Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 649


Formation's attack began to change.

It is no longer a coverage attack, but a sudden lock on the nearest 12th Rank creation powerhouse, launching an intensive attack with all-round locking.

Hundreds of five-color arrows shot at him.

That person was tragedy in an instant!

At this moment, he seems to be facing hundreds of powerhouses of the same order at the same time. The consequences can be imagined. The defensive cover almost instantly broke, and the arrows strikes on him.


With a scream.

This creation powerhouse from Earth Demon was shot by a large number of five-color arrows, a large amount of Five Elements energy was destroyed in his body, and a Five Elements was directly destroyed.

Just like the collision of water and fire, the five mutually restrained energies instantly collide in the body in a mutually restrained manner.

After a violent pain, the whole person exploded.


It is like exploding a super bomb.

This effect is even more terrifying than the self-destruct of the 12th Rank creation powerhouse. Two creation powerhouses close to him suddenly fell badly.

I was affected by the explosion!


Amidst the shocking explosion, the two were swept in by surprise.

One of them was killed directly.

The other person was also seriously injured and basically lost his battle strength.

"Damn, retreat first!"

The expressions of other powerhouses in the creation realm changed drastically, and they quickly withdrew from Formation's attack range.

Fifteen powerhouses in the creation realm, two of them fell all at once, and one was seriously injured. This result is too scary. This is not an ordinary any cat or dog!

As a powerhouse in the creation realm, they have not felt the threat of death for a long time.

I felt it today.

shiver coldly!

As the saying goes good, the older you live, the more you are afraid of death!

The same is true for these powerhouses in the creation realm. After seeing the death of their companions, they are all panicked.

"What to do?"

After the distance, one of the Divine Race powerhouse asked aloud.

"Formation attacks must have a process of energy gathering. As long as we gather together and don't disperse, there will be no problem. When Formation attacks, we will resist together!"

Someone said aloud.

His idea is very simple, use the gap where Formation gathers energy to attack Formation at that moment.

When Formation counterattacked, they all shot together and knocked out the five-color arrows from the lasing. In this case, there is no need to worry!

After all, one person can't stop it, more than a dozen of them can still stop it!


The others thought about it, and immediately agreed.

The severely injured person recovered quickly after a short break.

Thirteen people once again joined forces.

It's just that they learned well this time, and they no longer disperse, but gather together, attack Formation cautiously, and pay more attention to their own protection.

Don't dare to be careless.


At the same time.

Ou Shaotian driving the Fishing Boat Avatar is also fast approaching the water moon palace medicine island.

Although the three religions united attacked in many places, this water moon palace medicine island was the first place to be attacked, and other places were just besieged and not attacked.

After all, the cost of a full-scale attack is very high.

So although teams were sent in other places, they mainly dragged down the enemy and prevented others from coming to rescue.

The only difference is here.

The battle strength gathered here is the strongest, and it is also the place where the three teachings are prepared to take the lead.

Unfortunately, the power of Formation is beyond their expectations.

Of course.

Formation is strong, but the consumption is quite scary.

If nothing happens, they will be able to break the Formation in about two or three days and then go in.

It's a pity that Ou Shaotian and the others are here.

After the Fishing Boat Avatar approached the battlefield, he did not immediately launch an attack, but hid in the high-altitude clouds, restraining aura, and went into hiding.

Ou Shaotian and the others are leaning on the edge of the ship’s gunwale on the deck, looking at the battlefield below.

"Shaotian, your Formation is really amazing. It's invincible to be able to block so many creation powerhouses!"

Long Xiaokai couldn't bear it. She sighed.

"It's okay, let them fight enough first, and when they are almost done, we will kill again!"

Ou Shaotian is also satisfied.

Formation, optimized by radar deduction, is truly extraordinary.

He was very surprised.

"Well, I have used the secret technique to contact the people below. They said that this Formation can last for at least two or three days, so don't worry!"

Long Xiaokai too nodded road.

In order not to worry about the Fairy of the Water Moon Palace below, he also sect secret technique, contacted the Fairy of Water Lan and told them that support has come.

Waiting for the best attack opportunity.

Let them not worry.

"Then, just wait, don't worry, let them attack, and when they are exhausted, we will kill him in one fell swoop and kill him darkly!"

Ou Shaotian said excitedly.

Although the 12th Rank powerhouse of the three-teaching team is more than that of them, they have small vines. The most feared thing is the group attack!

"Brother Shaotian, have a Spirit Fruit!"

At this time, Yun Duo'er brought a bunch of Spirit Fruit grapes.


Ou Shaotian opened his mouth to catch her feeding.

At this time, Yun Duo'er is also the cultivation base of the 12th Rank. It has just broken through the previous two days. The Yin Yang Celestial Grotto has evolved into Five Elements and turned into a Small World.

The yin and yang Five Elements are complete, and the power is not small.

Among the women of Long Xiaokai, the headed sister Li was also promoted to the 12th Rank yesterday.

In other words.

Among them, there are actually five 12th Ranks, and the rest are also very close, not very weak.

Ou Shaotian uses radar scanning to give pointers. As long as they accumulate enough, easily find out the problem, and then are ready to break through the resources, they can easily break through.

Immemorial is evergreen and the others distance to breakthrough is not far away. What is missing is a breakthrough resource.

It is the flesh and blood of the chaotic ominous beast above the seventh rank.

The seventh rank chaotic Azure Dragon that was picked up earlier has been eaten by Yun Duo'er and Sister Li. The others can only wait for a while.

But their understanding is enough.

Although it is not the 12th Rank, it is also a half-step 12th Rank. The battle strength is far beyond the average Rank 11 Peak.

"Let's eat together!"

At this moment, Sister Li and her daughters also brought a few fruit bowls, which were filled with Spirit Fruit.

Then everyone together, while eating Spirit Fruit, while watching the battle below.


time quietly pass.

Unconsciously, two days passed.

The offensive of the three teaching teams continues, the common disciple of Tier 10 retreats, Rank 11 is dead, and the remaining thirteen 12th Ranks are still attacking.

It's just that their minds are also a little tired.

After more than two days, they not only have to attack Formation with all their strength, but also guard against Formation's counterattack.

I am very tired.

A certain 12th Rank: Nonsense, of course tired, labor and capital are respected, and I have not tried such a high-intensity battle for thousands of years. People are not tired and tired!

It can be said that they are not the same one by one.

I'm all tired!

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