Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 651

After one person fell again, the remaining experts of the Three Sects were finally afraid. Someone had already retired, and it was subconsciously far away from the small vines.

"No, we can't fight, let's retreat!"

Someone hits while sound transmission to their companions, and can't hold on!

The main reason is that there is no hope of victory.

The battle is doomed to failure, they don't want to fight anymore, only death will go on.

"Okay, retreat!"

The others quickly agreed.

Everyone has already retired, but no one first proposed it.

Now someone has finally mentioned it.

Of course, no one will object.

"They are going to run, two people, leaving some people!"

Ou Shaotian immediately discovered their retreat, and quickly sound transmission reminded.


As soon as the opponent retreated, Ou Shaotian not only did not pursue, but actively abandoned the opponent. The streamer flashed in a flash and disappeared in the same place.

However, he appeared in front of Yun Duo'er's opponent and stopped this hapless guy who also wanted to escape.

Discard one, stop one.

Form a situation where two people cooperate and attack one person.

Long Xiaokai and Sister Li are the same. Long Xiaokai abandoned his opponents and also completed a union with Sister Li, successfully stopping one person.

Other people's combined interception failed.

"Damn it, it's so fast!"

Shuilan Fairy and the others was run away by the opponent and couldn't help but look ugly.

Seeing that Ou Shaotian and the others stopped the two people, they simply dispersed to the surrounding formation to prevent these two people from escaping again.

As for Xiao Manteng, he flew to Ou Shaotian, ready to help.

"Master, I am coming!"

I saw Xiao Manteng happily.

"It's over!"

The 12th Rank desert clan who was entangled by Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er suddenly turned pale.

I was besieged.


This guy immediately lost his fighting spirit and wanted to escape, but was blocked by Ou Shaotian with World Strength. He attacked many times but failed.

It can't break through at all!

Ou Shaotian's World Strength is actually stronger than his?

How can I fight this?


I saw Yun Duo'er seized the opportunity, tenderly shouted, Soul Spirit attached to the double swords, turned into a yin and yang grinding disc, and successfully swallowed the enemy in , Fully refining.


Ou Shaotian also smiled when he saw this scene.

Then he took a small vine to protect Yun Duo'er's side. As long as she succeeds in refining the enemy, her strength will definitely increase.

For a while, Yun Duo'er succeeded in refining this 12th Rank desert clan.

And her imposing manner has also increased sharply, and her cultivation base has been directly raised to Level 1, reaching the 12th Rank Level 2!

"Brother Shaotian, he has been killed by me!"

Yun Duo'er said happily.


Ou Shaotian nodded, is also happy.

Then they turned their heads to look at Long Xiaokai and Sister Li. At this time, they had also gained the upper hand, and their opponents had been riddled with scars. No accident, they were dead.

Sure enough, in less than five minutes, Long Xiaokai and Sister Li also completed their kills.

This battle is finally over.

Fifteen powerhouses in the creation realm were mostly killed by them, and only six managed to escape.

"We won, we won!"


Immemorial Evergreen and the others, as well as the Fairy of the Water Moon Palace, all cheered, and all of them were extremely happy.

Shuilan Fairy brought two Junior Sisters and also came to Ou Shaotian and the others.

"Many thanks everyone, come and help!"

I saw Shuilan Fairy thank you.

"hahaha, you don't need to be polite!"

Ou Shaotian said with a smile.

After the greeting, Ou Shaotian also took Yun Duo'er to treat the wounded, one by one, the All Living Things to Recover divine ability went on, and the injuries of those wounded quickly recovered.

Half an hour later, Ou Shaotian took Long Xiaokai and the others on the Fishing Boat Avatar, and even Shulan Fairy and the others were also called.

Prepare to chase the enemy.

Anyway, Medicine Island is protected by Formation. If it is really dangerous, they can return at any time.

And Ou Shaotian's target was the six creation powerhouses who had fled before. At this time, these people were still within the radar's surveillance range and had already stayed there.


At the same time.

Just when Ou Shaotian and the others were fighting with the Three Sects, the father and mother were not idle either. They found the headquarters of the Human Race Alliance in the endless Sea Territory.

At this time, both of them have also been successfully promoted to Paradise Realm.

It was originally intended to enter the Chaos Sea, but after careful consideration, they decided to integrate the Human Race first and summon the experts of the Human Race to enter the Chaos Sea.

In the Human Race Alliance site.

Oufu and Omu have successfully served as the honorary Elder, gathering a large number of Human Races above the tenth order to the Chaos Sea.

Although Human Race lacks Peak Expert.

But there are a lot of Human Races, and there are quite a few experts in the Divine Ability Realm of Tier Ten. Many of them are hidden in the void sea cultivation. After receiving the news, they all rushed back.


On the Chaos Sea, more than 10,000 nautical miles away from Suigetsu Gongyao Island, a flying boat is floating on the sea.

There are only six people on the deck of the flying boat.

It is the three experts who fled the battlefield not long ago, the six powerhouses of the 12th Rank creation realm.

"What do we do now, so many dísciples have died, and the few of us escaped, even if we have a high status, I am afraid that we will be held accountable when we go back!"

One of them Depressed Tao from the powerhouse of the Heavenly Fire god.

“Even if you are held accountable, it’s better than death. After I go back, you can say what you should say. I guess it’s not just us who are unlucky!”

Earth Demon The powerhouse of creation is a looking thoughtful way.

Among the six powerhouses in the creation realm, Earth Demon occupies three, Heavenly Fire cult two, the worst is Barbarian cult, only one died, and the loss was the greatest.

"Yes, even if you are held accountable, it is better than death!"

Heavenly Fire's creation powerhouse also said aloud.

"In fact, we still have a chance. The war has broken out. We can atone for our merits, find a team to join, and occupy a resource island!"

Teached by Earth Demon A powerhouse of creation realm suggested.

"This method is good, that's it!"

Others nodded and said.

Just when they made up their minds and prepared to go to other fronts to support, Ou Shaotian drove the Fishing Boat Avatar to the neighborhood and followed the seabed.

It didn't kill immediately.

On the deck of the Avatar of the fishing ground, Ou Shaotian looked at the direction of the enemy’s flying boat and said aloud: "If nothing else, these guys will want to commit crimes and meritorious service!"

" The next thing we have to do is to rush in front of them, set up a large formation, let them get in, then launch an attack, suppress and kill them in one fell swoop!"

After speaking, Ou Shaotian took out A formation, but the Innate formation that he refined after spending a lot of Innate mines is the Five Elements Rotation formation!

Innate array of offense and defense.

"Listen to you, it's up to you!"

Long Xiaokai said aloud.

As for Shuilan Fairy and her two Junior Sisters, they are eye-catching with Immemorial and the others, and naturally they will not oppose Ou Shaotian's decision.

So Ou Shaotian controlled the Fishing Boat Avatar to accelerate, and soon came to the front of the enemy's flying boat.

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