Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 658

Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er played with the little baby for three days. After the little fellow had a lot of fun, they went to secluded cultivation and prepared to digest the harvest during this time.

Time passed day by day while everyone was in retreat.

The outside world is not so peaceful.

Although the war is over, the impact of this war is incomparable gigantic.

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that in this protracted battle, the Immemorial Sect and the Water Moon Palace are the real winners, and the three sects are defeated!

At the very beginning, the three religions united and took the initiative to attack, the majestic scene.

Many people think they are determined to win.

But it turned out to be shocking and a complete loss.

In the end, the Six Saints were alarmed.

After the Six Saints shot, they were also stopped by Dao Ancestor, but they only achieved a truce to prevent the loss from further expanding.


Continue to fight, it is estimated that all the resource islands of the three religions will be robbed.

The final result is that the prestige of the three religions is greatly lost, but the Immemorial Cult and the Water Moon Palace are prestigious, and there are more and more cultivators who want to join the two factions.

Of course.

The dísciples of various Sects are all cultivated since childhood.

Those recruited directly in Chaos Sea are mainly some peripheral guards, which are similar to the recruitment of security guards by some companies. Compared with various Sects dísciple, the treatment is much worse.

Although each Major Sect is powerful, the dísciple above the tenth order is also impossible to come out with tens of thousands and tens of thousands.

Many resource island guards recruit people from the Chaos Sea.

As long as the net worth is innocent and there is nothing wrong with it, it's fine.

A new round of recruitment season is just around the corner. Immemorial Cult and Water Moon Palace are preparing to take advantage of this time's victory and give a good publicity.

Recruit more people.

Whether it is a miner or a guard, you must recruit.

Those grabbed resource islands, but now there is a serious shortage of miners.

The place of recruitment is the Chaos Island of the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races, and the recruiting target is the cultivator of all races who have joined the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races, and are innocent and have no evil deeds.


This day.

Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er and the others just left the customs, they met the messengers sent by the ancient Holy Land, and invited them to visit the ancient Holy Land.

Holy Lord wants to see them.

And the messenger has been here for a while, but Ou Shaotian has been in retreat, so he waited on Starfire Island.

"Since the Holy Lord invited, let's go there!"

Ou Shaotian nodded, said aloud.

"I wonder when the adults can leave?"

The messenger Immemorial Ikki asked aloud.

"In an hour, I will arrange the things around me first, and then we will set off!"

Ou Shaotian thought for a while and said aloud.

In fact, the main thing is to meet with parents and the others.

After all, I have been in retreat for so long, and I have just left the customs. I always have to meet with the people around me and deal with the things that need him to solve.

However, Long Xiaokai and the others plan to go with him after knowing that he is going to the Ancient Holy Land.

So after Ou Shaotian bid farewell to his parents, he took Yun Duo'er, Long Xiaokai and the others, and set off together on the Fishing Boat Avatar.


Too Ancient Holy Land is in the depths of the Chaos Sea.

In a large island called Immemorial Holy Island, the peaks of the island stand in great numbers, and pavilions are built on the peaks, covered by clouds.

Immortal Qi is fluttering.

Immortal Crane shuttles among the clouds.

Incomparably peaceful.

The beautiful scenery is beyond description.

"As expected, it is too Ancient Holy Land, it is so beautiful!"

When they stepped onto the port, Ou Shaotian and the others couldn't help but wonder.

Among the Ancient Holy Land, there are dísciple of Immemorial sacred cult. No outsiders settled here. It belongs to a private island and is not open to the outside world.

For foreigners, only invited guests.

"Everyone, please come with me, the Holy Lord is already waiting!"

Immemorial Ikki said aloud.


Holy Land main peak.

In the quaint and atmospheric palace, in the back garden, in the pavilion, a mature, elegant and stunning beauty is drinking tea. The beauty is thrilling.

It is the Holy Lord Immemorial Flying Snow from Ancient Holy Land.

At this time.

Under the leadership of Immemorial Ikki, Ou Shaotian and the others also came to the pavilion.

"Holy Lord, Ou Shaotian and the others are here!"

Immemorial Ikki respectfully said.

"Well, you go down first!"

Immemorial Feixue put down the tea cup in his hand and said softly.


Immemorial Ikki then retreated.

Ou Shaotian and the others are curious about Immemorial Flying Snow, especially Yun Duo'er. They did not expect that Immemorial Holy Lord is actually a woman.

"There are a lot of people, this pavilion can't sit down!"

Immemorial Feixue looked towards Ou Shaotian and the others, with a charming smile on his face.

There is no majesty of the Holy Lord.

But it is extraordinarily cordial!

"Holy Lord elder sister, you are so beautiful!"

The Yun Duo'er women couldn't help but say aloud.

"gē gē gē, you are also very beautiful, come and sit down!"

Immemorial Feixue motioned to the women to sit down.

As for Ou Shaotian and other gay men, naturally they can only stand.

Seeing that the women were chatting enthusiastically, they didn't dare to bother, so they could only watch and wait with a smile.


After ten minutes, Immemorial Feixue finally noticed Ou Shaotian and the others.

I saw her looked towards Ou Shaotian and said: "You are Ou Shaotian. You did a good job this time. You have done a great job for the religion. If you want any reward, let's just say it!"


"Hello Holy Lord, I need the Innate mine more at present, the more the better!"

Ou Shaotian said unceremoniously.

It can be said that the cause of this battle is them, and the victory is also because of them. The gods have gained a lot of benefits, and it is also because of them. It is not an exaggeration to reward them.

So he is also welcome.

"Are you sure you only want Innate Spirit Mine?"

Immemorial Feixue asked aloud.

"Yes, as long as Innate mines, the more the better!"

Ou Shaotian affirmed.

"Well, I will reward you with one hundred tons of Innate Spirit Mine!"

Immemorial Feixue is very generous and directly rewarded one hundred tons. The inventory has been emptied.

"many thanks Holy Lord!"

Ou Shaotian thanks.

"This reward is still too small. Later, I will ask you to take you to the treasure house of the gods, and each person will choose a treasure!"

Immemorial Feixue said again Said.

This victory is enough to allow Immemorial cult to take off in the following days, she naturally can't be stingy.

"many thanks Holy Lord!"

Everyone thanked in unison.

Immemorial Feixue then called in the close maid and asked her to take Ou Shaotian and the others to the treasure house.

The treasure house of Immemorial Holy Land is naturally extraordinary. It is not only luxuriously built, but also very huge, with numerous treasures inside.

After passing through layers of guards, everyone entered the treasure house.

"This is the treasure house. I will give you one hour to choose one every day!"

The maid said aloud.

There are many treasures, so the maid gave a full hour, but did not let them make a quick choice. I have to say that this little maid is still good.

"Thank you!"

Ou Shaotian and the others thank you.

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