Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 655

At this time, the territories of the three religions can be said to be full of turmoil. The disciplines of the three religions stationed on the resource island are all scared.

But it's time to come.

Ou Shaotian and the others welcome Ou Shaotian and the others on the No. 1 mine island of Manshen.

The wolf is here!

As soon as I saw the ship, the dísciple in the port clambered and sounded the highest level alarm!

"Enemy attack..."

The screaming cry was full of panic.


During this period of time, their Three Religions powerhouses continued to fall one by one, which has frightened them, and really lost their morale at all.

"boom~ boom~ ……"

Still far away, the Fishing Boat Avatar launched an attack, and the Hunyuan Cannon took the lead.

Along with the fierce rumbling sound, after the port was directly caught in artillery fire, the terrifying formidable power directly exploded many dísciples!


"Counter-attack, hurry up and blow up that ship!"

The guards of the sect guards in the harbor shouted one after another Get up, although fearful, the battle still has to be fought. After all, the enemy has come up, and they have nowhere to run.

Can't hide in the sea of ​​danger lurks on every side.

I can only fight.

"bang bang bang!"

The Hunyuan Cannon on the port also launched a counterattack.

The two sides clashed.

Ou Shaotian controlled the Fishing Boat Avatar, fast and slow, easily avoiding the opponent's shells, and the intensive artillery attack did not even hit him.

"whiz whiz whiz!"

After approaching, the armor piercing God Extinguishing Bow also launched an attack, and arrows more than one meter long shot out.

"Hold the shield!"

I saw some dísciples actually took out a large shield, and this shield was their weapon.

Crack, crack, crack...

The strong shield was shot through.

The formidable power of armor piercing arrows is beyond their imagination, and the horrible impact is amazing. After the shield is shot, it is the same as being smashed by a giant.

Those Barbarian Race holding shields retreat again and again.

Seeing that the shield was shot through, I was even more shocked.

Fortunately, after the arrow shot through the shield, the formidable power was also weakened a lot, and basically no harm was done to them.

However, there is more than one wave of crossbow arrows.

And there are cannonballs.

Under the control of Ou Shaotian, all attacks by Fishing Boat Avatar are radar-locked, so accurate, even an ant on the port can shoot.

You can imagine how scary this is.


The mournful scream sounded, and the harbour soon became mournful.

"Retreat, retreat, everyone retreat to the camp!"

Soon, looking at the Fishing Boat Avatar who was approaching, the senior officials of the Barbarian Sect directly issued the order to retreat. Some wounded who are unable to move even a little bit are ignored.

Discarded directly.

"Help, take me, I don't want to die..."

Someone yelled in horror, but no one was watching.


Fishing Boat Avatar docked, Ou Shaotian and the others and the others also hit the port.


Immemorial Evergreen and the others took the lead and killed them forward, while Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai and the others were behind, so they are not needed for the time being Shot.

Mainly for Immemorial Evergreen and the others to practice hands.

The entire group quickly reached the campsite and saw the campsite protected by Formation.

This Formation is also an Innate large array, but the formidable power is very weak, and it is only a defensive large array, and does not have any offensive power.

For Ou Shaotian.

Very general.

"Damn it, how could it be so strong?"

In the camp, the 12th Rank Barbarian Race general looked at Immemorial Evergreen and the others, his face turned black!

"My lord, they all seem to be in the 12th Rank, and their battle strength is very strong. No wonder we have that many 12th Ranks were killed!"

The 12th Rank next to it The lieutenant also said aloud.

Their current expert is seriously insufficient. The 12th Rank in the camp is only two of them. The remaining tens of thousands, including miners, are also impossible opponents.

"You tell me what to do, it won't take long before Formation will be breached."

Barbarian Race defender said helplessly.

"My lord, why don't we surrender? Faced with more than a dozen powerhouses in the creation realm, even if we surrender, it should be nothing. It is not a crime of war!"

The lieutenant suggested suddenly.

He finally cultivation to the 12th Rank, he doesn't want to die.


While the Barbarian Race guard chanted these two words, he turned his head and looked towards the ordinary Barbarian Race guard behind him, hesitating in his heart.

If there is a war.

As the 12th Rank, they may not die, and there is a chance to escape, but these ordinary Barbarian Race guards, except for surrender, are basically dead.

Instead of this, it is better to surrender at first.

Maybe more people can be saved.

"I have a way!"

After the Barbarian Race guard finished speaking, he flew directly into the air, flew out of Formation, and came to the opposite of Ou Shaotian and the others.

"Human Race, please send someone to fight with me. As long as you win, I will order them to surrender and let you occupy here without blood, how about?"

Barbarian Race The guard said solemnly.

It is impossible to surrender the runner directly, after all, it is not easy to explain to the gods.

But if they fought a game, if they couldn't fight, and then escaped, then they can't be blamed. After all, no one wants to die in vain.


Ou Shaotian thought for a while and agreed.

He didn't want to kill more.

The most important thing is that there is no Human Race slave in the mine, otherwise, even if the opponent wants to surrender, he will kill them all!

The enslavement of Human Race is unforgivable!

"I'll fight him!"

Long Xiaokai flew out directly.

This battle cannot be lost. If Ou Shaotian does not take action, he is naturally the safest to come.


Ou Shaotian is also nodded.


Under the attention of countless people, a big battle broke out at high altitude, and the two had another fierce collision at high altitude.

Barbarian Race guard roars, illusory shadow imposing manner shaking the sky.

Long Xiaokai is stronger, dragon roar bursts, guns and guns like dragons, with amazing lethality, illusory shadow is brave, but ultimately not flexible enough.

For a while, Long Xiaokai successfully gained the upper hand.

"bang bang bang!"

The attacks on both sides were fierce.

Long Xiaokai is not always evasive, and also from time to time the opponent's divine ability attacks are hard-wired, and he never loses the wind.

A comparison of cows.

"Yes, Brother Kai is going to win!"

Ou Shaotian looked at it for a while and then said aloud.

"Then the other party is about to surrender, what do you plan to do with the dísciples of the savage gods, do you want to seal them up for mining?"

Yun Duo'er asked aloud Tao.

"Of course, unless the other party pays to redeem people, otherwise, we can only act as captives and mine for us!"

Ou Shaotian nodded said.

"This is not bad, then we won't be short of miners!"

Yun Duo'er is also happy.

Sure enough.

The battle situation above the high altitude soon changed, and Long Xiaokai was about to win.

The main reason is that the Barbarian Race guard had already prepared to surrender. He didn't even think about fighting hard, so he soon lost the fight and directly ordered his surrender.

After allowing the Barbarian Race dísciple below to surrender, he left with the lieutenant of the 12th Rank.

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