Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 652

On the endless sea, the waves are undulating, and you can see a white line moving in the distance, and a flying boat of the acquired Spirit Treasure Level galloping along the white line.

The people on the boat did not notice that there was something strange on the sea ahead.

The flying boat plunged into it.

"array start!"

Just listening loudly, the flying boat gallops directly into the Array Space.

"Not good, I fell into the Formation!"

The expressions of the six people on the flying boat changed suddenly.

Unfortunately it is too late!

"whiz whiz whiz!"

Along with the intensive splitting the air sound, one after another five-color arrows shot.

It is also the Five Elements Rotation array. In the hands of other people, and in the hands of Ou Shaotian, the formidable power that bursts out is completely different.

As the creator of the big formation, he is more proficient in this Formation.

It can easily burst out 100% formidable power. The five-color arrows that shoot out are not disordered and in a mess, but form a Killing Formation to lock all the vitals of the enemy.

"Quick, defense!"

Six people directly formed a circle, activated Soul Spirit Battle Armor one after another, activated the defensive cover, held weapons, and resisted the five colors that came from rushing. Arrow.

But there are too many arrows.

And among these arrows, that was mixed with the attacks of Long Xiaokai and the others.

The most terrifying among them is Long Xiaokai's long spear and Yun Duo'er's yin and yang double swords, which are incredibly lethal.

I saw Yun Duo'er's Yin-Yang swords combined into one. Above the sword body, there is a layer of Yin-Yang Sword meaning, which grows and disappears, constantly changing, and extremely powerful.

Mixed in the five-color arrows, it shot on the chest of a powerhouse taught by Earth Demon.


The arrow directly penetrated the target's chest.

Yin-Yang Sword will directly enter the opponent's body, constantly destroying the world in the opponent's body. The most terrifying thing is that this Yin-Yang Sword will be difficult to get rid of.

Continuously eroding the energy in the opponent's body is strengthening himself.


The creation realm powerhouse couldn't help but cried out in pain, clutching his wound.

Then he stopped shooting the five-colored arrows that he kept shooting into a hedgehog, and fell first.


The other two creation powerhouses taught by Earth Demon screamed angrily, but unfortunately they were incompetent and furious. Facing the densely packed attack, it was simply There is no way.

"What to do, if this continues, we will all die!"

Heavenly Fire's powerhouse of creation realm said aloud.

"Why don't you surrender!"

The creation powerhouse taught by Earth Demon suggested.


Everyone hesitated.

As a powerhouse in the creation realm, what they care about most is their face. Even if they surrender and survive, once it spreads out, what face will they have to meet?

But if you don’t surrender, you’re dead!

Finally cultivation to the 12th Rank, becoming the existence of Eternal Undying, and letting them die is really unwilling.

Although it is dead, the divided souls left behind can also be resurrected.

But the death of the powerhouse in the creation realm will fall back to Paradise Realm, and if you want to be promoted to the creation realm again, unless you can find a treasure to restore the world, it is impossible.

World-class treasures, such as World Tree and the like, are things that have been rarely seen for hundreds of millions of years.

It is impossible to find.

So for them, once death is equivalent to permanently falling in Paradise Realm.

As people who have stepped into Peak before, it is quite uncomfortable to let them fall realm.

So for a while, the remaining five people are quite entangled!

But soon, they don’t have to worry about it.

Because Ou Shaotian spoke.

I saw Ou Shaotian shouting: "You guys are dead, don't think about surrendering, all go to death!"

The moment his voice fell, Five Elements Rotation The array also burst out the strongest formidable power, an incomparable gigantic five-color arrow appeared and shot at the five people.


With a loud noise.

The defensive cover supported by the five people was directly blown up.

Following the attacks of Long Xiaokai and the others, the strikes came again. Strikes on them, followed by a rain of five-colored arrows, directly overwhelming them.


The mournful scream sounded again.

The life force of powerhouses in the creation realm is very strong, but at this time, they would rather die faster.

The attacks were wave after wave, but they hadn't fully recovered, and they were attacked again. It was all injuries and injuries, little by little, until death!

Too miserable!

In just a moment, someone fell again.

After that, one after another, all five of them fell. Even if they could be resurrected, they would basically have no chance of creating the world in this life, and basically finished.

"Get the job done!"

Ou Shaotian, who was in charge of Formation, was sighed in relief after confirming that they were dead.

Actually, if the five people can make up their minds to self-destruct, they can still fight back against them. Unfortunately, these five people are too good to use self-destruct when they die.

"Shaotian, your Formation is so powerful, you deserve to be the Innate Spirit Array!"

Long Xiaokai couldn't help sighing.

Such a Formation is simply broken.

It's even better than those of Holy Land's sect Formation, and it can also be moved, and it’s not too convenient to put it in and out at any time!

"It's okay, but it's a bit more expensive. If you change to another person to control it, I'm afraid I won't be able to do that. I feel like I'm taking time out!"

Ou Shaotian said with a smile.

Changed to other creation realm powerhouse, the world opened up is too general, even if you control Formation, the World Strength in your body is not enough for Formation to consume.

His world is quite special, it is through the integration of the world, the treasure of space.

In addition, there is a tree of good fortune taking root in the void and extracting the Spiritual Qi from the void, so he is not afraid of consumption at all, so he can achieve this level.

I'm afraid it won't last long if I change to another person.

"That's true, you guys are simply monsters, better than me!"

Speaking of this, Long Xiaokai was also a little angry.

After the two were promoted to the creation realm, they also discussed each other. Of course, it goes without saying that he was easily suppressed by Ou Shaotian, and he was crushed and beaten.

I can't say that I was killed in a second, but in his opinion, it is almost the same.

"Don't talk about that many, continue to support other places, the three teachings are combined, they have a lot of attacks, we must move faster!"

Ou Shaotian came out Said the voice.

After collecting the spoils of war, I took everyone back to the Fishing Boat Avatar and proceeded to the next place.

This time it is a resource island of Immemorial Cult, and it is also a mine island.

The distance is about 70,000 nautical miles.

At this time, it was also attacked by the Sanjiao team, but it could still be reached temporarily. If there is no support, it will be broken by the Sanjiao team sooner or later.

Now is not the time to counterattack.

The main task is to rescue. The inside should be combined with the outside, and the team of the three religions should be killed to prepare for the counterattack.

Now the three religions are attacking everywhere, very arrogant.

The main reason is that after the union of the three religions, there are a lot of experts. Any team has at least three creation powerhouses leading the team, so it is awesome.

The creation powerhouses dispatched by the three religions have more than a hundred people.

It's terrifying.

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