Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 660


The three religious leaders sent envoys to the Ancient Holy Land, hoping to solve the seal issue as soon as possible.

I finally saw the Holy Lord Immemorial Feixue.

In the end, Immemorial Feixue said: "Sorry, several people, this seal was placed by the Human Race Ou Shaotian in my cult. Only he can lift it!"

"Then I don't know where Ou Shaotian is now?"

The messenger of the Heavenly Fire religion asked respectfully.

For Immemorial Feixue, they dare not show any disrespect, otherwise they will be killed and they will die in vain!

According to rumors, Immemorial Feixue can be said to be the strongest existence under the Six Saints. It is claimed to be invincible under Saint, and has killed many 12th Rank existences.

"The recruitment season is here. They have already gone to Chaos Island to recruit people. If you want to remove the seal, go to Chaos Island to find him. Remember, don't threaten him, or the war will break out again!"

Immemorial Feixue said lightly.


The Three Religious Envoys respectfully said.

"Go on!"

Immemorial Feixue said lightly.

Then the Three Religious Envoys retired respectfully.

After leaving Immemorial Feixue, the three people sighed in relief, and the pressure was too great.

After that, the three of them went straight to Chaos Island after leaving the Ancient Holy Land without stopping.


Immemorial’s flying boat flew half a month and finally arrived at Chaos Island.

At this time, Chaos Island is also quite lively.

The recruitment season is here, and many cultivators of various races who want to find a boss have appeared on Chaos Island, ready to find a suitable boss to join and become a hitman.

After all, in Chaos Sea, it's not easy to mix alone and it's too dangerous.

The most important thing is to become Major Sect strikers. They have the opportunity to join Major Sect and truly embrace Major Sect’s thighs.

Although this opportunity is small.

"Hey, brother, do you want to choose which faction?"

"It's not clear yet, let's take a look at the conditions given by each Major Sect first. Just choose the conditions directly. That’s all right. Why are you thinking that many?"

"You are silly, just look at those conditions. The key is to choose a good reputation. I have already thought about it, so I choose Immemorial God I taught it!"

"Immemorial is a good teaching. In fact, I want to choose the Water Moon Palace. There are many beautiful women there, but unfortunately, they only recruit women!"

"Yes, We are men, so don’t think about it in the Water Moon Palace!"

"It’s not easy to join the Immemorial Cult. You have to be good enough. The current Immemorial Cult is sweet and bun. Exist!"


In Chaos Island Square, the cultivators of all races are discussing spiritedly.

These cultivators have not joined Major Sect since they were young. They all cultivation within the clan and make contributions to the clan. They have spent most of their lives for the race.

Unfortunately, most of the weak and small races can only support them to upgrade to Divine Ability Realm.

If you want to go further, you can only join Major Sect.

However, as long as the dísciple cultivated by Major Sect since childhood, like Divine Ability Realm cultivator who are hundreds or even hundreds of years old, it is difficult to become a Major Sect dísciple.

Retire to the second place, but you can become a worker recruited by Major Sect.

It has something to do with Major Sect.

If you find an opportunity to make a big contribution, you can really join Major Sect and become the dísciple of Major Sect.

This is almost their only chance.

At this moment, the Immemorial cult team finally arrived at the square, found an exclusive venue officially arranged by the alliance, and began the recruitment process.

"It’s hiring, it’s hiring, Immemorial cult is hiring, and those who want to join Immemorial cult, hurry up and queue up for an interview!"

Immemorial Ikki shouted loudly吆shouted.

In fact, without him calling, when the Immemorial cult's team appeared, a large number of people rushed over and formed three long lines.

"Hello, my lord, Mu Clan is a branch of Spirit Race......"


The recruitment process has started, and there is one person in line A report of his origin, filling in information, is very lively.

Especially after the news of Ou Shaotian and the others came out, more people rushed over.

"Look at it, that is Ou Shen. I heard that in the previous war against the Three Sects, Ou Shen alone killed more than ten powerhouses in the 12th Rank powerhouse!"

"What ten? I heard that Ou Shen killed dozens!"

"Yes, I also heard that Ou Shen’s Formation is very powerful, Immemorial God and Water The reason why Moon Palace was able to win so quickly is because Oushen arranged Formation!"

"If only you could learn Formation from Oushen!"

"This brother , Dreaming, my urine is yellow, do you want me to piss you off!"

"Fuck off, what are you talking nonsense!"


Ou Shaotian asked Immemorial and the others to help recruit people, and they have the most queues here. Everyone wants to get in touch with them up close.

It's not just Immemorial churches who are recruiting people.

Shuiyue Palace is also the same, the same is the crowd, and it is the most beautiful female cultivator, mainly applying for positions such as spirit farm management!

There are also a small number of male repairers who apply for mining, and they are always unwilling to give up.

There is always fantasy.

Compared with the two factions, the other Major Sect is miserable.

Factories like Heavenly Fire, Savage God, Earth Demon, and other cults, are almost men and women. Few applicants come forward, no one queues up, only occasional ones.

There is no harm without comparison!

The recruiters of the three religions are all anxious.

Although many resource islands of their three religions were robbed, there are not many resource islands left.

But there is a clause in the armistice agreement that requires them to release all slaves, so there is a serious shortage of people in their remaining resource islands.

That battle can be called the battle to liberate the slave.

The reason for that battle is that the Three Religions and the affiliated races under the Three Religions have too many slaves of various races.

This is how Ou Shaotian and the others grasped the handle.

Finally, a great battle started.

As the loser of the Three Religions, in order to end this war, naturally they can only agree to release all slaves.

So after the end of the war, those slaves were also taken away by the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races.

"My lord, what should I do now, it feels like it's going to be finished. If this situation continues, even if the recruitment season is over, we can't make up 30,000 people?"

Heavenly There is a dísciple brow beaded with sweat on the Fire God.


"Improve benefits, and then let everyone distribute flyers. As mentioned above, if we can't find enough people, let us go to the mine island to mine!"

Headed by Chief-In-Charge is also worried.

"My lord, I will do it right away!"

The dísciple said anxiously.

If they are allowed to mine, then the future is really not bright.

Think about the dim cave. In those days, I didn't want to go to kill them.

"Go ahead, I am worried that the Earth Demon Sect and the Barbarian Sect will also use this method. If you are late, you will not be able to grab anyone!"

The Chief-In- Charge urged.

In his heart, he couldn't compete with Immemorial Cult and Water Moon Palace.

Can't compete!

On the contrary, they are the difficult brothers and sisters of the previous alliance, and they are likely to become their competitors.

Need to defend first!

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