Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 648

The Chaos Sea, on an island.

The teams of Heavenly Fire, Earth Demon, and Barbarians have gathered together. The experts in the 12th Rank creation realm have exceeded ten, reaching fifteen.

It's terrifying.

These three sects have always liked war.

This time there is a just and honorable reason to start a war, so I naturally want to take advantage of the opportunity to plunder.

So each is spare no effort.

The teams gathered on this island are only one team, and several teams are gathered on other islands. There are hundreds of 12th Rank Experts dispatched in total.

It can be seen how determined they are.

The first target they chose to attack was the resource island of the Water Moon Palace.

"Everyone, I heard that this island is a medicine island. There are more than 3,000 beauties on the island. When you start, remember to relax. Many of our dísciples are still single!"

I saw one of them speak out.

"Don’t worry, everyone should be injured as much as possible when fighting, don’t kill them. These are all flowers and jade, who is willing to be ruthless!"

A person is also an interface.

"It seems that everyone has tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex. When we hold a beautiful woman tonight, we will celebrate again!"

said with a smile.

More than a dozen powerhouses of the 12th Rank, talking and laughing, all thought they were people on the island.

Indeed, they gathered too much power.

With an excuse to start a war, it is naturally spare no effort.


That night, after night fell.

A dozen flying boats appeared near the Medicine Island of the Water Moon Palace No. 1 and drove directly toward the port. It was the three-teaching team during the day.

The water moon palace dísciple, who had received the news a long time ago, was also very vigilant.

I found it immediately.

The alarm is sounded!

"All dísciples will take orders, abandon the outer circle area such as the port, and all hide in the camp!"

The director of Medicine Island is the water orchid Fairy of the 12th Rank cultivation base, immediately issued After receiving the combat order, he immediately retreated to the camp and prepared to fight with the help of Formation.


The Fairy of the Water Moon Palace also returned to the camp one after another.

The scope of their camp is very large, covering a large area of ​​spirit farms and buildings, so even if they retreat to the camp, the area that needs to be guarded is still quite large.

With the Innate Spirit Array arranged by Ou Shaotian, they are also confident.

whiz whiz whiz!

Splitting the air sound sounded.

The team of the three religions united quickly came to the front of the big formation, but they did not immediately launch an offensive, but first verbally threatened to destroy the morale of the water moon palace dísciple.

"Sisters of the Water Moon Palace, listen carefully, this time we have dispatched fifteen powerhouses in the world of creation, hundreds of powerhouses in Paradise Realm, your impossible is your opponent!"

"In order to avoid the bloodshed, you should surrender obediently!"

The dísciple of the three religions kept shouting and threatened by showing their muscles. In fact, they wanted to hit the water moon palace dísciple and give up. resistance.


The strength of the enemy is so strong that the Fairy of the Water Moon Palace in the camp are trembling in fear.

They are all charming, and they are not good at fighting.

Naturally, I was scared.

However, surrender is impossible. Therefore, the Fairy in the camp did not respond to the threats from the outside, and they kept guarding at their posts one by one.

And Fairy is not stupid.

It also boosts morale.

I saw her saying, "Don’t worry, we have Formation guardianship. Don’t have the idea of ​​surrendering. If you really surrender, you will only be abused by them."

" Yes!"

Many beauties tenderly shouted in unison.


After talking for half an hour, the three-teaching team launched an attack.

They originally wanted to take advantage of the night sneak attack, but the people in the Water Moon Palace found out in advance, and they retracted directly into the camp. Now they can only attack.

"Kill, give me all to break their Formation!"

The existence of the fifteen creation realm directly led the team to launch an attack.

The colorful energy attacks towards the Formation strikes in the front, more than a hundred people attacked together, the lowest being the existence of Rank 11, of which there were fifteen creation realms.

Such an attack is absolutely terrifying.

But Formation blocked it.

The five-color energy shield suddenly appeared, blocking all attacks.

Furthermore, the protective cover of Five Elements Rotation instantly transformed the energy from the attack, and then turned it into one after another five-color arrow, and counterattacked it back.

The energies of the five colors on the arrow coexist and extinct, and they are terrifying.

Single attack power reached the 12th Rank.

whiz whiz whiz!

The five-color arrows pierced the air, the speed is extremely fast, and the number is extremely large. There are no less than a hundred densely packed arrows.


The screams sounded.

Except for the presence of the 12th Rank that blocked the five-color arrows, most of Rank 11 could not stop them, and were directly hit by the arrows. Those who hit the key were shot directly.

The offensive teams have turned pale with fright.

"Be careful, pay attention to dodge, don't hardwire!"

The 12th Rank experts who saw this scene shouted out loud reminders.

But it was too late.

The five-color arrows came from collision and shooting. The attacking team was too dense, and many people had no time to avoid them. They had to block hard, but they couldn't stop them at all.

Many five-color arrows have one arrow double mark, or even one arrow three marks!

Sorrow is everywhere in an instant!

Screams are everywhere.

"Wow, that's awesome, this Formation is very awesome!"

In the Formation, the Fairy of the Water Moon Palace screamed happily.

If at first is still restless, now I am completely relieved. With such a great Formation, what else is there to worry about? The killing is over!

"Asshole, let me withdraw from Formation's attack range!"

The creation realm powerhouses of the three religions shouted one after another.

Unfortunately, their orders were still too late. When the five-color arrows of the third wave appeared, all the Rank 11 Paradise Realm fell.

I was shot completely.

Only the 12th Rank creation realm can block those five-color arrows.

As for those Tier 10 Divine Ability Realm, there are more casualties.

It's just that the three religions are united. The number of people in the Ordinary Divine Ability is close to 3,000, so even if there are a lot of deaths and injuries, there are still many people left.

It's just too miserable.

In the face of Innate, only the 12th Rank can resist, Rank 11 can't stop it, and the tenth rank is basically killed by a spike.

"Damn, how could there be such a strong Formation, this is impossible!"

The creation powerhouse of the three religions was also beaten and forced.

The Innate array, optimized by radar deduction, is really too strong. Without a little defense, they have already suffered heavy losses. How can I explain it next time?

"Sister, concentrate on firepower and shoot one of the 12th Ranks!"

Suddenly, someone in Formation shouted.

At this time, those ordinary Tier 10 Divine Ability Realm have gradually escaped from Formation's attack range.

Only those in the 12th Rank are still attacking Formation.

Although the attack intensity of the five-color arrows has reached the level of the creation realm, if the attack is scattered, it can be easily blocked by the creation realm powerhouse.

The concentration of firepower is different.

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