Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 656

After successfully occupying the No. 1 resource island of Barbarian Race, Ou Shaotian also notified his parents and asked them to send a team to take over here.

Those dísciples of the surrendered brutal gods were all sealed by him and sent to mines for mining.

Then collect the Innate Spirit Ore.

The result did not disappoint Ou Shaotian. On the mine island, he found seven tons of Innate Spirit Mine, plus the previous collection, enough to upgrade the Fishing Boat Avatar.

He then upgraded the Fishing Boat Avatar.

The marking of the Fishing Boat Avatar on his hand began to glow, slowly covering his whole body, lasting for almost ten minutes, consuming fifteen tons of Innate ore, before it ended.

Promoted from acquired second-rate Spirit Treasure level to acquired first-rate Spirit Treasure Level.

Avatar: Spirit Treasure flying boat

Level: First-rate the day after tomorrow

Speed: 4200ms

Armor: Innate spirit mine as the main body, ignore Divine Ability Realm’s attack

Main artillery: ten mixed-element cannons, effective range of 15,000 meters, compressed one mixed-element ammunition every three seconds

Secondary artillery: two Hundred-door armor piercing God Extinguishing Bow

Radar: scans forty-two thousand miles, detects information about everything, consumes Spiritual Qi and deduces everything and everything

Fish cabin: door world

Carry: Twenty tenth-tier mechanical puppets

Possession: can be turned into a mark, attached to the body

Diving: seabed sailing, speed increased by 100%

Appearance: The main body is made of Innate ore mine, the whole body is dark golden, the ship is 420 meters long, 82 meters wide, 6-Layer up and down, there is a 15-meter-long Hunyuan collision angle in the front, and the hull is full of mysterious Dao Mark

Upgrade: The cultivation base needs to reach the 12th Rank

This time to upgrade, the changes are not small.

The speed has increased from three thousand five to four thousand two hundred, which is faster!

The attack range of the Hunyuan Cannon has been increased from 10,000 meters to 15,000 meters, and the attack range has been even greater.

The scanning distance of the radar has also been improved.

There is also a mechanical puppet that has been upgraded to the tenth order, which is a full twenty puppets of the Divine Ability Realm of the tenth order.

The boat is also longer and wider.

"Yes, first-class Spirit Treasure, the next promotion will be the top-level Spirit Treasure, it's not easy!"

Ou Shaotian couldn't help but sigh.

The Fishing Boat Avatar is too big, just like an aircraft carrier. It requires more and more materials to upgrade, and all it needs are top-level Innate spirit materials.

Those Innate spirit mines consumed by the upgrade, if they are used to build Spirit Treasure Level weapons, at least hundreds of them can be built!

Now they are all consumed by the Fishing Boat Avatar.

More innate spirit mines are needed for future upgrades, which is really too difficult!

"Brother Shaotian, you are finished!"

As soon as he walked out of the room, Yun Duo'er greeted him.

"Well, let everyone prepare, let's go to the next place!"

Ou Shaotian said aloud.


Yun Duo'er nodded.

Then summoned Long Xiaokai and the others, boarded the Fishing Boat Avatar, ready to go, and headed to the enemy's next resource island.

This time the choice is still the mine island.

Just as he boarded the deck, Long Xiaokai discovered something was wrong.

"Hey, Shaotian, is your ship upgraded and feels stronger again?" Long Xiaokai asked aloud.

"Yes, I just completed an upgrade. The next upgrade will require at least 20 tons of Innate ore, which consumes too much!"

Ou Shaotian said aloud.

"Don’t worry, our equipment has been replaced with Spirit Treasure anyway. As long as the Innate ore is collected, we can upgrade it for you!"

Yun Duo'er comes out Said the voice.

After a few battles, a lot of spoils of war have been harvested, and naturally there is no lack of acquired Spirit Treasure Level equipment.

So the worst weapon in everyone's hands is the acquired Spirit Treasure Level.


Ou Shaotian nodded.

"We must hurry up and act. During the war, it will be ours if we occupy it. Otherwise, it will be troublesome if we want to occupy it after the war is over!"

Long Xiaokai said aloud .

If war is not declared, it cannot be occupied without a proper reason.

Otherwise the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races will intervene.

Although Chaos Sea weak are prey to the strong, there are certain rules. If it is too messy, it will not be good for everyone.

"Yes, I heard that the real top powerhouse hasn't shot yet. When they do, the war may be over!"

Ou Shaotian is also nodded.

In these days, they naturally also visit the Chaos Sea forum from time to time. Naturally, they have seen a lot of news about the Six Sages of the First Ancestor.

They are all Peak powers of the older generation, and they haven't shown up for a long time.

As New Generation, they don’t know it’s normal.

"You mean the six sages of the first ancestor?"

Long Xiaokai asked aloud.

"Not bad!"

"I also heard about this. It is said that the creator of our Water Moon Palace is one of the six sages. It is called Water Moon Saint. He is very powerful. It’s strong!"

"Well, I also heard that, it is said that the six ancestors of the six sages gathered nine Celestial Grotto and opened up the existence of Small World, which is very powerful!"

"Yes, the Immemorial Saint of your Immemorial Divine Sect is said to be extremely powerful, skilled in Sword Dao divine ability, very powerful!"


unconsciously of it In between, the two talked about the Six Saints of the First Ancestor.

That is very powerful existence.

But they did not worry too much, because the sect behind them was also from one of the six saints, which was the inheritance of saint.

As for the first ancestor among the six sages of that one ancestor, he is the teacher of the six sages, known as the ancestor of Taoism, an extremely powerful existence.

With the Dao Ancestor, even if the Six Saints fight, there will be no casualties.

Just hearing the legend of the six ancestors, Ou Shaotian can't help but think of the Great Desolate World in the previous Myths and Legends, and the Hongjun Daozu and the Six Great Saints.

It's just that the six sages of the first ancestor here are far behind the Hongjun Dao ancestor and the others in the legend of Fengshen.

So although Ou Shaotian was a little curious, he didn't think much.


time quietly pass.

In the next month or so, Immemorial Sect and Water Moon Palace fought back with all their strength, grabbing no less than ten resource islands from the Three Sects, which can be said to have grown bigger.

Ou Shaotian led the team and occupied a total of three mine islands and a medicine island.

The team of the three religions can be said to have lost a lot.

Enough to hurt the muscles and bones.

This day.

Suddenly there was a huge movement over the chaotic sea, and the wind and clouds above the sky suddenly changed, lightning and thunder, like the end of the world, with great horror.

The horrible scene lasted for more than an hour before it subsided.

Not long afterwards.

There is news from the top that the war has stopped, and those who are above the 12th Rank are no longer allowed to take action.

"The war has ceased?"

Ou Shaotian and the others who had just boarded the Fishing Boat Avatar and were going to continue to occupy the resources had to stop regretfully.

"The 12th Rank and above can't be achieved, and it is no different from a truce!"

Long Xiaokai also said helplessly.

"What should I do now?"

Yun Duo'er also asked out loud.

"We don’t seem to need us here either. Let’s go back to Starfire Island. Next, let’s develop Starfire Island and expand the power of Human Race!"

Ou Shaotian thought for a while, A decision was made.

Then the Fishing Boat Avatar turned around and drove to the direction of Starfire Island.

Preparing to return to Starfire Island to rest.

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