no one is guarding here!"

Ou Shaotian looked at the Spark City Road behind him.

"It's easy!"

I saw the small vine stretched out a small hand, a vine grew from the palm of his hand, and then shot out and fell on the flowerbed where it was stationed. Above, it turned into a huge vine.

The city is covered again.

Although it is not its main body, its battle strength has also reached Rank 11 Peak. Compared with the main body before the breakthrough, it is only strong or not weak.

It's just that this kind of spawned child doesn't have too high spiritual wisdom, and it needs to be manipulated.

But this is also very simple, just leave a little distraction.

"Yes, it seems that you are underestimated, then you will follow me by my side!"

Ou Shaotian is also happy.

"Eh, oh, thank You Master!"

Little Manteng said happily.

Long Xiaokai next to him is envious. The Spirit Pet of the creation realm, and also the vines with outstanding battle strength, is simply a show!

"Shaotian, your spirit plant baby is really enviable!"

Long Xiaokai couldn't help but say aloud.

"What's the matter with you, if you think about it, you can definitely find a good pet!"

Ou Shaotian smiled.

After that, everyone was chatting and boarded the Fishing Boat Avatar, and started to rush towards the resource island of the Water Moon Palace.

In the next time.

Their main task is to provide those resource islands with an Innate array that can withstand the 12th Rank creation powerhouse.


time quietly pass, half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

Sure enough, it was as normal as they expected.

War has been declared.

Heavenly Fire, together with Earth Demon and Barbarians, declared war on Immemorial and Water Moon Palace.

The entire Chaos Sea is full of sorrow.

The high-level alliance also sent an expert to interview the two parties, trying to eliminate the flames of war, but they all failed.

The two sides couldn't agree.

The reason is very simple. The Heavenly Fire cult asked to take back the Chaos Crystal mine island, put back all the dísciples of the Heavenly Fire cult, and compensate them for all their losses.

The Immemorial cult is based on the enslavement of cultivators of tens of thousands of races in the mine island. They are a reasonable capture and refuse to return it!

On the contrary, the Heavenly Fire cult promises not to enslave others in the future.


Both sides have begun preparations, and the war will break out at any time!

Shuiyue Palace does not have many resource islands in Chaos Sea. Except for Shuiyue Holy Land, only three resource islands are in their hands, so we add on the road.

It took Ou Shaotian and the others half a month's time.

Then there are some resource islands of Immemorial.

The power of Immemorial Cult is beyond doubt, otherwise the Water Moon Palace would not risk such a big risk to form an alliance with Immemorial Cult to initiate this battle.

In the Chaos Sea, the Immemorial Cult possesses five resource islands.

These are not the ones occupied by Ou Shaotian and the others.

If you count the slave mine islands occupied by Ou Shaotian and the others, the number is even more frightening.

After setting up the Formation on the resource island of the Water Moon Palace, Ou Shaotian began to arrange the Formation for the resource island of Immemorial, so the next step is to keep on hurrying.

Fortunately, the Fishing Boat Avatar is fast enough.

Otherwise, the Chaos Sea is so big, I don’t know how much time will be lost.

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