Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 659

In the huge treasure house, there are so many treasures, some that look radiant, and some that look ordinary, which makes people dazzled.

Fortunately, Immemorial is evergreen and the others are not stupid, and looked towards Ou Shaotian directly.

"My lord, you can choose for us!"

Six people directly handed over the choice to Ou Shaotian.

Sister Li and the others handed the choice to Long Xiaokai.

So Ou Shaotian turned his head and looked towards Long Xiaokai and said: "Brother Kai, let's go alone!"


Long Xiao Kai nodded said.

Then one person led a team and began to select treasures separately.

"Duo'er, your sword is still a bit short, let me choose a pair of swords for you!"

Ou Shaotian scanned the radar and just found a pair of Innate in the treasure house. The other swords of Spirit Treasure Level, but the sword is covered in dust and its brilliance is restrained.

No one should recognize it.

Otherwise, the sword will not be placed in the outer library, but in the inner library.

Holy Lord Immemorial Feixue is generous, but it only allows them to choose from the outer warehouse. The Supreme Treasure is currently in the inner warehouse, so it is impossible to choose.

These two swords are inserted in a scabbard.

At this time, the two swords look like one sword, and when they fit together, they look like one sword, and they are totally indistinguishable.

If it is not a radar scan, it is estimated that no one can tell.

"Brother Shaotian, then I will choose it!"

Yun Duo'er took the long sword handed by Ou Shaotian and smiled.

For Ou Shaotian, she naturally trusts her unconditionally.

"My lord, it's time for us!"

Immemorial is evergreen and the others excitedly said.

Shuilan Fairy, who is next to Immemorial Changqing, is a little curious.

Is it really that great?

She is now the daughter-in-law of Immemorial Changqing, she is naturally a husband and wife, but she does not know Ou Shaotian's treasure hunting ability very well, so she muttered in her heart.

Ou Shaotian led everyone to take action after asking everyone to talk about their requirements.

He moves quickly.

Leading everyone to go inside, he picked out one treasure after another and stuffed it into the right person. The worst is the acquired first-class Spirit Treasure.

The best is Yun Duo'er's Innate Spirit Treasure.

After all, it is a foreign library.

Normally speaking, there will be no Innate Spirit Treasure in the external library, but because of omissions, there will be Spirit Treasure of this level in the external library.

But this external library is huge.

Ou Shaotian found a total of three Innate Spirit Treasures and gave them to the right person.

Don’t go into details one after another!

On the other hand, Long Xiaokai's performance is not bad. Although he does not have the divine ability, he uses his instinct to choose, and he chooses very good things.

Basically, it is the best in the foreign library.

In less than half an hour, everyone had picked their things. After meeting, they returned to the entrance of the treasure house.

"Have you chosen so soon?"

The maid curiously asked.

"Well, I have chosen all!"

Ou Shaotian and the others said in unison.

"Well, come here to register!"

The maid brought Ou Shaotian and the others to the registration office, and the registration was done soon.

Then the maid took Ou Shaotian and the others back the same way, returned to the previous garden pavilion, and saw the Holy Lord Immemorial flying snow again.

"Holy Lord, they have all chosen!"

The maid said respectfully.


Immemorial Feixue nodded, then looked towards Ou Shaotian and the others, and said: "The reward is finished, let's talk about business!"

"The previous battle, you are also considered famous."

"The next task that just needs you is recruiting people. In this battle, we Immemorial God The teacher has occupied more than a dozen resource islands, and there is a shortage of people!"

"The next most important task is to recruit people. The recruitment season is also here. I plan to let you go to Chaos Island to recruit people."

"With your reputation, you should be able to recruit a lot!"

Her idea is very simple.

Immemorial is now very short of people. Although it has occupied more than a dozen resource islands, it lacks people for development, and its manpower is already severely insufficient.

Especially on the mining islands, a large number of miners need to be recruited.

As for those dísciples who surrendered, they were put back after the other party paid the ransom.

As for how to release those dísciple seals, it is a headache for the three teachings. Maybe, they also asked Ou Shaotian to be on his head!

"That's it, no problem!"

Ou Shaotian nodded, directly agreed.

Anyway, they have nothing to do next. It is okay to go to Chaos Island.

"Okay, the task is left to you. I will arrange some dísciple in Holy Land to assist you. You are mainly present and just make a mascot!"

Immemorial Feixue said with a smile.


Ou Shaotian nodded.

"It’s the first time for you to come to Holy Land. Then, stay for a few days, have fun and get familiar with it!"

Immemorial Feixue finished looked towards the maid on the side beckoned and asked her to take Ou Shaotian and the others down, arrange a place to stay, and stay here for a while.


time quietly pass, three days have passed in the blink of an eye.

Ou Shaotian and the others also visited the ancient Holy Land in Immortal Realm, but they only visited a few places in three days.

Immemorial Holy Island is too big.

But it’s okay.

Under the leadership of the little maid, they are visiting places that are too famous for Ancient Holy Land, which is a worthwhile trip.

This day.

The team responsible for the recruitment is also ready to go. The leader is Immemorial Ikki who went to pick up Ou Shaotian and the others before, and he is also an acquaintance.

"Master Ou, I'll beg you this time!"

After everyone gathered, Immemorial Ikki said very politely.

"It's all my own, you are welcome!"

Ou Shaotian faintly smiled and said.

Then everyone boarded the flying boat and set off soon.

This flying boat is not a Fishing Boat Avatar, but a Spirit Treasure Level large flying boat of Immemorial. It can carry more than 3,000 people and is very fast.

The flying boat slowly lifted into the air, finished accelerating, and entered a state of constant speed, before Immemorial Ikki spoke again.

"Everyone is free to move around. It is expected that it will take half a month to reach Chaos Island!"

This Spirit Treasure flying boat is not bad, but it is far inferior to the Fishing Boat Avatar, so It also takes a long time.

If it is a Fishing Boat Avatar, it will take up to three or five days to reach Chaos Island.


On the other side.

The senior management of the three religions is also having a headache.

The war is over.

They paid a lot of money to redeem those dísciples that surrendered. After all, many people are kinsmen and can't ignore it!

Now I have a problem.

After studying for so long, they still can't get rid of the seal on the dísciple.


"Okay, don't try again, send someone to Immemorial Cult, let them send someone over to lift the seal, as long as the request is not excessive, all agreed!"

Finally , The senior management of Sanjiao made a speech.

Those Array Masters who have been studying for more than ten days are finally sighed in relief.

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