Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 654

At the same time, the senior officials of the three educations were bombed.

Failing two battles in succession is nothing, but two battles have fallen to 21 powerhouses in the creation realm, then this thing can happen.

It's not just the three teachings shaking up and down.

The news couldn't be blocked at all, and it soon spread to the Chaos Sea Forum of the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races, and the entire forum was also bombed!

A powerhouse in the world of creation!

That is the supreme existence at the top of the pyramid, not to mention twelve dead, even if one falls, it can cause a tsunami. It's weird if you don't blow up the nest.

This is almost all people discussing.

"My dear, the sky is falling. What about those who were optimistic about the three-teaching team before, do you dare to watch them now?"

Someone asked on the forum.

"I'm optimistic about this yarn. The Three Religions are going to be finished and completely crushed. It is incredible. How exactly did Immemorial and the Water Moon Palace do it?"

Some people are puzzled.

The changes in the battle situation are really beyond everyone's expectations.

Don't talk about outsiders, even the high-level leaders of both sides who participated in the battle would not have thought of this situation.

Although the senior officials of Immemorial Cult and Water Moon Palace thought they would win, they never thought that they would win back so beautifully. After all, as long as it is a fight, death and injury are inevitable.

The one who died was the expert of the other party.

"I also have some doubts whether the creation powerhouses of the three religions are all parallel imports, otherwise, how could such a result appear, I don’t understand!"

Expressed doubts.

For a while, the prestige of the three religions was also greatly damaged.

"Don’t worry, the people who are participating in the war are still ordinary powerhouses in the world of creation. Those real Peaks have not yet taken action. Don’t forget the Six Sages of the First Ancestor!"

Someone spoke.

It was an unexpected news about the six sages of the first ancestor.


After treating all the wounded, Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er relaxed.

The main house has also prepared meals.

The dinner table!

"O Junior Brother, this time is really many thanks to your timely rescue, otherwise they continue to attack, we will be broken by him sooner or later!"

The guard Liu Changlin said aloud.

He was born in Spirit Race and is considered a high-ranking figure among Immemorial cult. Before the start of this war, he was sent by Holy Land to guard this resource island.

He originally thought that this time he would be finished.

After all, the three religions are united, the experts are numerous, and the manpower in all aspects is restrained, and there is no reinforcement for Holy Land at all.

Ou Shaotian and the others turned out to be Divine Weapon.

Perfect rescue!

"Senior Brother Liu is polite, I am a religious person, I just do my duty!"

Ou Shaotian smiled while eating.

"hahaha, yes, they are all my own. If you need anything in the future, just talk!"

Liu Changlin laughed heartily, he recognized Ou Shaotian from the bottom of my heart and regarded him as himself People.

"Senior Brother, there is really something to trouble you. Your side is a mine island. I don’t know if there are Innate mines. I need a batch of Innate mines. I can buy them at the price. !"

Ou Shaotian said aloud.

This Innate mine can be said to be a good thing that is difficult to buy with money, and it is basically for internal consumption when it is dug out.

"I still have more than three tons here. If you need it, I can even give you two tons. I don't know if it is enough?"

"Enough, many thanks Senior Brother Liu !"

"You are polite, drink!"


Everyone has a drink.

Two tons are naturally not enough, but to be content, to be able to get two tons is already a surprise for Ou Shaotian!

even more how the war is not over yet, we can continue to do it next!


After eating and drinking, Ou Shaotian and the others continued to set off for the next battlefield.

In the battle of this time, they have to seize the opportunity to get as much benefits as possible, not only for the gods, but also to lay the foundation for Human Race to build a foothold in the Chaos Sea Territory.

Time passed day by day, and half a year passed unconsciously.

In the past six months, Ou Shaotian and the others attacked everywhere, defeating one after another three-teaching team.

More than fifty powerhouses in the creation realm were killed.

The three-teacher combined offensive team was basically defeated. Now it has no ability to attack. Instead, they went back to each other and changed from offensive to defensive.

What the senior officials of the three religions worry about is the counterattack of Immemorial and the Water Moon Palace.

Originally, the Ten Thousand Races Alliance was planning to come forward and coordinate, but after seeing the victory of Immemorial and the Water Moon Palace, they also followed suit.

Not going to come forward anymore.

Even the Heavenly Fire god Sect people found the Ten Thousand Race Alliance, and they were perfunctory.

So the counterattack of Immemorial and the Water Moon Palace began.


On the sea, the Fishing Boat Avatar is driving fast.

On the deck.

Ou Shaotian and the others are chatting.

"Shaotian, tell me about the situation of this target, have you figured it out?"

Long Xiaokai asked aloud.

The target of the counterattack was chosen by Ou Shaotian, and they were the group of people who acted, but there were a few more Fairys. Now Fairy is the daughter-in-law of Immemorial.

Her other two Junior Sisters also followed other people in the team.

In other words, a group of them is really a family.

Naturally, it is mainly Ou Shaotian.

"This time my goal is a mine island of the sect. This is a large mine island. There are more than 10,000 guards and miners. Most of the miners are also dísciples of the sect..."

Ou Shaotian continued to talk for a few minutes, and talked about the situation on the island.

Finally, he said: "Our goal this time is mainly to occupy the mine island and at the same time search the Innate spirit mine. My flying boat needs a lot of Innate ore to upgrade!"

For Fishing He did not conceal the upgrade of the Boat Avatar, nor did he elaborate on it.

Everyone only knows that the Fishing Boat Avatar can be upgraded. They don't know the specific information of the Fishing Boat Avatar, and even more unexpectedly, such a flying boat is actually his Avatar.

"Well, Shaotian, don't worry, we must occupy this mine island this time, and Innate Spirit Mine will definitely have it!"

Long Xiaokai said excitedly.

"After this mine island is occupied, I intend to hand it over to Human Race. Now Human Race has a team of tens of thousands of people entering the Chaos Sea!"

Human Race enters The Chaos Sea had already happened half a year ago and came in under the leadership of Oufu and Omu.

Now most people are in Chaos Island and Starfire Island.

Many clansman with good talents, after entering, have hunted the fourth rank chaotic ominous beast, successfully promoted to Rank 11, and possess a certain battle strength.

"Well, this island is just the beginning, and the medicine island of the Heavenly Fire sacred cult cannot be spared either. With these islands, my Human Race will be able to stand on the Chaos Sea!"

Long Xiaokai is also nodded.

After occupying these islands, they can hand it over to the sect behind them, but now Human Race has enough manpower to manage these islands.

In this way, it is natural to choose Human Race first for management.

As for sect, cooperation can be adopted, and these islands can also be protected by sect.

Immemorial and the Water Moon Palace are blunt, and they are also two that bring together the strength of many races of large and small, as long as the interests of the race and the sect are the same.

As for which head is heavier and which is lighter, balance yourself!

The islands that Ou Shaotian and the others previously captured were handed over to Sect to take care of them. Then they were handed over to Human Race to take care of them. Sect has no reason to blame.

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